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40 Best Farming & Agricultural Websites of 2020

It goes without saying that the look and feel of a website can largely influence a customers view of a business’s professionalism, authenticity, and trustworthiness. Yes, this is even the case for farming and agricultural-related websites — especially when it’s direct-to-consumer or business-to-business.

Here are 40 of the best farming and agricultural websites.

  1. Floret Flowers

    Floret Flowers is a standout website. Its design is minimalist. They manage to organize all the information users may need in a clear manner. From latest arrivals to current discounts, the visitor is informed. The vibrant colors in the photographs give the minimalist design life in the same way that flowers do.

  2. Monte Vista Farming

    Monte Vista Farming in Denair, California, is an innovative almond company. The website aims to make the process of hulling and processing almonds more interesting to visitors with a video. Users can easily shop the store online, too.

  3. Black Pearl Farms

    Black Pearl Farms is a seller of organic blueberries in Branchville, South Carolina. Information about the farm is easily found on the on the navigation bar at the top of the homepage along with links to its social media accounts. The history of the farm as well as its culture is discussed on the homepage with beautiful bright backgrounds.

  4. Peterson Farms

    Peterson Farms in Shelby, Michigan, uses photographs to convey its brand message. It is obvious that this farm grows more than one product and cares about food safety and children’s education. The site is well-organized with a cohesive design. It also has one of its social media accounts embedded.

  5. Wildwood Christmas Tree Farm

    Wildwood Christmas Tree Farm in Woodbury, Tennessee, has a well-organized website that neatly outlines all the features of the farm. All the vital information about visiting the farm can be found at the top of the homepage. Scroll down and you will find the farm’s hours, map of the location and types of trees sold. No space is wasted.

  6. Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

    Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in High Falls, New York, is a customized website that fits the brand. At the top, there are three calls to action that are not intrusive nor overwhelming thanks to the site’s overall design. The font, color scheme and photographs make this a welcoming online space. The links to other webpages are well-organized and inviting.

  7. Blue Harvest Farms

    Blue Harvest Farms is a blueberry farm in Covington, Louisiana. Their website keeps it simple. The site only has two pages, the home and recipe page. The farm’s business model changed in 2020, so they use the homepage to make that announcement. The background is a photograph, and the text contrasts well against it. The highlight of this site is the call to action. Their subscription program is already full, but visitors can still join the waitlist.

  8. Tanaka Farms

    Tanaka Farms is a strawberry farm in Riverside, California. They use their website to sell their brand as an experience instead of as a product. The homepage consists of several announcements, purchase instructions and simple buttons with a call to action. Beautiful pictures are utilized to encourage the visitor to click to find more information about their farm and products.

  9. Cider Hill Farm

    The Cider Hill Farm website is clean and simple. Simultaneously, they give visitors plenty of opportunities to engage with the brand. Links to their social media profiles, address and shopping cart icon are located at the top of the homepage. The navigation bar is a list of all the things the user can do on the site. Videos and photographs round out the user experience.

  10. Musk Ox Farm

    Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska, has a clean and simple website design. It includes consistent branding through video and pictures on the homepage. From that same page, users can book a tour and chat with customer service, so there are several direct and clear calls to action.

  11. Aldermere Farm

    Aldermere Farm in Rockport, Maine, has a website design consistent with its brand. The photographs express joy and show the experiences you can have on the farm. The navigation bar is located at the top of the homepage. There is also a direct call to action that is noticeable.

  12. Hood River Lavender Farm

    Hood River Lavender Farm in Oregon includes consistent branding. People use lavender for calming purposes, and that is the mood the site creates. Off the bat, a visitor sees what products are sold as well as bestsellers and prices. Pictures and video complete the experience.

  13. Kiyokawa Orchards

    Kiyokawa Orchards in Parkdale, Oregon, uses storytelling and photographs to convey their message and branding. Important information is displayed at the top. The clear and concise navigation bar allows visitors to reach the correct page.

  14. Covey Rise Farms

    Covey Rise Farms in Radnor, Ohio, exudes rural, small family farm. They tell the history of the farm, and users can easily create an account, log in and shop. The photographs allow visitors to gain confidence in the products they purchase.

  15. Bose Family Farm

    Bose Family Farm in Albany, Oregon, exudes family farm. There are several pictures posted on the site that do not slow the load time. It has a customized feel that is consistent with its branding. They have a section discussing the history of the farm. The things visitors can do at the farm are broken up into concise paragraphs with headings.

  16. Holmes Brothers Farm

    Holmes Brothers Farm in Leicester, North Carolina, has a website that is broken up into blocks. By scrolling down on the homepage, you can see important information about the farm. Photographs break up the sections so visitors can get an idea of what the farm is like.

  17. McCauley Family Farm

    The McCauley Family Farm website has an elegant touch thanks to the font. The photographs transport the user to the location. Other site features include links to their social media profiles, a map and an online store.

  18. Benziger Family Winery

    The Benziger Family Winery has a website that ensures visitors are old enough to visit the site since its products include adult beverages. If you are over the legal drinking limit age, you can then peruse the beautiful Sonoma pictures, wines and wine clubs.

