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6 Best Tech and IT Websites of March 2020

The competition for tech and IT companies to stand out online is high and can feel stressful. But there are a lot of different ways that compelling web design can target specific aspects of your tech company’s everyday business, professional values, and origin story in order to make it feel unique for prospective customers.

Some of the best tech sites offer stylized presentations of their products and services that help showcase the culture of the company and not just what they do. They often structure information online based on how they think audiences will want to read it, and it varies between tech news sites that may want more varieties of visible content upfront to highly specific businesses that need thorough explanations of their specialties.

Top 6 Tech and IT Website Designs

  1. Ars Technica

    Ars Technica has a long history of being active online, and its constant news updates about the latest technological developments garners audiences from a wide variety of tech-related disciplines and hobbies. Their site offers a heavily-stylized grid view that helps them stand out from similarly-organized competitors, and their plethora of page categories are concisely managed and easily-viewed from the header bar’s bright green text on a black backdrop. Their forums section is particularly active and offers some great troubleshooting and perspectives on technology from professionals and experienced amateurs.

  2. Sony

    As a Japanese electronics and media business, Sony needs no introduction, but the effectiveness behind their site’s design can inspire anyone. Everything on the site focuses on the technologies they develop with a grid-style layout and even margins on all sides that lets designers visually resize the clickable images about emerging products and software updates based on their comparative importance for easy signals to readers. With such homepage prioritization of highly specific topics, it’s important that their header bar lets visitors navigate Sony’s more general service and product types, with distinct pages for every category of expertise for this very large company.

  3. Forbes Tech

    Forbes Tech, the technology branch of the global media company, offers the most generally tech-focused site on our list. They explore and report on where everyday experiences and technology products meet (or fail to), including both new and unprecedented cultural events, formal tech gatherings related to innovation and development, and opinion pieces on the greater political significance of the U.S.’s involvement in technology throughout the world. A few seconds scrolling down through their homepage of thumbnails shows their focus on concise but compelling snapshots of emerging tech trends to keep content easily loaded across desktop and mobile devices without losing the most important details.

  4. WpDataTables

    WpDataTables offers a minimalist approach via a mostly white color palette with scattered light green and blue hues to highlight calls to action and important text. Since their business offers a highly specific product, the homepage’s multi-line description is a great way to get visitors aware of what they’re about, and the cartoon illustrations throughout help model the character of their business as helpful, light, and designed for anyone instead of a more narrow audience. Their documentation page is especially informative about how their data tables fit into pre-existing WordPress sites.

  5. Iteo

    iteo’s design focuses on thematically depicting exactly what they do as a business: designing custom software solutions for a wide range of different businesses. The homepage displays a full-screen, playful graphic of an illustrated design being made, and the site’s overall palette of range and white gives plenty of room for eye-catching emphasis toward their calls to action. Their main nav menu bar is easy to access, and scrolling down offers fun loading animations of more thorough descriptions about their company values and what they do.

  6. Envato

    Envato’s site brings a clean look with a stark black backdrop and a white header above their enticing slogan. The homepage slider image brings a lot to the design as a whole since it shuffles through calls to action and images of their different services. Scrolling down, their “build projects with a community” section offers important clarifications about their different methods and markets toward helping clients fulfill their creative business needs. Their “learn” page is easily accessible from the header bar and provides everything from professional insights about creative needs to free guides on how to accomplish specific goals.

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