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6 Best Plumbing and HVAC Websites (October 2019)

If you own a website for plumbing or HVAC services, it’s important to be certain that your design choices help target specific audiences and clearly represent what you offer in a compelling way. That’s easy enough to articulate, but not every business is going to offer exactly the same services and each website should strive to stand out a bit to get customers’ attention so they can convert.

We’ve listed some of the best design examples…

…so you can keep informing visitors in the ways that best show your company’s voice and success:

  1. Tony La Martina Plumbing Company

    A family-oriented operation, Tony La Martina’s site presents visitors with a black and white video loop of its employees hard at work. Throughout the site, you get small animations that keep the local and family pride themes engaging and make the whole experience distinct and memorable. Their services page is especially easy to navigate in block form, and their clear calls to action and concise service descriptions make narrowing which services are best for their customers a breeze.

  2. KCP Plumbing

    KCP Plumbing puts a kitschy, colorful spin on a minimalist design structure. Customers immediately know that their business specializes in residential and commercial plumbing (and service and repair) via the up-front service buttons on their homepage. A family business, their header image shows their employees as friendly professionals with almost 20 years of experience running the show. They even have virtual tours of homes they’ve worked on, including before and after pictures to show how dedicated they are to their craft.

  3. Parker Home Services

    Parker Home Services takes a slightly more sophisticated approach: with a vertically-partitioned homepage banner, their calls to action stand out even among more playful visual elements like large icons to indicate service-types and a impossible-to-miss link for employment opportunities. They’ve got ongoing discounts that are well advertised under their homepage banner too, and seasonal descriptions for services available based on what part of the year it is. Generally, their site has a snappy feel to it, where visual elements are color coordinated and shapely and load very quickly.

  4. Teed Heating and Cooling

    Teed’s site makes the most use of visual contrast to get customers on-board. With a gray-scale image of a family of deer and carefully-placed bits of orange throughout, they want customers to initially associate their branding with the feel of a hunting lodge or park. This focus on nature goes in line with their “Heating,” “Cooling,” and “Air Quality” service descriptions just under the main image, and within a second or two visitors realize what kind of site they’ve actually arrived at. They could have stopped there, but their slogan, “TEED…guaranTEED,” playfully shows that how they’re down-to-earth in terms of communication and that they’re personable people. Their “About Us” section starts by describing how respectful their employees are when working for you, and that’s a great way to anticipate one of the biggest areas of direct customer interaction this kind of business has.

  5. Flynn Heating

    Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Flynn Heating probably has the most powerful header image out of our list. Within that image, we know all the general services they offer through direct calls to action, and that they put families first. Just below, a description of their business corroborates this, citing their strong track record of building strong relationships with families in the area. Additionally, each type of employee has a section for describing their position’s specific professional creed, a sort of mission statement toward the attentiveness they put into their work. Interestingly, they also put an emphasis on describing what they don’t do and why, namely giving ballpark estimates, which further establishes just how in touch they are with their own industry and customer needs.

  6. Preferred Home Services

    This Charleston, South Carolina, company has a productive mix of small animations and graphic elements with to-the-point, clear descriptions of their work. With thirty years of success under their belt, their website’s highly professional look matches their confidence and strong track record. They’ve even got their own YouTube series of at-home tips and tricks for common heating and cooling troubles. More than other sites listed here, their 24/7 availability is highly visible on both the homepage and header bar. Uniquely, their chat-bot is dedicated to sending you quick texts about scheduling details and reminding you about upcoming service appointments.

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