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7 Best Gym and Fitness Websites (December 2019)

Acquiring new customers and maintaining interest in your current audience is tough for any company, but still a fundamental practice of fitness and gym owners. Potent marketing strategies and getting people to commit when they walk through the door takes high standards in both the exercise facilities your offer and how your website reflects the values of your business.

Every gym and fitness professional is different and offer their own brand of services, so a website that targets the interests of its desired audience helps narrow down the types of customers who will buy into its particular methods and attitude toward fitness.

The fitness websites that keep customers coming back have some of the best web design techniques around for establishing their client base and recruiting new members.

Each one is a little different, and we’re excited to talk about how!

Top 7 Best Gym & Fitness Websites

  1. MVMNT

    With a segmented menu structure, MVMNT’s site brings a clean and no-nonsense look without losing the charisma that makes them stand out. Right from their homepage, the slogan “find your fit” and their description of unintentional training methods sets visitors up to expect something a little different; in this case, with an emphasis on functional fitness training instead of just hitting the weights or treadmill. The site’s immediate call to action lets you book a class, and their unique pricing options are plentiful and highly descriptive about what you’re buying compared to other options.

  2. Fit Bottomed Girls

    The playfully-named Fit Bottomed Girls website is dedicated to fitness trends and expert insights about maintaining fit lifestyles, eating habits, general healthy living, and exercise routines. Their content is extremely diverse, with reviews of other fitness programs, supplements for women, and resources and fitness guides for new mothers. Their site brings a light tone with pastel colors and fun fonts with a white backdrop to give everything a crisp look. Their section descriptions are especially good, using internet slang to keep things fun and upbeat (as in their blog for parenting, “All moms welcome. For reals.”).

  3. Burn Pilates

    Burn Pilates makes a smart choice letting their homepage video loop double as a high resolution image until visitors click play. With great typography that is simultaneously bolded, yet narrow, their images pop at every section. Their video quickly engages visitors, and their Instagram account uses the more professional looking gallery structure for better viewing. They have a whole page dedicated to describing their pre- and post-natal fitness options, and you can use their pricing and locations page to jump into a class or two right away. Their daily drop-in discounts come up as helpful popup that describes the instructor and other class details so you can decide whether the discount is worth it right when you enter the site.

  4. Phive

    Phive’s website is probably the most unique of the bunch for its interactivity and smooth animations. They’ve cleverly designed their homepage so that when you scroll through it feels like your position on the screen doesn’t change, with distinct sections moving up and down instead of the entire page. Their full-screen header image transitions sleekly, and each of their supporting section images are informative and fun, describing their spa treatments, swimming pool classes, and personal trainer options. A sleek design like Phive’s gives the impression of higher class service with every-man accessibility.

  5. Daily Burn

    Daily Burn’s site does some of the quickest work at narrowing their audience from the start. Their homepage images show people working out to intense televised sessions they can control from their living room. Their slogan “Have Fun, Get Fit,” further sets up visitors to expect a focus on finding the workouts that most motivate you from home. The concise information bar of featured news segments about their services across the U.S. shows their credibility and popularity without distracting from fitness specifics. Most unique to them, the site’s multiple testimonial sections are formatted so as not to seem visually redundant and to stay exciting, which is especially good for a business focused on remote accessibility from anywhere.

  6. Primal 7 Movement

    There’s no question that Primal 7’s site leans into clarity beyond any other design principle. Their main slogan, “A Safer, Simpler Way to Exercise,” describes exactly what they offer, and the homepage’s video loop shows people from all walks of life, body types, and age ranges exercising on location with their trainers to prove it. They also have a great page of fitness products and difference exercise devices. Their overall design is a strong example of using minimalism to powerful ends; you always know what’s being offered in clear, effortless navigation.

  7. Equinox

    Equinox’s design strikes a very successful balance between accessibility and flashiness, with a section of the homepage giving images their own invisible vertical scroll bar that activates while you scroll down their site in the more expected way. They keep up to date with timely discounts, like a black Friday subscription deal, and smartly set up two calls to action on their primary header image for scheduling a visit and finding a location. Their header navigation bar has a nifty pop-up feature when you scroll over, and the header’s location tab is careful to elaborate on each type of sports and fitness club they offer.

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