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5 Free Stock Photo Sites

In today’s society, we love good and beautiful images. They speak more than the words on our site many times. Unfortunately, we can’t just grab images off of Google and put them on our sites. (You can learn why here.)

For those of us that are not exceptional photographers or don’t want to hire a professional, there are many great stock photo sites that offer free images!

Here are 5 Free Stock Photo Sites

  1. Pixabay

    You can create a free account with Pixabay and have access to copyright free images, vectors and more.

  2. Pexels

    Pexels has some excellent photos you can use for personal and commercial use without giving attribute to the photographer.

  3. PikWizard

    Sometimes it can be difficult to find free stock photos of people. PikWizard is a great site with a wide selection of people photos!

  4. Everypixel

    Everypixel will search images across many free and paid stock photo sites. You can narrow your search down to just show image results for the free photos.

  5. PicJumbo

    PicJumbo has good photos by many photographers for free. If you want access to even more, you can upgrade from a free account to a premium account.

Don’t fret about not having great photos for your site. Choose one of the sites from above and you will find some great images that show what your website is about.

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