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7 Best Dental Website Designs (October 2019)

A great dental website design can transform your practice from doing good to creating a legacy for yourself and your family. An incredibly lucrative profession that truly changes the lives of the people you work with, being a dentist can be fulfilling on many levels. And, when you choose to own your own business, the benefits can be even more significant. Of course, like any business you own, being an entrepreneur comes with its own unique set of hardships, including being responsible for bringing in your own customers.

That’s where a great dental website comes in.

When done thoughtfully and strategically, the design of your website can elevate your practice, driving traffic, converting sales, and giving you the opportunity to scale faster than you may have imagined possible.

Driven by local business, dental practices have a huge advantage when it comes to creating a website design that works. Not only do you only have to compete with other local businesses (a much smaller market than companies looking to get business from a whole state or country), but you can leverage your local connection to make your website stand out from many of the franchises that try to monopolize the market.

Curious to see what the best dental website designs look like?

Here’s our list of the top seven for October 2019

  1. Pine Ridge Dental

    A truly beautiful website with an outstanding layout, Pine Ridge Dental, a practice based in Lincoln, Nebraska, welcomes its visitors instantaneously with a professionally made video that features clips of patients, the office, dentists, and the overall connection between them all. Prominently featuring its two locations, complete with addresses, allows visitors to quickly know how convenient their visit will be. Another great feature of this dental website design is that it highlights its team on the homepage, offering visitors a quick glimpse at who they’ll be working with and why they’re the best of the best. Letting the homepage video do most of the talking, the rest of the website is simple, clean, and straightforward, keeping the focus on requesting an appointment rather than getting lost in pages and pages of content.

  2. Foothills Family Dental

    Located in the northern part of Colorado in Fort Collins, Foothills Family Dental understands how to create a compelling local website. Using images from the surrounding area, including a great shot of their office, the homepage for Foothills Family Dental immediately tells visitors that they care about their community. A bold menu that’s easy to use makes finding what you need quick and painless (definitely something a dental office wants to convey to its patients), while the extra large font used for the phone number and “Pay Your Bill” button adds to the overall convenience. Although some stock images are used (something we don’t typically recommend), the overall layout of the website and the copy that’s on it is personal enough that customers won’t even notice.

  3. Bend Family Dentistry

    There are a lot of things that the Bend Family Dentistry does right, which is why we knew we needed to include it on this month’s list. First, the website understands the power of social proof, making the first headline any visitor sees read, “#1 Rated Dentists on Google”. Local businesses especially need great ratings in order to compete. And, when you have them, you definitely want people to know right away that, yes, you really are the best. Beneath this headline, the website for Bend Family Dentistry puts three vital pieces of information, knowing that these are typically the things visitors want to find first and as quickly as possible: Phone number, forms for new patients, and hours of operation. A few other things help this website perform in terms of SEO, including a short video, an integrated map, and links to social media platforms.

  4. Nutting Comprehensive Dentistry

    The first thing that grabs your eye on the website for Nutting Comprehensive Dentistry is its logo, which is featured prominently in the upper left hand corner of the homepage. Adding personality to the website, the logo also makes you smile, putting you at ease and giving you confidence to keep exploring. By keeping the menu condensed, the focus is given to the call-to-action button (“Make an Appointment”). Subtle animation and clean content boxes that separate one idea from the next, the website design does a great job and keeping visitors on the page without detracting from the website’s most important job: Getting visitors to schedule an appointment.

  5. Atlas Dental Specialists

    A popular dental office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the website design for Atlas Dental Specialists feels professional, and even a bit luxurious, thanks to the extra large architecturally-inspired header. Simple design details, like the font choice, add to the overall vibe of the website. But, what makes this dental website design really stand out is its testimonials section, which uses a photograph of one of its happiest clients along with the headline “We offer life-changing dental care” – rather than just the generic “Testimonials” headline so many service websites select. Filled with plenty of call-to-action buttons as you scroll down each page, this dental website design definitely gives you plenty of opportunities to say “yes” along your customer journey – and that’s exactly why it’s so effective.

  6. Village Dental

    Having three locations across the Raleigh area, Village Dental’s decision to make its homepage dedicated to choosing which location you’ll be visiting is smart for two reasons: First, it condenses the homepage so that visitors don’t have too much to think about initially. And, second, it encourages visitors to click almost instantly, which is the digital way of getting people to say “yes” (a key to closing a sale in the future). Once you choose your location, the Village Dental website design does something that so many dental websites choose not to: Feature its pricing prominently on the homepage. This move, which helps eliminate questions or fears for potential customers, also goes a long way to build trust. Another great feature? The website goes another step towards building trust by highlighting its most glowing Google reviews above the fold. And, just below the fold, you’ll find interactive videos as well.

  7. Habersham Dental

    By using clean colors usually associated with health and wellness, the blue and white theme on the website for Habersham Dental takes advantage of subconscious cues to instantly put its visitors at ease. A unique, bold font further engages your attention, while the scrolling images with large copy gives you information you’re looking for as a potential customer – and all without ever needing to scroll. Great headshots of each of its doctors builds trust and adds to the overall custom personality of the website, while social proof icons just below the pictures are sure to boost conversion rates.

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