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7 Best Manufacturing Websites (October 2019)

While it’s true that most businesses in the manufacturing industry aren’t especially public-facing, they still benefit from great website design. A lot of manufacturing sites try to densely fit all their information on as few pages as possible to save space and time, which can make navigation an unappealing chore and can actually increase how long it takes visitors to get the information they need!

A great manufacturing site focus on clear calls-to-action, intuitive navigation, and anticipating the service needs of a particular audience.

The manufacturing sites we’ve listed below catch a visitor’s eye and define the tone and character of the companies they represent.

  1. Greenbrier

    The first information you see on Greenbrier’s homepage is a call to action for more information about their annual earnings and a simple slogan describing exactly what they do: freight transportation and manufacturing services. All of their service options are in bold and colorfully right-adjacent on the page with diligently updated news about progress on company projects. Their press release page is constantly updated and finding a job listing within the company is as easy as scrolling to the middle of the homepage.

  2. Lear Corporation

    The Lear Corporation’s site is more video-heavy, with a design montage looping in the background behind the homepage’s main text. “Learn More” is the first call to action, which may seem too basic, but it’s just below a concise paragraph summarizing the company’s work and accolades creating electrical systems (e-systems) and automotive seating. Scrolling down, the site’s boxy panel rows show everything from stock information to press releases to their regularly updated company blog. They clearly differentiate and specify what they offer by giving both seating and e-systems their own service and product sub-pages.

  3. Hatch Manufacturing

    Hatch probably has the best example of a site that scales perfectly between mobile devices and computers. While one might expect a company devoted to custom Android device development and manufacturing to have a great mobile site, the biggest factor behind this success is the simplicity. While all the call-to-actions pop and their homepage slogan concisely defines their services, it’s the easy and clean-looking transition when scrolling between the page’s information slides that make it all work. By not having resource-intensive video or complex animations, they can use the same site and expect similar load times on devices with vastly different hardware capabilities.

  4. APC International

    As a highly specialized manufacturer and developer of piezoelectric ceramics for medical tools, it’s especially important that APC International’s site effectively communicates their company’s products and services to customers while characterizing their brand. For good reason, most companies don’t want a big block of text in the middle of the homepage, but considering the specialized nature of APC’s expertise coupled with the sheer volume and multi-million dollar production scale of their services, they really benefit from the clarity a longer descriptive history of the company gives. It’s like a form of immersion they can relay to audiences as a result of being such a particular business. In addition, they also have a web-page for their “Knowledge Center” and an active industry blog.

  5. Chalmers & Kubeck

    It doesn’t take much flair to get a well structured design on your website, and Chalmers & Kubeck show this well! They work in machine and manufacturing repair and maintenance, which is another specialized type of service that most general visitors aren’t going to be aware of. Scrolling down beyond their homepage brings you to their service options, which they’ve narrowed to three manufacturing-specific services, each with informational paragraphs so customers can easily tell which they need. Their full gallery page of high resolution images does some great work to connect the abstract nature of their descriptions to the literal repair work they do.

  6. Paragon Store Fixtures

    Unlike anything else on this list, Paragon Store Fixtures’s site does some great and unique work with images on their site. Their homepage is highly responsive and interactive, and scrolling down their homepage brings you to widescreen background images of their products and the people making them with inspirational text. Scrolling causes the images to pause before transitioning, giving a leisurely pace to exploring their options. With a small, semi-transparent site navigation map, there’s a constant sense of white-glove engagement, like you’re being walked through their store without actually being there.

  7. Lexington Manufacturing

    Lexington Manufacturing site’s minimal style has a lot of love in the finer details. A woodworking company for residential and commercial buildings, their homepage slogan concisely describes what they do while simultaneously addressing customer concerns about the environmental impact of their work. Their company bio is quick to point out that they’re engineers and not just carpenters as a way to narrow their audience and describe their more advanced credentials. Part of the trick with their more basic structure is that every image is professionally shot and edited to show off their company’s physical workplace and staff. This adds a sense of realism and authenticity to their service.

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