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30 Architect Websites to Stand Out in 2020

Architecture firms need a digital presence that stands out in both style and substance. The best architect websites always include a gallery of previous work, and they often offer much more than that. The examples on our list feature everything from free webinars to themed introduction videos, but they have a few basic things in common. For starters, the color schemes aren’t too busy. Secondly, each website calls out to the firm’s ideal client in a unique way. Browse the full list below to see how each site brings out the firm’s personality while keeping the visitor’s attention.

30 Top Architect Websites in 2020

  1. Rodman Paul Architects

    Rodman Paul Architects has a friendly, bright website with lots of visual space to give readers ample room to browse and come to their own conclusions. The main slideshow is a great mix of urban designs, outdoor projects, and interior décor.

  2. Studio Talo

    Chicago architecture firm Studio Talo uses a fresh, urban look to draw in young prospects. Combining large text sections and high-definition project examples, this homepage is simple but effective, and so are the pages showing more of their work on residential and commercial spaces.

  3. Elements Architectural Group

    Elements Architectural Group is another Illinois-based firm that uses a combination of explanatory text and pictures of case studies to great effect on its homepage. Their slideshow features a variety of photo angles to give viewers a more panoramic view of the company’s work.

  4. King Residential Design

    Everything from the branding to the graphics on the King Residential Design website is designed to appeal to a specific, affluent customer. All the residences featured on the homepage are spacious and well-manicured, calling out to the target audience without excluding other prospects. It’s clear that as a client, you’ll be well taken care of if you hire this firm.

  5. ECHT Architects

    ECHT Architects is a stylish interior design firm that caters to wealthy homeowners in Florida, and the firm does a great job of establishing social proof from the second you hit the homepage. The bottom of the company description section, for example, has links to multiple awards and featured articles from various magazines. This site provides a great example of how to stand out in an area where the competition is fierce.

  6. OREON Design Group

    Most architecture firms make sure that the first thing you see when you hit their homepage is a large slideshow of previous projects, but OREON Design Group takes a different approach. Instead of overwhelming you with visuals, this company features a series of clickable text blocks that subtly beckon you to learn more about each of its services.

  7. C-Oliveira Design

    The best thing about the C-Oliveira Design website is its combination of professionalism and salesmanship. The entire site is designed to look like a cross between a high-quality business card and a world-class brochure. The buttons are masterfully woven into the background, and it’s incredibly easy for you to request a quote or book a free consultation.

  8. OKB

    The OKB website has an avant-garde feel, but the design still somehow manages to direct you through the sales funnel without making you feel pressured. OKB does a lot of different work for different types of clients, but the navigation bar does an amazing job of organizing the company’s varied case studies.

  9. Jeffrey DeMure + Associates

    Jeffrey DeMure + Associates hits its site visitors hard right off the bat with an amazing introductory video and a high-quality photo of the entire team. From there, the site starts segmenting traffic into various demographics through a combination of teaser paragraphs, links, and action prompts. All in all, this is a well-thought-out site.

  10. Wettling Architects

    As a residential architecture firm in trendsetting New York City, Wettling Architects needs to project a professional image without seeming too stodgy. The firm’s website achieves this objective by using a contrasting color scheme of gold against silver and gray with lots of white space to create visuals that project an overall feeling of prestige and class.

  11. 3rd Story

    The homepage for Arizona firm 3rd Story is a perfect example of how to advertise multiple services without confusing your visitors. It’s all too often that an architecture firm tries to squeeze everything but the kitchen sink into the top of a homepage, only to have visitors leave quickly, but 3rd Story gets it right by overlaying photos depicting each service with brief text that links to more information.

  12. NEO & Associates Architecture Design

    Although the homepage for NEO & Associates Architecture Design manages to pack in a total of five different links above the fold, the banner above its eye-catching slideshow makes all the information less overwhelming than it would be otherwise. It’s also not often that an architecture firm can work orange into a website’s color scheme effectively, but NEO does that, too.

  13. Jeremy Lew and Associates

    When you first visit the Jeremy Lew and Associates website, it might not be exactly clear what’s going on. The background takes a little getting used to, but it quickly becomes apparent that the site is easy to navigate once you find your bearings. As a nice touch, the button to request a consultation is featured front and center.

  14. Silas Lacey Designs

    Silas Lacey Designs may just have sleekest website on this entire list. The neutral color scheme with accents of violet creates a professional ambience. What’s more, all the background images have exactly the right level of transparency to complement, not distract, from the text.

