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7 Best Financial Service Websites (December 2019)

Money stresses and learning the ins-and-outs of effective money management can feel as intimidating as they are rewarding. Financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and wealth management companies have very in-demand services with a lot of technical education required to do their jobs well, and because working with money is a sensitive topic for nearly anyone, it’s especially important that such businesses market themselves with a strong website.

The following sites do some of the best work around articulating their financial specialties without losing the emotional side of dealing with money. They more empathically understand what their customers are looking for and why they’re looking for it instead of just giving a dry pitch.

Let’s take a closer look at how these companies appeal to their audiences’ emotional sides without losing critical information about the logical aspects of their work.

  1. Betterment

    Betterment’s sincerity about making your investments pay off comes across great due to their punchy copy-writing and genuinely relieved-looked and happy members via images across their homepage. Their website’s general layout is clean and concise-looking while staying informative, lending the business more immediate credibility with new visitors. The navigation from the header bar is intuitive and lets readers get to anywhere else on the site. From the homepage, their first clickable call to action puts visitors in a helpful action flow about investing, retirement planning, and cash management solutions.

  2. Earnest

    Earnest provides low-interest loans to high-potential clients — which is to say you! Their headline lets you know you’re very likely a good candidate, which is inviting and makes readers want to continue. Just below their friendly homepage image of a college-age student, they describe their specialty areas of expertise — student loan financing, private student loans, and personal loans, all of which can help young students, their primary market for customers. Their site’s colors are well-designed, using muted purple filters over photos and soft pastel colors over white backgrounds for a less aggressive look.

  3. SigFig

    SigFig’s services in automated investing are wide-reaching, and it’s website is extremely easy to navigate. Their homepage info-graphic cleverly uses input fields to gather visitor information while also providing entertaining and informative messaging about their service. Their short video helps communicate their entire portfolio review process and the general investment strategies they recommend to prospective customers. All their technical information is backed up with graphs and statistics, and it’s impossible to miss contact information on their responsive “Who we are” section.

  4. Braun-Bostitch & Associates

    The Braun-Bostitch homepage design initially seems a bit off — why are things slightly out of center or on their own? About a second latter your eyes settle and the structure makes sense — their calls to action contact information, asking a specific question, and requesting a meeting are all accessible upfront. The gray scale background images let each button’s gold border stand out with a rustic elegance that evokes both hard work and higher class expectations. This is fantastic for a financial management firm, and their “let’s talk” sub-page and descriptive bios for each employee suggest a company that cares about its people.

  5. Nelson Financial Services

    Nelson Financial Services has a striking banner image of a wide canyon and skyline under their main slogan to suggest expertise and scale. Including tabs and icons in their design helps foster a better understanding for visitors and lets them transition to other parts of the site more quickly. Their “clients” menu tab brings visitors to money management and investment analyst companies they work with to better describe their work history and affiliations in the discipline. Their contact page’s form for submitting leads is especially helpful and a little less common.

  6. JP Maxwell Financial

    The site for JP Maxwell has a great gray and silver color spread, and their concrete goals of helping customers’ navigate legal and technical aspects of wealth immediately shine through. They offer a lot, and the homepage’s bottom grid-image structure helps isolate and visually describe each service. Their “Life Stages” section does great work describing the average financial priorities and of people between decades, and how they can help customers achieve them. The “treating you fairly” specifies just what practices they believe are most helpful ethically and from a long-term perspective.

  7. Clearscore

    Clearscore makes credit scoring a little more fun with a playfully dramatic and highly graphical user interface. They guarantee to provide accurate credit scores and reports in a visually stunning way. The silhouette of a cell phone is always is center-frame to indicate the mobile-friendliness of the site and its visual edginess. Transitioning between homepage sections makes the cellphone images take on the colors of that section, and the sections themselves animate and pop up with calls to action about tracking credit reports more thoroughly and finding credit loans.

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