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40 Leading Remodeling Service Websites for 2020

Competition for remodeling business is fierce, and it makes sense. Remodeling has become increasingly popular lately as more and more people look to update their homes to add comfort and convenience. This means that remodeling businesses have to up their game and produce great, high-quality websites that will attract clients. Here are some that do this well.

The 40 Best Remodeling Service Websites for 2020

  1. RL Remodeling

    RL Remodeling uses an exceptionally sharp picture of a gorgeous, modern kitchen. Words smoothly scroll over the image, and a centered button allows you to click for a free consultation. The website also has loads of content available from the menu bar, including a blog and testimonials.

  2. Gallery Kitchen & Bath

    Gallery Kitchen & Bath also has a great photo: a sleek white kitchen with New York City apartment buildings visible through the windows. A prominently displayed button allows users to easily contact the shop. The menu bar features additional images as well as links that become available when you mouse over it.

  3. Green Design Builders

    Green Design Builders makes it as clear as possible with big, bold text: They do large-scale residential and remodeling projects and do so in an environmentally friendly way. They have a slim menu that retracts on the left side and a clear, crisp color scheme, mostly white with accents of forest and grass green.

  4. Dipt

    Dipt has a nice website that greets you with an eye-catching homepage that features several pictures and a short video describing their process. They discuss their services, which include “full-service support” for any renovation. A nice feature is the large “Start My Project” button that links to a brief quiz that allows them to match you with the best contractors for the job in your area.

  5. Made

    Made is as clear as can be: They do bathroom renovations. Their homepage is long and deep, and the content loads gracefully on the page as you scroll down. It also goes step-by-step through their renovation process, which includes getting an estimate, meeting your consultant, and planning your renovation.

  6. Service Doctor

    Service Doctor takes a different approach on their website. Instead of using text and links, they have pictures in a grid-like format that allows you to see their work. Clicking on any of the buttons below these images gives examples of the work they can do, complete with more pictures.

  7. Unique Design Construction

    Unique Design Construction lives up to its name by having uncommon images on their website. Instead of showing the finished project, they show pictures of their construction projects as they are being built. You can easily navigate this website, and two large buttons—one for commercial and one for residential—allow you to see more without scrolling.

  8. Hofmann Design Build

    As the name implies, Hofmann Design Build has a website that goes out of its way to highlight the fact that this company is a full-service firm. They offer all facets of a construction and remodeling project, and their website shows off this expertise.

  9. mFive Chicago

    mFive Chicago shows off their firm’s abilities by providing big buttons that allow you to view videos or read about their successes. A “View Our Work” button above the fold makes it easy for you to see projects that they have completed.

  10. SouthLand Remodeling

    SouthLand Remodeling presents a multilayered website, allowing a picture to appear behind the text while you scroll down and read about the company. The homepage offers a video showing multiple projects, with a button to click for those who want to see more. A drop-down menu gives easy access to other pages.

  11. Scorpion Contracting

    Scorpion Contracting offers a sleek site. Graphics slide in and out of the homepage, and a minimalistic menu bar makes it easy for viewers to find what they are looking for without detracting from the appealing visuals. This limited selection keeps the focus on the services the company offers.

  12. Orange Team Builders

    Orange Team Builders is all West Coast, and it shows. The website is bright and sunny, and the photos it displays highlight the company’s California roots. Like any good remodeling site, it has an extensive picture gallery that shows off the company’s impressive work.

  13. Right Away Construction

    Right Away Construction offers an array of services, and they are nicely highlighted on the homepage. The company’s website is cleverly interconnected as you can click on one page and easily navigate over to the next one thanks to the convenient buttons that appear at the bottom of almost every page.

  14. Champion Remodeling

    Champion Remodeling goes for a much longer menu than most sites on this list use, and it works well. They also have separate pages for their different services, allowing you to easily navigate to what you are looking for.

  15. Pearl Remodeling

    Pearl Remodeling has an attractive, modern homepage, complete with a semi-layered background and easy-to-navigate grid patterns. A quick video discusses the “Pearl Analysis,” in which the company will analyze your property and make suggestions about what to remodel.

  16. OnPoint Woodwork & Remodeling

    OnPoint Woodwork & Remodeling greets viewers with a fantastic full-page picture of an artfully remodeled kitchen and then keeps them engaged with more photos and sleekly scrolling text. The overall effect is very attention-grabbing.

  17. LA Home Contractor

    LA Home Contractor provides two videos on its homepage. One presents an overview of its services via images set to music while the other features a narrator showing off a big residential project in progress. They also offer a 3D Visualizer that lets you envision your remodeled kitchen, bathroom, flooring, or countertops.

  18. NY Remodel Services

    NY Remodel Services offers extensive remodeling anywhere in New York City. An easy-to-scan menu bar links to information about multiple services as well as a portfolio, a page about their process, and a blog. They also highlight their awards, reviews, and memberships in industry organizations. This is a great way to establish credibility.

  19. Houston Remodeling Contractors

    Houston Remodeling Contractors lights up their website with lots of yellow to enliven the traditional black text on a white background. It’s a unique look, and it works well. A block of photos on the homepage provides links to learn more about their range of services.

  20. Concept Renovations

    Concept Renovations has a nice carousel of pictures that gives a broad look at the kind of work this company does. You can also click on a “View Projects” button to get a good view of all their types of work.

