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8 Best Real Estate Websites (January 2020)

Real estate is a time-consuming, necessary industry for most people, and it can feel as daunting as it is complex. Searching for a new home or your next responsible tenant shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth, and a strong presence online can get the word out about your own real estate services or even help secure your new home.

Websites in the real estate industry can do a lot to stand out from the crowd by offering unique and tested filtering options, publishing well-angled shots of properties, and offering thorough background checks on prospective renters. Conveying the character of a business online is crucial, and everyone from brokers to real estate agents to new home-buyers benefit from clarity and personalizing descriptions of what makes your particular real estate company the right fit.

The Top 8 Real Estate Websites of January 2020

  1. Redfin

    Redfin’s site instills a cozy, at-home vibe with a stylized landing image of a sunny home. Their slide reel offers testimonials from happy home buyers and include fun pictures of their whole family for that personal touch. Redfin also offers full 3D guides of their properties so potential buyers get a feel for every nook and cranny. The digital walk-through is included with their service charge, and the header bar advertises a listing fee deal on every page. Every home on the site comes with fantastic shots taken from all sides with indoor and outdoor versions.

  2. Trulia

    Trulia needs no introduction for many people, helping home-buyers stay up to date on real estate opportunities buy including the price history of properties over time to better predict whether a purchase is just right. They know that visitors are looking for detailed information and not just the base price of homes, offering a transit score for every listing that helps locate properties that shoppers without a car will pay more to know about and potentially commit to. They have other filters too, like the ability to rank all properties by popularity, which helps market research to better understand the industry.

  3. Ryan Serhant, Real Estate Broker

    Ryan Serhant is a famous real estate celebrity and broker, and his primary brokering business has a great homepage animation welcoming visitors and offering signup fields for regular updates about his listings and details on his new book. Since Serhant’s expertise is in luxury real estate, the site’s elegant black and white palette and playfully stylized photography support his professionalism without losing a sense of wonder. His “real estate” call to action near the header bar brings you to a completely separate site for his team members that depict every staff member with just as much style and professional demeanor.

  4. Bigger Pockets

    Bigger Pockets is an investment consulting business that focuses a lot of their investment listings on real estate. A kind of social networking site, they’re among the best sites to gather information for landlords, brokers, and investors. Asking landlords or any poster about their listing is easy right from the homepage, and they regularly publish blog posts and podcasts on trending topics, including how to sell a house and what tax planning should happen before any money gets exchanged. Their landing page’s signup fields are the first things visitors see, and just under are the company’s appearances on news programs across the country to emphasize their credibility and track record.

  5. My Smart Move

    My Smart Move might seem like a single-service business that only offers prospective tenant background checks, but a lot goes into a thorough check to ensure landlords and real estate owners aren’t signing a regrettable lease. From the homepage, their services include credit history evaluations and a copy of the National Criminal Background Report. With a minimalist style, the site’s hot-dog navigation menu shows a playfully “good and bad” image selection of how good tenants treat their rental properties, with a call to action for screening services with significantly greater prediction rates toward eviction than a credit score alone can give.

  6. Jason O’Beirne

    O’Beire, a successful real estate agent, has great organization on his site with clickable buttons that link from the homepage to his contact information and property listings. His listings use information from multiple service listings and his “about us” section personalizes the business with his origin story as a professional and concise biographies for every team member. Scrolling down the homepage brings visitors a description of his 17 years of experience in the Chicago area, which is perfect for establishing trust with customers early for people shopping local.

  7. Homes

    Homes is one of the largest online listings for buying and renting homes in the country. Every stage of the selection process is described thoroughly on distinct sub-pages so new visitors don’t feel overwhelmed and do feel attended to. They offer advice in regular blog posts about the most important (and costly) amenities, how to parse the legal aspects of your rental agreement, and what the best tools and techniques are for presenting an online walk-through of a property. Their detailed finance page lists money-saving advice common for people saving to buy a home, whether they’re late in life, in the middle of their career, or just getting started.

  8. Nooklyn

    Unless you’re from downtown New York, you may not have heard of Nookyln. Their company focuses on rental listings in the New York City area, but with advanced filter options, like popular nearby hangout spots and differences in areas of interest between tourists and local residents. They also include a hand matching system for potential roommates; registering with your Facebook or Google account helps find mutual friend network for that extra layer of security while cohabitating. The site’s grid-style design fits snugly with calls to action for every clickable thumbnail image toward a unique page that carefully describes another part of their service package.

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