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8 Best Physical Therapy Practice Websites of January 2020

Physical therapy treatments come in many different forms, including athletic rehabilitation, joint therapy, muscular therapy, and many others. Accurately presenting the types of therapy you offer online along with positive branding can make the biggest difference when recruiting new clients, keeping the ones who know your work, and getting the word out about your expertise.

The best physical therapy websites…

…consider whether their main audiences are looking to recover from an injury, whether they’re fit and athletic with a desire to break through a personal plateau, or if they have a specific physical issue you have a specialty in treating.

  1. Rehab Dynamics Physical Therapy

    Rehab Dynamics’s website offers heartwarming images of smiling clients in their care straight from the homepage slider. Their slogan “Feel Better. Live Better.” is in a playful, bold font to catch your eye, and just under the slider there’s a brightly colored call to action for making an appointment. Their explanations of different therapy methods is thorough and each one is given its own sub-page for easy navigation. The virtual assistant can help new visitors make an appointment with ease in case they’re less familiar with navigating the web.

  2. Performance and Recovery Lab

    Based in Mesa, AZ, Performance and Recovery Lab’s site makes a great first impression with a bold blue background and a highly informative homepage slider that details current deals, their ongoing services, and general information about the business. By focusing on sports rehabilitation and fitness, their motivating design and fresh-looking logo feel dynamic and come with bright calls to action on every page for making appointments. The scrolling testimonials bar near the bottom helps new visitors gain an outside perspective while supporting the community-side of the lab.

  3. Bryant Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

    The site for Bryant Orthopedic Therapy stays strong-looking by opening with an image slider of their customers hard at work during sports therapy and clear calls to action for making consultation appointments and established recovery treatments.Their site messaging is intensive, but welcoming with small animations of their playful logo throughout the homepage. With consultation scheduling options always accessible from the header bar, and their large list of unique treatment categories in the “How We Treat” tab, it’s hard not to feel informed and engaged throughout.

  4. World Confederation for Physical Therapy

    As an organization that represents physical therapists all over the world, the WCPT has a lot of audiences to appeal to with more narrow interests. They describe their origin story on the site very well, and their homepage offers a grid view of upcoming physical therapy events from all over, including professional conferences, celebrating World PT Day, and searching their database. From the landing page slider, visitors can join their mailing list with a front-and-center call to action button on the right side of the scrolling images.

  5. SOL

    Sol Physical Therapy has a very engaging site, with simple animations as you scroll helping the transition between sections feel fluid and responsive. The easy-to-learn navigation helps visitors via a header bar that’s a little larger than average to encourage use, and the site’s high-quality images don’t bog down mobile or desktop devices, keeping a speedy load time. Their active-looking website imparts positive vibes with their black and yellow color scheme, and the resources available, like for requesting an appointment or reading their blog, are all easy to click into from the start.

  6. Idaho Physical Therapy Association, Inc.

    While Idaho Physical Therapy’s site may initially strike visitors as simple, it offers a lot of distinct services that are more precisely communicated via smaller sections with more informative text. The header bar steals the show, with specific therapy categories that pop up in bright green highlights over their homepage image of therapy-goers. Their customer testimonials have their own sub-page, and the career center has a thumbnail right on the homepage and thorough information about employment opportunities.

  7. Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

    The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy is a mouthful, and their website anticipates this by giving visitors a short acronym they officially support from the header bar. The association’s slogan “promoting safety and competence,” goes well with their highly professional look. They advertise dates and signup options for taking the National Physical Therapy Exam, and they offer three different sub-pages on the process of becoming a physical therapist, a volunteer, and generally learning physical therapy principles to better your own life.

  8. National Strength and Conditioning Association

    The site for the National Strength and Conditioning Association looks strong and bold, a great impression for a group dedicated to supporting professional-grade strength athletes, like power-lifters, Olympic lifters, and participants in the Strong Man competition — despite their jabs at CrossFit. Their blog offers nuanced workout guides for different contexts, like adapting a weightlifting strategy in the winter based on how the cold affects your body. Importantly, they offer a variety of different conditioning and training certifications and three different membership opportunities with community benefits and professional strength training with a certified therapist.

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