  21. Pankow Construction

    Pankow Construction does something nontraditional with their website: They take the buttons that are normally hidden in a menu and display them front and center on the homepage. This enables you to easily navigate from one section of their website to another and get more information about their work on bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

  22. Trig Builders

    Trig Builders uses their homepage not only to highlight their work but also to show off their values and what to expect if you hire them. This is a nice way of differentiating Trig from the competition. They also distinguish themselves by leading the page with an illustration instead of the usual photo.

  23. A to Z Renovations

    A to Z Renovations uses gently changing moving pictures to capture visitors’ attention when they arrive at the homepage. Scrolling down reveals a slideshow depicting the company’s services, photos of recent projects, an easy-to-understand diagram explaining their process, and information about their video estimates.

  24. Vista Construction & Remodeling

    Vista Construction & Remodeling has one of the nicest homepages on this list. It features a video that shows off the extensive work that the company has completed, replete with gorgeous homes and wide-open gates. This creates the impression of a highly up to date firm that can do great work for you.

  25. Goldenline Remodeling

    Goldenline Remodeling greets visitors to their homepage with a helpful widget: a “Free Quick Quote” form that allows you to get a rough idea of how expensive your project will be. The rest of the website is sharply designed with an attractive black-and-gold color scheme.

  26. Armando Gonzalez Remodeling

    Armando Gonzalez Remodeling introduces their company by leading the homepage with a full-screen photo of a beautiful family sitting on the steps of their home. When you scroll down, you see smaller pictures with descriptions of different services, along with links to companies that provide financing.

  27. Janik Roskovani

    When you arrive at the Janik Roskovani website, a video takes you through a stunningly remodeled house as the motto, “Build your dream,” remains on the screen. The homepage is long and replete with a wide variety of information. This includes extensive pictures of the work they have done.

  28. Elite Tech Renovations

    Elite Tech Renovations uses a multilayered approach on their website, and it works nicely. They also have a “Talk to an Expert” button that you can see when the homepage first loads. Clicking on it takes you to a contact page. This is a smart way of encouraging prospective clients to reach out to the company.

  29. Mastco Construction

    Mastco Construction has an exceptionally sharp website. They use geometric designs on the homepage along with white text in a simple, clean font on a black background. All this allows visitors to read about their work, check out testimonials from happy customers, and learn more about the specific work that Mastco can do for them.

  30. Spazio LA

    Spazio LA is another company that uses a grid-like pattern on its homepage to show off the various types of work they do for their clients. Like many, they devote a portion of their website to testimonials. This allows users to gain confidence in the firm as they read reviews from real, happy customers about their expertise.

  31. Costa Building Company

    Costa Building Company uses multiple pictures and a layered design that make the content on their website pop. The tropical gold, green, and blue color scheme, using the hues of the logo, evokes the firm’s Florida’s location. A wide, can’t-miss banner offers a free estimate.

  32. Infiniti Contracting

    Infiniti Contracting uses their homepage to emphasize the interior work that they do. The color scheme featuring rich browns and tans calls to mind luxurious woodwork, flooring, and countertops. As you scroll down, you can view their portfolio, which appears as a colorful slideshow.

  33. United Elite Group

    United Elite Group uses bright colors against dazzling white to make their website pop. The top of the homepage is devoted to a stunning slideshow. They highlight reviews from satisfied customers toward the bottom, ensuring that visitors get a good idea of what their customers think about them and their work.

  34. Holtzman Home Improvement

    Holtzman Home Improvement has a thoughtfully formatted website that makes it easy for users to check out the work they do. One of their more interesting features is a “project tracker” that allows users to follow their renovations while they are in progress.

  35. Premium Remodeling

    Premium Remodeling offers big blocks of text and pictures that automatically reload as someone visits their website. You are never more than a click away from getting a free estimate from the company. Click another button, and you’ll be treated to a video with striking shots of interior remodels as well as beautiful and unusual pools.

  36. RepublicWest Remodeling

    RepublicWest Remodeling includes a very sharp picture of a modern pool along with gorgeous interiors in the slideshow that greets visitors to their homepage. Tabs to the right lead to more slideshows depicting various services the company offers. Lower on the page are customers’ home remodeling stories plus a customer’s bill of rights.

  37. NYKB Kitchen & Bath

    NYKB Kitchen & Bath presents two big and useful buttons when you arrive on their homepage. One allows you to get a free design consultation, and the other takes you to a well-designed one-minute video featuring a spokeswoman giving a fact-filled introduction to the company plus attractive shots of its showroom.

  38. A & E Brothers NY

    A & E Brothers NY has an eye-catching homepage with buttons to click to learn about their residential, commercial, and custom remodeling options as well as financing options. They present testimonials as a pair of videos in which happy customers describe a complete home transformation and a full home renovation.

  39. Houston Home Revival

    Houston Home Revival shows off their work by studding their homepage with smoothly loading text and an appealing slideshow with visuals ranging from a bathroom remodel to a face-lift for a historic home. This content gives you a great idea of the diverse projects they can complete for you.

  40. Oran Remodeling

    Oran Remodeling has content you would expect on home renovation websites, and then some. Much of the homepage is devoted to 10 video testimonials, and there’s an informative “Why Choose Us?” section as well as a video of an extreme makeover. They also offer a blog that they update periodically.

These websites take the impressive work that the companies have done on many renovation projects and put them into sharp and easily viewable formats. They are absolutely worth visiting and replicating if you are looking to build your own website.

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