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7 Best Landscaping Company Websites (October 2019)

One of the easiest ways customers discover and compare landscaping and lawn-care services is by reading reviews online and visiting a given company’s website. Since nearly 90% of consumers start their shopping process with the internet, you run a serious risk of losing customers if you don’t keep an up-to-date online presence.

An effective landscaping website can look a lot of different ways, even between businesses with similar services.

Our list describes the design ideas that compose some of the best landscaping websites today

  1. Northwestern Landscaping

    Deploying vibrant green and white colors, Northwestern Landscaping shows they mean business. Each picture is carefully taken from a landscape they’ve designed, doubles as an advertisement for what they offer, and acts a portfolio of their successes. Just below their homepage’s banner image are pictured categories for each type of service they offer for consistency about how transparent they are with their examples. In general, the images are at a high enough resolution and taken with enough expertise to bring out how perfectly serene it all looks, an important advantage for a business as visual as landscaping.

  2. Dunner’s Lawn Service

    Dunner’s website almost automatically takes you through the company’s story. After landing on their homepage’s slogan, an arrow button brings you down to their site’s general business description and then a list of their services further below. They start their site this way because they want visitors to get a stronger sense that they can live up to their word of 100% guaranteed service before listing out the details of those services. It sets up how they characterize their business’s expectation of quality and customer satisfaction before narrowing down service options, and that’s memorable!

  3. Lawn Doctor

    Lawn Doctor’s brand is all about wanting customers to feel pride and even joy about their lawns. Next to their homepage slogan, they offer an immediate call to action about getting a free quote and further narrow down their service types just below the central banner image. Customer testimonials from multiple social media channels make up almost half their homepage, which is consistent with how much stock they put into taking customer feedback and making sure their service delivers exactly what’s desired.

  4. Kiefer Landscaping and Nursery

    This Landscaping company uses a box grid to list its services on the homepage and has an overall fantastic presentation. The site’s clever tree bark background image and autumnal photography make it feel like you’re always outdoors. For each of their services, they have a main page that offers examples, price breakdowns, and mission statements regarding what they and prospective customers should expect in terms of craftsmanship. It’s a charming website because it captures the appreciation for nature with a calming, thematic design. And their visual appearance is consistent with whatever the current season is, which is a great way to signal to visitors that you’re active and open for business.

  5. Gibbs Landscape Company

    With a design that seems as elegant as it is simple, it’s easy to take for granted how much work can go into an effective website. The widescreen homepage images of their work gorgeously take up over half the screen and balance out a more visually modest company logo. Keeping things direct but descriptive, their homepage further describes a long history of awards and defines each step of their design process for people looking to understand the concepts behind how they work. Their simple tan and olive green color choice is calming and natural-looking, letting the landscape imagery stand out.

  6. The Garden Builders

    With a simple-seeming name, The Garden Builders’s website offers a surprisingly sophisticated look. A business of high-design specialists, their homepage’s large square grid helps democratize the visual appeal for each of their garden services. Their product pages come with extensive examples and very detailed descriptions for each type of plant they use and a step-by-step guide of the entire design process. This lets visitors feel like they’re in enthusiastic, caring hands from a business willing to lay out the details behind their craft in addition to showing the final product.

  7. Lotus Gardenscapes

    You don’t get much better imagery on a website than with Lotus Gardenscape’s. They want visitors to focus almost entirely on their garden design examples to get a feel for how personalizing and detailed their work can be. Since they work closely with clients over time for big projects, this is great marketing to show their level of professional commitment and ability. The sheer diversity in the types of structures and garden designs from their portfolio shows how creative they can be to meet a lot of different aesthetic and technical needs. It’s a generally elegant website without too many categories to navigate and stays focused on showcasing the work they offer in stylized, compelling ways.

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