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7 Best Tech and IT Websites (December 2019)

A website that focuses on using technology to serve customers will always benefit from good design practices that target audiences most in need. Whether people are already familiar with the general services you offer or are learning about something more cutting-edge for the first time, clear descriptions and eye-catching presentations that show both your business’s particular character and expertise go a long way toward securing customer trust.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite Technology and IT service websites to see how they hone their brands without losing critical information on from the more technical side of things.

Any website in tech can use the following designs for inspiration toward structuring their own pages!

  1. Envato

    While the Australia-based Envato may not be as recognized as giants like Apple and Microsoft, their specialization in digital assets for web developers, digital designers, and others offer an impressive digital footprint with a lot of how-to guides ready to help customers navigate all the options they could use. Their copy-writing is punchy and interactive, with one homepage section’s text doubling as a drop-down menu and query field to search for specific services right from the middle of the sentence. With up-to-date testimonials and a press coverage menu on the homepage, it’s easy to see how much growth this young company has gone through in a short time.

  2. Salesmate

    The Salesmate brand offers all-in-one cloud services with their specialized CRM. Their site quickly lets visitors know what they can help improve, including boosting sales, closing on more business deals faster, and generally increasing productivity for all members of your company. Their homepage slogan immediately specifies what sort of marketing software they offer, and includes icons of their annual awards with an enticing call to action about trying their product completely free for a limited period. Their full screen image of the software lets visitors take in the structure and simplicity of the user interface before they commit to any purchase so they can get a feel for whether the product seems right for them.

  3. RapidOps Solutions

    RapidOps, a software company that brings innovative digital products and small cross-functioning teams to other businesses, has a fantastic website. Their semi-transparent, gray-scale homepage brings the unique look of a video loop that isn’t entirely visible under bold, declarative text that cycles through descriptions for each digital service they specialize in. Each homepage section includes clear calls to action as clickable buttons to individual service pages for easy navigation about their more abstract and complex product options.

  4. BMW

    BMW is know as a design-focused car company, with sleek models representing higher-end services and quality. Their site reflects this, with dynamic and artistically-paired photos of their vehicles and drivers relishing the outdoors and urban areas alike. Video loops automatically play without disruptive sound (you can easily turn it on), and the grid structure for displaying their most popular models and holiday deals let’s visitors see what’s available. Their clean-looking, dynamic presentation lets customers know this is the right place and keeps consistent with the familiar brand aspects of BMW they’ve likely seen elsewhere.

  5. Fitbit

    Fitbit’s products are designed to track your calorie consumption and fitness goals, and their innovative piece of wrist tech has a strong website to keep customers up to date. With a bright, elegant homepage that lists their different service levels and specific products, it’s difficult to get lost. Each image shows a different side to Fitbit devices, with color backgrounds and type-specific functions so visitors can quickly differentiate what they’re looking for. All their calls to action include exciting language to keep customers focused, and the site’s “compare products” section does great work helping visitors figure out their needs if they’re a little unfamiliar with what’s offered.

  6. Sonos

    The Sonos brand specializes in wireless sound systems for a variety of contexts and at a range of different prices. One of the biggest things that makes the Sonos website stand out is how well they know their products’ purposes and advantages over competitors; right from the homepage, the first still image shows someone carrying an oval speaker by its special handle out their front door, emphasizing the cordless and battery-powered convenience. Despite the company being so necessarily audio-focused, visually showing off these products is ideal because they’re a bit more expensive without being exclusively high-budget, and the physical look of the speakers and areas people use them in increases believability and trust about how well and easily they operate.

  7. Lateral Innovations

    Lateral Innovations uses its RFID (radio-frequency identification) expertise to find the most optimal ways to do business for their clients without sacrificing the health of the local environment. Specializing mostly in waste management, their site cleverly animates cartoonish dump trucks and waste bins in a visually-pooping, video game-like way to keep their tone light, but logically consistent with the work they do. They quickly emphasize that they help companies with optimizing both residential and commercial waste removal with their complete software package, and mention further down the homepage just what concrete services they offer, including on-site installation, maintenance, and custom software development.

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