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6 Best Cafe Websites of February 2020

A great coffee website doesn’t necessarily require the most advanced coding or design techniques to stay memorable. Coffee is a pretty personal, intimate thing with a lot of taste variation, and the businesses that are most successful online know how to appeal to the specific submarkets within greater coffee culture to stand out.

Whether your particular coffee business is devoted to fair trade, coffee production equipment, providing efficient and minimalist espresso options, or offering highly curated drinks designed for your sweet tooth, every site on this list uses beautiful imagery and persuasive messaging to get across their individual values, brand personalities, and specific services.

Top 6 Cafe Websites

  1. Caravan

    It would be tempting to call Caravan’s website minimalist and leave it at that, but there’s so much good visual and informational efficiency in the design that it’s actually easier to stick to the specifics. Their one-page layout lets mobile and desktop devices alike load all the content easily, and their high-res photos of the cafe space are chocked full of espresso and coffee-making tools to give visitors an immersive online experience. The header bar is a simple but very effective touchstone that stays at the top of the site as you scroll so you don’t have to go all the way back up when switching sections.

  2. Coffee Cava

    Coffee Cava’s approach takes a little more horsepower to load than most sites on our list, but it really pays off due to their highly creative design. Their homepage’s loading screen offers a simple-animated coffee icon for a few seconds before a full-screen image of their physical coffee bar pops into view. Instead of scrolling up or down, moving the mouse actually zooms into the homepage image while a playful animated menu loads to inform readers of each part of their coffee-making process. Each branch of the business is given individual space to better decide which spots are right for you, and their products page is easily-accessible from the nav menu.

  3. Soyuz Coffee

    A strong cafe website doesn’t need to be fanciful or complex to be successful. While some approaches are amazing from a technical point of view, one of the most memorable parts about Soyuz’s website is that it persuasively masters a minimalist idea. By incorporating plenty of white space, as opposed to putting too much information in a cramped layout, the site stays focused and looks highly professional. From the particular logo font to their select collection of just a handful of photos, the homepage makes visitors curious, and without giving all their information in an immediate way. Soyuz’s website appeals to audiences with a gentle format, providing only the most relevant information on each page, which describes just the right amount relaxation that people want when sipping a warm cup of joe.

  4. VH Coffee Services

    VH Coffee Services offers one of the most artistically-poised designs we’ve seen for a coffee shop. Their homepage uses geometric lines with sharp edges and high-contrast photos of business executives enjoying a moment of peace with a comforting latte. With innovation in mind, VH’s approach appeals to customers buying larger quantities of coffee products, like businesses catering for their employees and clients, and the site’s elegant branding supports the idea that they’re a higher class service. Their large menu in particular helps new visitors navigate their product options in an easy-going fashion.

  5. Coffee Address

    Coffee Address sells their beans and coffee-making products to coffee shops, individuals, and offers their repair and suggestion services to anyone interested. Their site’s ambient style puts plenty of white space between beautiful closeup images of coffee in different stages of preparation. Every product is presented with a sense of grandness that’s easily shown-off by the homepage image slider for quick click-throughs. Their off-center menu offers a great way for visitors to explore the site without taking up the whole screen, yet still providing specific topics that are more thoroughly described on each page. Their vending machines in particular offer that unique professional service that almost no other coffee shop would be able to match.

  6. Little Skips

    Beyond their great name, Little Skips provides an inspiring grid layout for their homepage that shows off their products and staff in evenly-spaced, concise galleries that make each image seem equally important and a part of a unified brand. The branding is one of their biggest strengths, and they diversify their product selections with custom Little Skips apparel and individual coffee products for dedicated fans. From the header bar, their main nav menu comes out of the left side of the screen so their scroll layout takes up more space, yet still allows for more complex page options when visitors are ready to transition between pages.

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