7 Best Fitness Websites

7 Best Fitness Websites

Considering there’s an almost 9% market growth from 2017 – 2019, the fitness industry continues to grow, and it’s hardly leaving the internet behind. With global inactivity trends reaching an all-time high, it’s no wonder people want to change how physically active they are. But the fitness world is competitive — if you have fitness services on the web, effective design is going to help make you stand out by showing the character, brand, and clarity of what you in particular have to offer.

Here are some sites with powerful design strategies that keep gym-goers committed and help recruit new members

  1. Fitness Blender

    With immediately accessible free workout videos, Fitness Blender’s hundreds of streaming lessons offers a lot to both new and returning customers. With a clean-looking white and blue color palette, their site offers three big services in button form right at the start of their homepage for easy navigation (Meal Plans, Videos, and Workout Programs). They’re community-driven, with an online forum for member posts and an ongoing blog for fitness trends. Overall, their site feels and looks optimistic and light, which can be very encouraging to people who are unsure where to start with fitness goals or who don’t want an exclusively hardcore regimen.

  2. Trent

    On a first glance, it could seem like Trent Langland’s personal trainer website doesn’t have much to it beyond his headshot. But his minimalist approach is brilliant and helps secure him business by narrowing down exactly what customers are looking for, cutting the time it takes them to sort through his information or look for competitors with more clearly-shown services. Each of his site’s categories are personalized with high resolution images of both himself at work and of his individual trainees with testimonials and explanations of how they worked with Trent to find their best availability and fitness goals.

  3. Boom Boom Performance

    A lifestyle coaching company, Boom Boom Performance focuses on tailoring their fitness and dietary programs to each customer individually. They offer fully-online training programs with specific instructors and have a frequently updated podcast and blog. Since they also offer books on varieties of fitness subjects, their site benefits from an easily navigable header bar split into two sections of four options to get visitors to the specific products and services they’re looking for.

  4. MorelliFit

    Based on Phoenix, AZ, MorelliFit is a site for fitness guides, products, and personal training services with the owner or other tested instructors. To further specify their audience and stand out, the site’s blog is mostly about specific recipes and dietary trends related to muscle building or fat loss rather than about workout routines or additional supplements. They do offer a big range of supplements as well, like protein powder, creatine, and even specialized coffee, all under their custom brand.

  5. Up Fitness

    Up Fitness’s header design is so well tailored to what they offer, you already know before reading anything. They specialize in getting people in the shape of their dreams and have the before and after pictures to prove it! With clear calls to action just below and a detailed About Us written by the founder, it’s clear they value up-frontness and demonstrating how they back up their claims, not just that they can. Since they’re an international business as well, they’re “Global Client of the Month” is a great way to show off the hardwork and success of their customers from anywhere!

  6. Labor Fit

    Probably the most creative of the bunch, Labor Fit keeps things upbeat with a bright and interactive design. Clicking between pages transitions seamlessly due to the quality graphical animations and clear calls to action on each page. Their social media tags and contact information are clearly in the footer bar for each page and don’t disappear while moving between pages for a sense of constant engagement. Most generally, their site makes visitors feel more active and positive while browsing, which is exactly what they want their customers to feel about their services.

  7. Assos of Switzerland

    Assos makes biking look so stylized you could mistake it for a fashion brand. With high-def action shots of cyclists from a variety of angles and positions, their clever calls to action, like “Shift Up” and “Time to Ride,” are thematically consistent while directing users to fundamental site categories like product pages and their customer testimonials. The three biggest successes of the design are how clear their site sections are in the header bar, how diverse and available their products are, and how cool their images of biking culture make you feel.

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