  15. Riley Projects

    Riley Projects uses vast areas of white space and simple copywriting to give its site a friendly vibe and a casual feel. For prospects who have questions on the specifics of working with Riley, the site provides an excellent “Process” page that details the company’s multistep approach to delivering projects on time.

  16. DiBello Architects

    It’s clear that the owners of DiBello Architects put a lot of work into every aspect of their firm’s website. From the pop-up box that gives viewers the option to watch a video case study to the free design guide available for anybody to download, this is a joy for prospects to visit.

  17. Project M Plus

    The main thing to notice about the Project M Plus website is how clean and clear all of the pictures in their slideshows are. Both of these groups of photos not only give a sense of the company’s design capabilities, but they also let you visualize yourself walking through the scene.

  18. Lark Architecture

    Lark Architecture uses interactive bullets and drop-down menus better than any company on our list, and we’d be remiss not to mention how effective the minimalist color scheme is. If there’s one change that would make the site a bit more effective in converting traffic, it might be to move the menu of social media links from the bottom to the top.

  19. Morgante Wilson

    The slow zoom-out effect on the main slideshow on the Morgante Wilson homepage really keeps your attention, and the accented captions provide an effective call to action. The “Ask the Experts” section, where you can write in with your design problems and, if your case is selected, see professional advice posted on the site, is also pretty nifty.

  20. S3 Architecture

    Upscale architecture firm S3 Architecture doesn’t use much text until the bottom half of its homepage, but the photos in the image gallery speak volumes without verbal communication. With sustainability issues taking center stage for many property owners these days, S3 also gets two thumbs up for displaying plenty of eco-friendly certifications throughout the site.

  21. PHX Architecture

    PHX Architecture makes an outstanding first impression on website visitors by offering free downloads and a large collection of case studies to browse. The firm’s residential section, which features detailed descriptions of past projects, helps the company’s ideal clients feel comfortable that they’re in the right place.

  22. Landry Design Group

    The Landry Design Group website features a detailed news section with testimonials, media reports, and articles about the firm’s quality of work. It’s one thing for a company to claim its abilities are world-class, but Landry has an entire section devoted to letting you see for yourself.

  23. dSpace Studio

    Architecture websites are notorious for being difficult and confusing to navigate, but the dSpace Studio site effectively uses arrows and links to prevent you from getting lost. The social media links are cleverly placed right above the contact link on the main navigation bar, and each case study includes an authentic client testimonial.

  24. LEA Architects

    If your company has worked with large brands and Fortune 500 companies before, then the LEA Architects website provides a great example to follow. Toward the bottom of the homepage, a list of selected clients features Wells Fargo, Ritz-Carlton, Starbucks, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Some prospective clients might find it off-putting if LEA had put this list above the fold, so they wisely decided to show it only to visitors who show further interest by scrolling down.

  25. Dutton Architects

    Dutton Architects offers website visitors a ton of case studies and a lively news feed. John Dutton, the firm’s founder, comes across as personable and creative. If you’re running a small operation, then the Dutton Architects website can serve as a useful template.

  26. RJ Belanger

    San Diego architect RJ Belanger uses his site to offer prospects an inside look at the firm’s design process. From downloadable PDFs that feature advanced 3D renderings to photo arrays of various remodeling jobs, this site has all the information you could ask for, and then some.

  27. Amorphous Studio

    The use of multiple text columns on the Amorphous Studio homepage gives the entire site a spunky, zigzag feel that will appeal to hipsters and aspiring trendsetters alike. Every client in the testimonial section includes their full name, giving readers an extra bit of confidence that the endorsements are real.

  28. JB Architecture

    The way that JB Architecture used branding to build a single-page website is unique. The headline image features a huge version of the firm’s logo that creates a stamp-like effect, and the company’s name acts as a centerpiece of sorts as you scroll down toward the contact form.

  29. RD Design Team

    RD Design Team has an amazing introductory video with compelling music, a transparent testimonials section where you can see third-party reviews, and highly visible social media links. The typeset is clean, and the firm’s “About Us” page is so detailed that you feel like you know the owners before you sign up to book your initial appointment.

  30. Kurt Krueger Architects

    The most important thing that jumps out about the Kurt Krueger Architects website is that it’s the only one on this list to offer a free webinar to visitors. Photos and text establish their team as luxury architects, effectively appealing to their target market. The firm’s blog is quite detailed and contains lots of helpful design tips.

As you’ve seen, there’s more than one way to build a great architecture website. Above all, remember that simple but effective is better than complex and confusing. The 30 examples above should give you plenty of material to work with.

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