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8 Best Real Estate Websites (October 2019)

The vast majority of homeowners and renters use the internet when defining their real estate options. In fact, about 44% of people who purchased a home in 2018 went online as their first research move. Big commercial real estate companies also benefit from an improved web presence since sites give customers that first impression of your real estate services, regardless of scale.

Whether you’re looking to improve on a pre-existing site or to start fresh, we’ve listed some of the…

Best real estate examples in web design to draw inspiration from

  1. Kim Spears Group

    Style is as much about balancing a given site’s visual and functional elements as it is about providing a consistent look across multiple sites. These three Kim Spears examples, each focused on either interior design, selling waterfront properties, or selling luxury homes, are similar enough to relate to each other via effective branding. The light blue and white color palette feels gentle and high-class, much like the properties and designer services they offer. These may be high-end properties, but their marketing is also very family-focused, with more than one joyful picture of the owner and her smiling children to promise a sense of personalization and security for prospective customers.

  2. Perdue Properties

    This Hawaiian real estate company takes a simple design and makes it work: the beachy header image with an immediate search bar and tailored map of the particular island educates the reader while enticing them. The sparsely-used slide animations that show up as you scroll aren’t resource-intensive and attract your attention to short paragraphs about the owner. They are quick to mention that they donate 5% of all commissions to the local nonprofit of a client’s choice, appealing to a community-driven sensibility while customers make a bespoke local purchase, like an island home.

  3. Oxford Properties

    This might be the most established business on the list: a global real estate investor, Oxford Properties also specializes in almost all sides of commercial real estate management and development. Their site starts with a bang: a looping video of their company’s skyscrapers dramatically positioned in cities around the world to tell their story. Just under the header is a diverse portfolio of their work over the decades at various stages of completion to show how in touch they are with different stages of their big business. An overall minimalist website with some visual shock to display the quality and scale of their services, Oxford knows what their audiences look for: not a lack of pizzazz, but specific showings of where it most matters to their business.

  4. 3S Group

    3S Group, an award-winning company based in Moscow, has the most striking visual style in this list. The traditional scrollbar is replaced with a playful series of web-pages that trigger a simple transition animation when moving between them. To teach new visitors how to navigate the site without overburdening complexity, there’s an intuitive series of selectable bars in the upper left to make sure you’re on the page you want to be on without having to scroll through each page’s unique graphical layout. This smart inclusion saves navigation time while inspiring readers to click on elements that more intuitively relate to what’s expected when trying to figure out a website (their options menu). Even beyond their unique layout, the company’s specific interest in how real estate is created instead of just their for-sale options helps specify what their audiences might be more interested.

  5. San Fran Mary Ann

    Some “at-home” touches may personalize your brand, but it doesn’t necessarily make one’s expertise seem local. San Fran Mary Ann does both, keeping a very simple design layout with high resolution images of downtown San Francisco to show off the business’s city-wide offerings. Their site describes information on both downtown add suburban housing options while advertising plenty of support for other local businesses to show how regionally-invested this company is in other services in addition to their own. Their testimonials do even more to emphasize this specialty while maintaining that sense of personalized service.

  6. Bitter Renter

    This innovative company isn’t exactly a rental or home-buying service, but it lets you vet the sheer variety of housing options in the NYC area, and it’s looking to grow to other cities too. As an aggregate service that collects housing information from major renters and sellers, like Zillow and Craigslist, you can narrow down your housing preferences in ways you can’t with other sites. Their simple orange and white color scheme lets their homepage’s calls to action stand out and sequence themselves to separate pages. There are a lot of choices to make when it comes to deciding on a home, so this simple-looking but well sequenced selection process makes googling around for hours on different sites much easier.

  7. John Tsai

    The John Tsai group is an international real estate company that specializes in all sorts of residential options, including condos, row houses, and classically detached single homes. Their homepage video loop shows a standard of higher luxury with a diverse family focus and an immediate list of cities around the world that they have business in. While they have an immediate and simple search system, they offer more advanced search options, once selected, to let visitors choose how specific they want their preferences to be.

  8. Jamie Tian

    With everything necessary right on the homepage, it’s hard to get better than Tan’s minimal Rodeo Realty design. You don’t even have to scroll to see any of her service options or blog, and the site’s initial subscription popup is unobtrusive while staying noticeable. Her background image tons a ton of great work, showing the sheer sunlit beauty of the Beverly Hills landscape from above, and thus the character of the properties she works with. As a native Mandarin speaker and fluent English speaker, her multi-lingual testimonials reach international and non-native audiences in addition to more local customers to help her business stand out.

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