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8 Best Restaurant Websites (October 2019)

While a lot of restaurants stake their entire reputation on the experience they’re able to create in-house, far too many overlook the importance of the online experience, leaving potential customers hungry for something else. Of course, when a restaurant is able to deliver both an incredible online experience and an outstanding experience the moment its customer walks through the door, then its potential for success is nearly limitless.

From perusing the menu to getting a visual taste of what they can look forward to, customers depend on a restaurant’s website to get all of the information they need.

This means that, at the very least, a restaurant needs to deliver a solid website experience, one that’s functional and attractive. If, however, it’s able to deliver something more, something that exceeds its customers’ expectations, then it sets itself up for a winning formula of raving reviews and loyal followers.

To date, these are the eight best restaurant websites of 2019…

8 Best Restaurant Websites of 2019

  1. Etch

    If your restaurant focuses on delivering an elevated dining experience, one where beautiful presentation reigns, then creating a website that features this elegant type of delivery is key. The popular Nashville restaurant Etch does just that on its simple yet professional website, which is exactly why we love it so much. From a bold and concise menu to simple yet effective animation as you scroll, Etch’s website keeps the focus on its food while still giving customers all of the information they need to have a great experience. The more intensive About Us section, which features chef bios as well as a gallery of photos, gives curious visitors plenty to explore.

  2. Le Pigeon

    Incredibly minimal, the website for the hip Portland restaurant Le Pigeon focuses on getting each and every detail just right. Clean and concise, the first thing visitors want to do on the website is scroll through the extensive gallery of professional photos and, if they’re hungry, that will be plenty to get them to make a reservation. As you continue down the brief homepage, you’ll find all of the details you need, including the restaurant’s address, hours, menus, and links to all other pertinent information. This list, which requires you to click, rather than see everything at once (which can feel overwhelming), allows the website to retain its clean, modern vibe – and fulfills the need of the main menu which, you’ll notice, is missing from the top of the page. Functional and attractive, this is definitely a modern restaurant website done right.

  3. La Plazuela

    In case you haven’t noticed, video is everything online right now. And, because of its gorgeous video footage above the fold on its homepage, the website for Santa Fe’s La Plazuela at La Fonda is one of our favorites of 2019. But, beyond the incredibly engaging media, the restaurant website excels thanks to its story-like copy, easy to access menus, and its integrated reservation app.

  4. Meso Maya

    Attractive and well-organized, the main reason we love the restaurant website for Meso Maya in Dallas is that it’s a great example of what smart branding looks like. Using its mayan-inspired logo throughout the website, including as a placeholder while media (quickly) loads, Meso Maya creates a unique experience online, giving customers confidence that the same will hold true when they show up for dinner. The color scheme of the website is also on-point with the restaurant’s branding, using dark and unexpected orange and black colors to create content blocks on each landing page.

  5. KYU

    Although the overall online experience for this Miami restaurant is outstanding, it’s the details on the KYU website that really make it stand out. Even the incredibly small addition of three barely-there arrows on the scrolling photo gallery prompt visitors to explore, rather than quickly abandon the page to see what else looks good for dinner. Another small detail, the website uses a variety of fonts in each section, creating an unexpected “reward” for your brain. And, instead of using bright and bold colors for its buttons, the website uses restraint with its muted green, which still manages to pop against the background. All of these details work together to keep online visitors engaged and compelled to show up in person.

  6. Altius

    While you might not feel like the font on a website can make or break it, Altius’s website is proof that, when the font is good, it really can make the website great. Bold and dynamic, the beautiful thing about the font used on the Altius website is that it’s easy to read too, which means that visitors needing to scroll quickly aren’t frustrated by fonts that are too-small or too-condensed. By including a video on the website’s homepage, Altius sets itself apart again, letting visitors know exactly why they should make a reservation. Its menu, which is located on the side rather than the top, is also unique, including links to “bonus” content like the artwork that is currently featured in the restaurant, special wine dinners, and how to reserve a private dining experience. And, because it’s on the side rather than the top, the extra long length feels at-home, not in the way.

  7. Napkins Bar + Grill

    Engaging media is all over the website for the Napa Valley restaurant Napkins, which is exactly why we love it so much. If the inviting in-restaurant experience footage wasn’t enough, there are stunning photographs of the restaurant’s best dishes immediately below, providing even the most distraction-prone visitors to stick around and explore. Well-designed with a great ratio of written content and digital media, one of the best features is its link to a virtual tour of the restaurant, which is located boldly in the menu on the homepage.

  8. The Rose

    More of an experience than a website, everything about the website for Venice Beach’s popular restaurant, The Rose, is done just right. Its video footage, which conveys a lifestyle more than the restaurant itself, is wonderfully engaging, making visitors feel like they want to be a part of what’s going on – not just a visitor. Beautiful font and organized content only add to the virtual experience. And, the feed from the restaurant’s latest Instagram posts at the bottom of the homepage, which range from visually stunning to surprising and unexpected, are the website equivalent to a cherry on top.

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