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7 Best Veterinary Websites of March 2020

Making a compelling online presence for your veterinary service starts with a great website. The veterinary websites that are able to stand out from competition are written carefully with compelling copy-writing and thorough descriptions of their medical services, professional education, and community impact.

Many of the best veterinary sites establish their character and a sense of credibility right away with video loops of their hardworking staff and happy customers, and stunning images of the animals they treat. While there’s a large variety of different veterinary services in the world, almost all of them benefit from strong impressions and depictions of sincerity within the profession and customer testimonials that describe the everyday experience that owners who love their pets expect to receive.

Top 7 Veterinary Website Designs

  1. Veterinarska Fakulteta

    While the name may look like a mouthful for native English speakers, Veterinarska Fakulteta provides care for wild and domestic animals alike. Their site’s memorable homepage offers incredible photography of many different species in the wild and at home that helps differentiate different research areas, and the site’s small animations throughout make navigation experience feel more exploratory than purely based on medical themes. Their navigation menu is especially useful via the easy-to-read numericals for different pages from the sidebar.

  2. Abel

    Abels site offers some of the strongest image design on our list, with unique and action-oriented shots of many different kinds of pets enjoying life outdoors and in their cozy homes. The header bar’s stylish text comes with lots of space between different page categories and calls to action, and their homepage’s image slider provides a comprehensive look into the professional and joyous sides of the business. Their highly-informative blog posts and articles are part of a regularly-updated series and cover wide-ranging topics from proper pet care at home to the latest in medical treatment.

  3. Bollington Veterinary

    Bollington Veterinary, based in the UK, has an especially eye-catching design that doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to emotionally engaging with their audience in positive ways. The white, green, and pink color palette and gentle imagery of pets being cared for give a sense of professional and carefulness to how they approach treatment. The homepage is simply-designed with a small animation that blends upper and lower sections while scrolling so readers can focus on whatever information is centered on the page. Every sub-page is especially detailed about different treatment options, and making an appointment is a breeze through their popup scheduler.

  4. Secondhand Hounds

    The site for Secondhand Hounds, a Minnesota-based business devoted to retraining at-risk dogs and cats, is fantastic. Their homepage’s slogan, “Who Says There Aren’t Second Chances” includes part of their company name for higher keyword placement value, and sits beside a fullscreen image of a dog happily catching a breeze from a car window in order to depict the positive results of proper love and care. The site uses vibrant hot pink and plenty of white space to make calls to action noticeable as visitors scroll, and hovering over specific sections initiates small color animations that make each page special.

  5. BondVet

    BondVet’s minimalist design delivers a clean and fresh look to visitors that helps narrow down their professional areas of expertise instead of relying on a general or more cluttered look. The homepage does great work via their main tagline toward describing their location and differentiating them from local competition, and the central image there brings a sense highly positive community engagement that’s dedicated to personalization and friendliness as much as professional know-how. In order to describe their credibility, they smartly include snapshots and quotes from magazines that have reviewed and chosen to feature their brand as a model of excellence.

  6. Somers Animal Hospital

    The site for Somers Animal Hospital is classically great, with a homepage video loop showcasing the health and high energy levels of the animals they provide care for. With the slogan, “Your Pet’s Well-Being Comes First,” visitors can scroll down through other punchy copy-writing lines that meet similar levels of grabbing your attention with bold claims supported by more through text just beside them. Making an appointment is easy with the popup calls to action loading as you explore, and the scrolling animation that softly blends images and text between different sections is a nice touch. Customer reviews line the bottom of the page via a scrolling testimonials bar for that extra sense of comfort and security when wondering if this is the right veterinary option for your pet.

  7. Vet Girl

    Vet Girl offers the most unique veterinary service on our list as they provide current veterinarians and veterinary students strategies for continuing their education, dealing with the more negative aspects of the profession, and new positive elements patients and practitioners both favor. As a subscription service, their regular stream of new content helps establish bang for your buck, and the overall layout of the homepage is compelling with a video loops that shows care for the veterinarian and not just the animals they treat. Their calls to action are plentiful throughout and distinct with many new blog posts that show just how nuanced and evolving the discipline is.

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