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6 Best Fitness Websites (October 2019)

The fitness industry continues to boom, and that means more people are looking online for fitness services more than ever. Making sure that your fitness website stands out and appeals to the right audience isn’t a one-trick pony, and our list below describes what makes some of the best fitness services also the most appealing on the web. These sites aren’t just for hardcore gym rats or only casual enthusiasts, rather they’re part of a wide net of fitness services to show what’s constant or distinct in design choices between different businesses in similar industries.

Top 6 Fitness Websites

  1. Cyklus Vancouver

    A spinning-focused gym, Cyklus doesn’t get too elaborate with their site’s color palette or formatting because they don’t need to. To draw your eye, their header logo increases in size when scrolling back to the top, and each banner image is accompanied with calls to action you can’t miss. For fun competition, you can view the status of their leader-board or book your class right away from the homepage. They also show very clear pricing information, which isn’t all that common for gyms, and snappy fitness instructor bios that give you a good sense of what to expect during classes.

  2. Perfect Fit Training Solutions

    Native Austrialian, Bec Swanson, started her personal training service knowing she’d need to establish more personal connections to stand out with prospective clients. In terms of web design, she accomplishes this right on her homepage with high resolution photos of herself in diverse athletic positions and with thorough description that she has a history of educating her clients 1-on-1 about long-term fitness techniques and lasting results. Because she offers training for people at home, her “Online Training” description is especially important to help the nuances of her service, like its remote availability, stay accessible right away.

  3. Move-sf

    Based in San Francisco, Move-sf is right downtown and has a smaller gym size than many, but with benefits to make it worth the membership. A boutique fitness service, each trainer at Move-sf is independent and sets their own rates, but group class prices are highly visible with a call to action for registration just below. Their site has a unique “daily drop-in” coupon feature that offers daily deals at specific times for people looking to see if it’s a good fit. Their personal trainer specialty includes sports-specific experts, like tennis and lacrosse coaches for extra conditioning.

  4. Point Gym

    This one’s coaching facility that specializes in strength and agility training with natural movements. Their site sets their service apart (and earns their name) initially with the widescreen image of a leisurely couple climbing a mountain range and pausing, as if to point and look at something. This signals to visitors that they think they’re offering something noticeably specific, which is true: Point Gym doesn’t offer long cardio or weights-only training sessions. Their images of smiling-but-tired members and trainers shows a low-stakes but focused environment where anyone can feel fit and get stronger without sizing themselves up in the mirror. They also offer at-home comprehensive fitness guides right on the site!

  5. PDX Strength

    The first moment on the PDX homepage sets visitors up to feel immersed in their fitness culture. A high resolution video loop of members and staff working hard sets up high expectations of dedication and goal-oriented thinking, which is a great way to help specify their audience. They have a hard-to-miss daily workout schedule for classes and a constantly updating social media feed which builds rapport with members. Their monthly PDX news feed also sets the tone that this is a community that keeps tabs on each other’s progress and needs. With workshops dedicated to strength training at all levels and a blog series focused on PDX involvement with local groups and institutions, it’s hard not to see how supportive this serious community is.

  6. Sweat Garage

    Sweat Garage, a high intensity interval training gym (HIIT) has a homepage image of its staff that you could mistake for a famous rock band. While each member sports a smoldering sense of confidence, this is actually great to define the style of their workout. While intense, they want you to feel good about how you look and exercise, and with concise descriptions of their community philosophy through testimonials and concise descriptions of their workout plans, they never come off as pushy more than inspiring. Their trainer bios hint at playfulness within seriousness too, including their favorite cheat meals and type of exercise.

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