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6 Best College and University Websites of March 2020

The sheer amount of different types of information on a university or college website can be daunting for visitors and web designers alike. From admissions to sports to academics to financial aid, proper organization of all relevant details is crucial for capturing the interests of prospective students and parents.

In higher education, the most simultaneously persuasive and informative websites speak to their individual values as a school, inform on what students this semester are accomplishing for their own education or for local communities, and organize all their information in concise, often punchy calls to action that direct visitors to more thorough descriptions on separate pages.

They hold a standard for success online that meets the interests of visitors and families, and not just current students.

Top 6 College and University Website Designs

  1. Princeton University

    The website for Princeton University brings a graceful palette of orange and black with plenty of white space between icons and calls-to-action for a clean look. Their header bar’s navigation menu is easily navigable for new visitors, and the structural consistency between their site pages add up to a sense of professionalism and an eye for detail. One of the best parts of their more minimalist approach is how efficiently it loads between mobile and desktop devices, and their homepage’s large banner shows off the latest in scholastic news from their students.

  2. Deakin University

    Based in Australia, Deakin University uses a traditionally-enthusiastic design with a homepage slider showing off beautiful images of their excited graduates and cutting-edge classroom technology (this time, a new lab for STEM majors). The school’s “Explore The University” sub-page is a big help to prospective students, presenting a comprehensive image gallery of students actively on campus, the most attractive areas for students in the region, and distinct filters users can separate aspects of the school with for quick comparisons. Their student-run paper, the Australian, has a dedicated section that helps keep visitors informed of more classically academic accomplishments within the student body without distracting from the appearance of the important images and copy-writing on other parts of on the homepage.

  3. Loyola University Maryland

    A minimalist style with excellent clarity is at the center of Loyola University’s design. Via the compelling “Ready To Make A Difference” slogan atop the homepage background image, their first call to action is impossible to miss and offers immediate information on how to apply. Scrolling down takes visitors to important and well-formatted information about recent graduates and general campus achievements, student testimonials, the university’s categories for all academics, and visitor information for students and families planning a campus tour. Condensing all the info above helps the university get the word out about who they are: a community-driven university with a highly selective student body. This audience-targeting approach is fundamental for an institution like Loyola that is almost entirely composed of undergraduates.

  4. The University of Nevada, Reno

    The design for the University of Nevada in Reno, NV, has some of the best navigation pages on our list. They encompass the entirety of their education services in a concise menu, including admissions information, details on academic courses, and a general history that describes why the schools values are what they are. Each page offers a compelling balance of images and text, and the best way to get a holistic picture of the school’s origin and current endeavors. With classically grayscale imagery of older campus buildings, they create a sense of legacy that many higher education institutions strive to instill in their students.

  5. Northwestern University

    Located in Evanston, IL, Northwestern University’s site installs a sense of tradition and elegance right off the bat with their formal dark purple and white color palette. Without much fancifulness, the homepage directs readers to two areas: the large header bar and the scrolling image slider with plenty of calls to action relating to the content of each picture. The best part is their extremely easy navigation menu, which pops down instantly after moving the cursor across the header bar to reveal more discreet and specific categories related to applying, searching for classes, when the next big sporting event is taking place, and more.

  6. Southern New Hampshire University

    SNHU’s homepage immediately shows a celebrating graduate via the scrolling image slider and offers a thorough overview of the types of students experiences that most-positively reflect life at the university just below it. Moving down, student testimonials come up with faces of the authors for a personalizing effect next to concisely-packed social media links to catch up on recent events on campus. Most impressively, clear calls to action line the bottom of their large header bar in bright colors that make it hard to miss any crucial info about applying or visiting.

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