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8 Best Financial Service Websites (October 2019)

Targeting the customers you want is always part of the bigger picture with good marketing, and financial institutions have to work harder than most at reaching customers in comfortable ways. Money is an all-around sensitive topic, so knowing how to keep website visitors coming back requires finesse about exactly what you want to communicate regarding finances to your customers.

From investment consulting to banks to cash apps, the types of financial services available are plentiful.

We’ve compiled a diverse list of our favorite designs so you can take a closer look

  1. Pangea

    As a money transfer service, Pangea’s website takes a global approach to describing its business. With an especially mobile-friendly design, their homepage’s background image shows a broad map including the 15 different countries you can use their service in. Their sign-up fields have a paper airplane icon to visually conflate the transportive nature of transferring money while still describing their customers as necessarily more global due to the multiple countries Pangea works in. Under a crisp black, white, and teal color palette, they’re quick to encourage scrolling down for more important information, with an immediate advertisement for their mobile app and a $10 reward for getting another person to sign up.

  2. Triodos Bank

    The first impression you get from Triodos Bank’s website isn’t like any other bank’s. In terms of design, there’s so much to talk about, but let’s start with the biggest stuff. Their site uses captcha technology to playfully get visitors on board with part of their mission: that human-to-human contact during financial services is much needed in a faceless, digitally-automated financial world. After their fun captcha game, the homepage is entirely composed of images of everyday people with the leading question, “What do you care about?” under the main photo. Each selectable subsection just below it acts as a potential answer to the question, but they’re articulated in purely moral terms, such as “healthy food” and “fair opportunities,” in order to show how they’re all clearly important, and that Triodos Bank is interested in each possibility as a business.

  3. Intuit Turbo Tax

    The month of April is no stranger to tax service giants like Intuit’s Turbotax, and they’ve got a great site supporting them. Since it’s not even Halloween yet, they know advertising a primer to tax-season, like the $10 discount off their software, is appropriate as the first homepage slide to get prospective customers on-board early. Since the US tax system is so complex, their minimalist layout supports an easier learning curve when submitting your taxes online for the first time or revisiting the annual submission process. As you scroll, they advertise to specific markets that have unique tax situations, like freelancers or small business owners, quickly showing how aware they are about the different areas of support customers need.

  4. Vistica Wealth Advisors

    An independent wealth management firm, Vistica serves individuals, families, and institutions, so their website should reflect that broad sense of care. And it does! The homepage’s main image shows diversely-dressed individuals, from formal to casual wear, along a skyscraper skyline to loosely depict the idea that their services can benefit anyone while still feeling like a high-class choice. To again hit on that higher-class notion with design principles, their first call to action rests at the bottom of the page as a button with the text, “How Can We Best Help You?”

  5. C.L. Sheldon and Company

    C.L. Sheldon and Company help military professionals and their families plan financial futures and generally manage money. The ability to click on the answers to their “What’s Your Financial Situation” prompt is amazing because it asks for difficult personal information in ways compatible with common anxiety about money. Any of the answers bring visitors to a new web-page that describes the type and duration of military backgrounds most common for the selected financial situation as a way to start narrowing down which options are appropriate without making individuals feel singled out. Their blog is constantly updated and specific to financial topics related to military service.

  6. Headway Financial Solutions LLC

    A Denver-based investment firm, Headway’s very name and header image of rugged mountaintops under a gentle sky purposefully narrow visitor expectations: one already assumes this is a company providing some sort of service about finding a way through financial confusion. Right from the get-go, their homepage slogan differentiates them from Wall Street companies and describes that they’re more focused on bringing financially stable habits to customers who aren’t experts. Since investing, despite being common, is still unexplored for most Americans, their “How Much Do You Know?” investment quiz helps demystify the concept while earning more trust from visitors who are just starting to educate themselves on the topic.

  7. Family Capital Management

    This site for Family Capital Management may look pretty bare-bones at first, but the simple design scales very well across mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Because they don’t represent a bigger company or brokerage firm, the design smartly describes the CEO, Paul Damon, at the bottom of the homepage to make the company feel more personalized. Each service type is given equal visual weight in pictures and spacing to further depict the close attention to detail that a small company of passionate experts can provide. Despite having a relatively standard look, the site feels unique because each service section goes at length to define financial industry buzzwords and how they relate to the concrete services of their business.

  8. Cash App

    Cash App’s vibrant site is choked full of great little homepage animations and highly informative, concise service descriptions. They want a low-stakes, cartoonish appearance to get customers feeling more at ease about a monetary service. Since most customers use Cash App to transfer small amounts of money at a time, their animations of sodas, backpacks, and popcorn make a lot of sense. They’re clever with how you get to their general service description from the homepage as well: scrolling down immediately brings up a basic web-page with an analogy describing a common situation for the average Cash App user while also letting readers know they can receive their transfers in Bitcoin in addition to cash! Signing into your account is a breeze; Cash App narrows each new service idea into a couple of easy fields so customers can use their service as quickly as possible.

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