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6 Best Gym and Fitness Websites of February 2020

Making a fitness or gym website with compelling design and great functionality will add a lot of integrity to your business’s online presence, but not every fitness website achieves integrity and a strong audience in exactly the same way. While our list today mostly looks at the similarities between how such companies reach their customers online, their differences play a big part in why people remember them in the first place.

From plentiful customer testimonials to unique fitness expertise to powerful messaging…

the following sites provide some of the best examples for making a fitness business successful online today

  1. Phive

    The Phive website starts strong with a small animation of their bold, full-screen logo fading out to their homepage’s central video slider. Transitions between sections of the site are like this too, using concise graphical elements to add a punchy interactiveness that keeps visitors engaged. Phive social media links and parallax effect are particularly effective, and their activities scheduler is intuitive and comes with an easy call to action for joining their mailing list and even signing up for a membership.

  2. The Fit Mother

    The Fit Mother’s design is pretty perfect for its audience. A fitness company devoted to helping mothers of young children stay fit and healthy, their homepage quickly clarifies that their methods don’t endorse fad diets or unattainable bikini-bod ideals, instead focusing on the techniques that most help keep mothers mindful and active in the ways that help them meet their own specific fitness goals. Their site uses warm orange and white hues to seem approachable, and the homepage’s full screen video loop adds some nice context for and examples of the popular exercises from the lessons on their menu.

  3. Reshape

    Reshape’s site stands out via their bold black and white palette with gold trim that imparts a sense of luxury and seriousness to their business. The homepage image slider and clear CTAs are well-placed near the center of the screen, and their off-center menu helps visitors easily navigate their different service options. Scheduling fitness class appointments is a breeze via their scheduling menu, and their blog and fitness gallery are regularly updated with inspiring and informative information about general techniques and their individual members’ progress.

  4. Fit Radio

    Fit Radio has a very stylized site that emphasizes an aspect of its brand: attention to music’s effect toward obtaining fitness and health goals. Their elegant black and yellow palette and homepage video loop of musically-charged members working their butts shows how active and committed the community is without much distracting text. The carousel image display helps keep visitors focused on the visual appeal and athletic look of the people depicted, and their helpful list of coaches does great work narrowing down the different learning areas that new members are likely looking for. Their testimonials section is no joke either, with each given plenty of space on a slider for easy scrolling.

  5. Inspired

    Inspired Fitness’s website uses playful graphics and pop-out animations that give the company a fun vibe. The homepage makes sure visitors are aware that they don’t just focus on how their members want to look, rather offering holistic services in proper nutrition, endurance and strength training, and generally ensuring that members feel as good as they want to appear on the beach. The site’s scrolling animation is particularly noteworthy, blending fixed-position images with fade-out effects and overlapping sign-up fields for joining their mailing list or signing up for a full membership.

  6. Fitness Body Star

    Fitness Body Star’s site is more minimalist than some on this list, but it’s excellent at appealing to the goals its audience is striving for. Their central image of a very muscular woman and intense workout descriptions set the scene for exactly what they offer: high quality workouts with real results that really challenge their members. The site’s generally asymmetrical layout gives a unique sense of balance to the visual elements spread throughout and lets each image placed near the left and right margins take up more visual real estate. Their stick button just under the homepage slider is a great CTA and comes with social media links and links to relevant sub-pages.

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