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7 Best Manufacturing Websites of February 2020

There are more than just a few industries on the web that tread on interesting website design grounds, and manufacturing is one of them. While many people may never stumble on a manufacturing website, as an industry their target audiences vary widely, encompassing fellow manufacturing professionals, other large industry leaders, highly specialized individuals with unique technical needs, and sometimes even general audiences who may not have similar levels of professional expertise.

Because of this wide swath, the greatest manufacturing sites focus on making their company stand out through descriptive specificity toward better understanding their service areas, beautiful video loops and images that speak for themselves, and compelling origin stories that share what specifically in their development history make their company’s character unique and the right fit for what they’re providing.

Top 7 Manufacturing Websites

  1. Schneider Electric

    The site for Schneider Electric presents a business with a clear and minimalist design approach without losing any crucial information you can see from the homepage. Scrolling down, visitors can see their concise navigation options don’t waste bordering white space or overly fanciful word choices. It’s extremely easy to find what you’re looking for based on the type of customer you happen to be, including investors, a normal service customer, or a prospective job applicant. Their comforting blue and green color palette feels more organic and welcoming than purely professional as one might assume a manufacturing business prefers.

  2. Sonix

    Sonix is a leading process efficiency and defect detection company that specializes in semiconductor manufacturing to make things run smoother and optimally for their customers. Their site offers visitors a slick, crisp-looking design that combines compelling imagery of their manufacturing process and products with highly descriptive text that lets visitors know exactly what they’re looking at. This attention to more elaborate descriptions is especially important for a company like theirs because it helps clarify exactly what they’re offering in an industry with a lot of different businesses and specialties. Their navigation setup is particularly welcoming, with clickable pictures and easy to understand subcategories toward all their service options.

  3. Bechtel Rail

    In the manufacturing industry, it’s no easy feat to effectively describe your company’s origins in a way that compels readers to keep paying attention. The subject matter that a given manufacturing businesses specializes in isn’t often intuitive or especially eye-catching, but Bechtel Rail’s site unquestionably succeeds here: their high-res videos are short and sweet without losing the narrative thread of overcoming adversity within any good origin story. Each video explains a different part of the company and why they do what they do, acting as a sort of mini documentary series that segmentally makes visitors remember why the company is what it is, not just what the company does (though that’s well established too).

  4. Sharretts Plating

    Sharretts Plating offers industrial plating services to a variety of other industry products, including automotive vehicles, hardware businesses, and many different electronics. Their site meets high quality standards with a simple-but-effective layout that places all their contact information and scheduling fields either right on the homepage or accessible via the header bar. Their especially-effective SEO and ongoing company blog help keep customers up-to-date with where the company’s headed, their current areas of focus, and why they should choose Sharretts over other competitors.

  5. Rockwell Automation

    Rockwell’s site probably has the most direct paths of engagement on our list. Their homepage helps funnel visitors to the most important areas, including their products gallery, a technical question-and-answer section with plenty of positive client testimonials, and even access to professional documents, like white papers, made available to the public. Their professionalism is enhanced because they trust that visitors will want to get more into the weeds of their industry via the company’s clear descriptions of its automation specialties and where they’re best-applied. Getting to know the company a little better is easy from their “spotlight” sub-page, where current projects and related questions get addressed by industry professionals.

  6. GTR Manufacturing

    GTR Manufacturing’s specialty as a sheet manufacturer affects more businesses than you might assume, and their site’s calls to action help customers clearly navigate the plethora of professional areas they service. Right from the homepage, visitors can request direct service quotes, and the company’s parallax scroll functions make their primary service areas pop with fun and memorable animations. Their homepage’s background image of team members happily hard at work brings a sense of passion and cohesion to everyone involved, and their scrolling customer testimonials section solidifies their excellent work history from the sources most-qualified to talk about it.

  7. ShineWire

    ShineWire specializes in building and manufacturing customized cable and wire-assembly products. Their products are showcased well via compelling images of their work in automotive, personal computer, and other service areas. Their site emphasizes some of the most important aspects their products offer, including precision, long-term durability, and their particular assembly methods for the most efficient and long-lasting layouts that give peace of mind to their customers. There’s no question that their primary audience includes engineers of design due to the thorough technical descriptions of their products and the particular features they highlight for the fellow professionals they want to most appeal to.

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