  19. 3 Squares Produce

    3 Squares Produce has a fun, neutral color scheme website that promotes its location and products without a lot of bells and whistles. Although it is a little more humble than other sites, the photographs and the text deliver the ambiance and information that is consistent with its branding.

  20. Abbe Hills Farm

    Abbe Hills Farm in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, has a website with a direct and clear call to action. The design is simple. As the visitor scrolls down, they will find the history of the farm, the location and fun photographs.

  21. Charlestown Farm

    Charlestown Farm in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, has a minimalist website. There is a direct and clear call to action followed by the story of the farm. Photographs complement the text, and an online chat is available. They also have a community-supported agriculture program, which offers plenty of benefits.

  22. Crisp Country Acres

    Crisp Country Acres in Holland, Michigan, designed a website that is consistent with its logo from the color scheme to the font. It tells visitors the benefits of its CSA program immediately without being pushy, followed by two call to actions. As you scroll down, more information is offered in an organized manner.

  23. Gravel Road Farm

    Gravel Road Farm in Waupaca, Wisconsin, is a small farm that sells small-scale vegetables, cut flowers and grass-fed sheep. Its website, especially its pictures, font and color scheme, is consistent with the company culture and brand.

  24. Green Door Gourmet

    Green Door Gourmet in Nashville, Tennessee, offers several programs, including agritourism, an on-farm market and a field-to-table experience. All these programs are outlined on their website. The site is elegant in its design, and it has a beautiful font and photographs.

  25. Harvest Valley Farms

    Harvest Valley Farms in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, focuses on a farm-to-table experience. Their website outlines their services through a minimalist design that is complemented with photographs and text. There is a call to action once the user scrolls down. The branding is consistent across the board.

  26. North Star Orchard

    North Star Orchard brands itself as an adventure in flavor. Its website matches that theme. From the unique design to the complementary photographs and color scheme, everything fits together well.

  27. Orchard Country Produce

    Orchard Country Produce in Gardners, Pennsylvania, has a website that is simple in design and consistent with its brand. They promise that their products are always farm-fresh. This promise is reflected in the color scheme.

  28. Sunset Harvest Farm

    Sunset Harvest Farm in Belleville, Michigan, is a family operation, which is reflected in its website. The services provided are clearly listed in the navigation bar, and the backdrop is a photograph of the family’s hand on the soil. You can easily contact them because the email is listed prominently below the farm’s name.

  29. Three Hearts Farm

    Three Hearts Farm in Bozeman, Montana, grows and sells organic produce. The website has an organic feel, too. The header features a series of photographs under the navigation bar. The design is minimalist while the text is informative.

  30. Urban Roots Farm

    Urban Roots Farm has a simple website that promotes its community-supported agriculture program. Storytelling is used to outline the farm’s history while facts about the CSA are readily available, too.

  31. Walnut Creek Farm

    Walnut Creek Farm in Alvarado, Texas, has a fun website. When a visitor lands on the site, an offer for free shipping pops up. You are also made aware that online ordering is available. CSA box prices are displayed, and playful photographs break up the text.

  32. Wild Carrot Farm

    Wild Carrot Farm took a simplistic approach with their website. A navigation bar, text and photographs advertise their services.

  33. Yellow Springs Farm

    Yellow Springs Farm in Pennsylvania is always in season. This is reflected in the design and color scheme of their website. The navigation bar guides the visitor while the side bar consists of links to its various social media profiles.

  34. Johnson Orchards

    Johnson Orchards in Yakima, Washington, placed the focus of its business on the header of its website. Relevant information about the orchard is listed below.

  35. Chileno Valley Ranch

    Chileno Valley Ranch in Petaluma has a website that is adorned with photographs and text. Each photograph is linked to a page of information.

  36. Deardorff Orchards

    Deardorff Orchards in Waconia, Minnesota, has put together a website that continues their branding. It is simple in design but ample in coordinated colors. The text and photographs are complementary.

  37. Sky Top Orchard

    Sky Top Orchard in Flat Rock has a website that is fun and unique. The navigation bar offers the visitor the information they need for a successful visit. Its branding is consistent, and there is also an FAQ section.

  38. Beak & Skiff

    Beak & Skiff in Marietta includes a website made up of bold colors. It highlights its history on the homepage, and there is also a well-organized navigation bar.

  39. R.D. Offutt Company

    R.D. Offutt Company manages over 190,000 farm acres in Fargo, North Dakota, focused on potatoes. The most important information is available on the main page. The visitor is taken on a journey that starts with the company’s founding through text and pictures. After a short introduction, the visitor can click on a simple button for more information.

  40. Simplot

    The Simplot website was designed for the J.R. Simplot Company, which is one of the largest privately held food and agribusiness companies in the United States. Information is organized in a user-friendly manner. The navigation bar features all their departments without overwhelming the visitor. The logo is simple and prominently featured. The site displays beautiful and relevant pictures, too.

For the farming and agricultural sectors, online marketing can easily lead to more sales, brand awareness and increased market share. When designing your own website, take a look at these great sites to get an idea of what you should include.

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