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8 Best Fashion Websites (January 2020)

Making a terrific website in the fashion industry comes with some treaded territory: large, descriptive images throughout, a stylistically consistent presentation, and an online marketplace for people to shop. But just how these features are organized and expressed is the real trick to recruiting and maintaining customers. Great fashion websites offer a unique brand to make their passions and areas of specialization prominent so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

While few things are more important than the sheer quality of the products one offers, effective online messaging helps visitors remember what it feels like to shop for their next big purchase in addition to wearing it. Such signaling helps customers determine whether their fashion needs require an appearance that shouts “graceful professionalism” or one closer to “relaxed and cozy at home” without losing the expressiveness for either extreme and anywhere in between.

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  1. Atterley

    As an online fashion boutique, Atterley’s site has a lot of products to offer customers around the world. Especially considering the size of their business, the navigation is easy to use, with distinct categories at the top of the homepage for both men’s and women’s sales. The mobile version of the site is even more image-driven for quick scrolling on a small screen. Their header bar is surprisingly unique, punchy, and doesn’t introduce subcategories for their business. It just concisely describes their shipping opportunities, overall product quantity, and number of store locations around the world. This visually sets them apart, as many sites include such information in the footer bar or as part of a separate content slide.

  2. Massimo Dutti

    Massimo Dutti’s broad white spacing between categories lets its images do almost all the talking, which is essential for a higher class fashion company. Their homepage screen is split into two section panels, and viewing on your phone folds the sections into narrower vertical groups for easy scrolling. Their film-grain photographs hearken to old-fashion styles, but with models that always depict a serious demeanor to signal that their fashion services are for professional and luxury ends. They smartly include more than just style shots of popular wears, with a few images of professional tailors fitting suits for customers to depict their company’s attention to detail and passion for quality.

  3. Tinker Watches

    Tinker Watches uses minimalist visual elements and small animations for their products in a way few businesses accomplish. As a luxury wrist watch company, they let their excellent images do most descriptive work, with bold taglines for each popular device straight from the homepage. “It’s Midnight” advertises their sleek black line of watches with calls to action for every homepage section, and their focus on being transparent with exactly how they build each watch shows their professional integrity and desire to help visitors both find and better understand their favorite timepiece. The more customized nature of the work becomes part of the product’s story, and they know customers will want to talk about why they chose a particular watch.

  4. Burberry

    Based in the UK, Burberry’s homepage offers a plethora of high resolution images with classically positioned models in white and gray widescreen space to emphasize the colors and style of people wearing their products. Their product pages help the brand stand out from the competition by including video still shots from all sides of their merchandise to give shoppers a close look at the quality of the design and what wearing it realistically looks like. You can also watch a small video loop for most pieces to better show their apparel in motion. Their models aren’t just a one-size selection either, offering a variety of body types from a diverse cast of people from all over to show that they offer something for everyone.

  5. Aether Apparel

    Aether’s designs focus on making what the owners couldn’t find: stylish apparel for people with a passion for the outdoors, but who live in a city or don’t want to sacrifice the clothing styles of more urban living. Their selections easily transition from a day at the office to a rigorous mountain trail, and they have a diverse line of products, including swimwear, jackets, messenger bags, boots, and accessories that thrive in any climate. Their whole site uses a clean, white backdrop with elegantly positioned models, but offer a responsive and animated navigation menu that brings visitors to their product categories, regularly updated blog, and distinct collections of fashion styles based on the environment for easy shopping.

  6. Valentino

    Valentino’s stylistic range is probably the largest on the list, and their homepage’s images describe this with holiday-specific presentations, more outlandish and dramatic photos of their pieces in unusual locations (including leaning against a cactus and in outer space), and traditional still shots of their shoes and pocketbooks in everyday locations. While some businesses might lean into more absurd and irreverent depictions, Valentino’s overall appearance is closer to Vogue, with graceful fonts throughout a white background and serious expressions from their models. All of this culminates to expressing exactly what they offer: high-end selections that don’t sacrifice a sense of wonder for your everyday lifestyle.

  7. Tabitha Simmons

    Tabitha Simmons, a bespoke women’s footwear company, mimics the nostalgia and style of Polaroid snapshots on its homepage. Their images’ perspectives are carefully managed for a great reason: the angles in how people look at shoes are usually limited, including first-person shots of wearing shoes with feet raised to the sky, walking downtown in the latest graceful fashion, and tightening the last strap on a pair of wedding shoes on the big day. The images are slightly on top of each other at the corners for that homey scrapbook impression, and the site’s navigation menu is a minimal but highly specific list of shoe types by style.

  8. Natori

    A women’s fashion company, Natori offers a wide variety of clothes, shoes, underwear, and much more. Their diverse product selection works, in part, due to their brand’s consistent messaging. Their “about us” section focuses on the biography of the founder, Josie Cruz Natori, and her story of overcoming cultural and bureaucratic norms in order to be a successful international entrepreneur as a woman. Her more personal history of valuing artistic expression in many forms as a part of everyday life becomes an expression of the company’s quality standards toward care and appreciation about each piece they produce.

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