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8 Best Healthcare Websites in 2019

Patients are more digitally engaged with their health than ever, boasting an 85 percent confidence rating in one study about feeling equipped to be responsible for their own health and access to health-relevant information online. Of course, millions of people still seek out medical services daily, and in terms of what visitors first see, a hospital’s or clinic’s website is often their most memorable piece of advertising.

Hospitals and healthcare providers have to compete with each other, and not just with professional word of mouth or by how much market share there is. At the consumer-facing level, garnering more patients means having a fast website that’s easy to navigate and delivers the specific calls to action viewers look for.

That’s all much easier said than done, and we wanted to show you eight sites that accomplish their technical communication goals without sacrificing quality branding and design.

Top 8 Healthcare Websites

  1. Childrens Hospital Colorado

    Right out the gate, the biggest standout for Childrens Hospital Colorado (CHC) is the child wearing the virtual reality headset. He’s having fun in center frame, but the blurry background of medical instruments shows the seriousness of the setting with brighter colors. This provides a depiction for their equally-center slogan: “Here, it’s different,” meaning they want to show you how and for whom. The top menu bar’s clickable options are honed with gentle language that reinforces a sense of personal attention: “Your Visit,” “Community,” and “Conditions and Advice.” Just below the center image is the statement “Why Different Matters,” further identifying with a sense of isolation easily felt by children, and positively defining it with small descriptive categories about what makes their medical practice stand out.

  2. Olathe Health

    The Olathe Health network’s website is for more than just one hospital or clinic, and caters to a huge audience with different medical needs. To keep visitors informed of their brand while simultaneously providing essential site functions, a short video of different types of care, ranging from front-desk assistance to surgical room finesse, loops behind the central menu. The video may take up 90% of the screen, but the calls to action are impossible to miss and focus on narrowing down why the visitor’s there with location options, finding specific doctors, and completing any financial paperwork they may need. This quick narrowing is especially important if you’re a big company like Olathe Health to keep visitors from getting lost when navigating the plethora of services you offer.

  3. Michigan Avenue Primary Care

    Michigan Avenue has an excellent and elegant design: it’s actually two different sites, one for primary care, the other for immediate care, yet both are visually the same with the other’s call to action redirecting to that page and URL. These homepages’ additional options immediately funnel visitors toward first-visit registration, booking an appointment, and booking a video-conferencing appointment. The last option isn’t available on most medical sites, and they’re smart to show it as one of the first services they offer. It sets their practice apart and better caters to the busier downtown lifestyles their patients may lead.

  4. Cibola Hospital

    Simplicity can go a long way toward clarity and impact, and Cibola’s site shows this in force. It’s tricolor spread of white and blue makes everything pop, including simple text, so that relevant information doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to stick out. They’re a general hospital, so the “Services,” “Family Health Center,” and “Price Transparency” options do a lot of work to help new visitors find which services and physical areas they need information about. Scrolling down their homepage prompts a lot of automated slides that concisely delivery specific testimonial, provider, and extra service information without prompting the user. With a minimal visual presentation, they know what essentials customers are going to look for and how to present it to them before they necessarily know where to click.

  5. Northwestern Medicine

    Here’s one that does something tricky — Northwestern Medicine’s site make things seem understandably fast paced (it’s medical work!), but none of the actual design feels rushed or out of place. This combination of looking well put-together and responsive is mostly because the site’s diverse set of images are separated by informative accolade banners you can both easily read and skip over. Each major image is either at a dramatic angle or has its subjects always doing an action related to their job. Since Northwestern Medicine is a big network of hospitals and care centers, it’s effective messaging to their patients that they’re both in demand (busy), yet know how to help you quickly access the most needed menu options up front, like requesting an appointment and finding the center most local to you.

  6. BSWHealth

    As one of the largest medical non-profits in the United States, it stands to reason why BSWHealth would have a killer website. With a classically center-frame image of a doctor and patient shaking hands, their homepage calls to action couldn’t be much simpler: a new slide with the slogan “Say Hello to Better” immediately fades over the homepage image to ask visitors if they know any information to type into the accompanying searchfield’s categories. “Say Hello” is a subtle way to greet their visitors into feeling more comfortable typing information manually rather than just looking for a predictable category. Importantly, they do have those category buttons too, for scheduling appoints and managing your account, by clicking the homepage’s “see more tools” option. Having both is great execution because it elegantly chooses one primary navigation design, but also accommodates a more classic sense of navigation.

  7. Huntingdale Dental Center

    While compact, Huntingdale Dental’s site puts sign-up and scheduling information directly on its inviting homepage to make using their services a breeze. The homepage carousel shows pricing options without having to search for them, and their overall branding of pictures with smiling people amidst apples is consistent, playful, concise, and appropriate for their business. They even list their most common services and contact information in the same menu so users are more prone to signing up instead of lingering on other alternatives.

  8. Macquarie Hospital

    Surprisingly unique among hospital designs, Macquarie’s site emphasizes its role in scientific research as a way to best help patients. For an average patient, the hospital’s “Science of…[medical practice]” is a more theoretical approach to advertising care. But they personalize this slogan with connotative and more intimate-feeling descriptions related to the specific field of medicine, as in “The Science of the Heart” for cardiology and “The Science of Connection” for neurology. Because it’s a private non-profit teaching hospital, they offer both specialized experts and education tracks for aspiring professionals, so they keep the abundance of information about the hospital’s service types in neat, even blocks that direct users to subsections of clinical programs, medical staff, and education services.

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