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Why We Prefer Google AdWords vs. FB Advertising

Many businesses wonder whether or not they should advertise on FaceBook or on Google AdWords. The truth is, both have their perks and advantages. Before you read any further, decide where your customers can be found. If you’re an eCommerce site that sells custom t-shirts, it’s likely that your customers aren’t using Google to find custom shirts. However, if you find that your customers often use Google to search for a product or service you offer, then this article is for you.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google AdWords Instead Of FB Advertising

  1. Walk A Thinner Line

    Google Advertising gives you the ability to choose exactly how much money to bid on a search term based on the person, the time of day, and the area in which their surfing. Unlike Facebook, Google gives you the ability to push and pull levers so that your bid is different for every segment of traffic. While using FB advertising, you can add an ad schedule, however the advertising platform only allows you to pay a set amount per impression rather than per person.

  2. Know Your CPA

    When you’re using Google AdWords correctly, you can get a further understanding of who is converting on your website. You can lineup your CPC’s (cost per clicks) to your conversions and get an exact idea of what your CPA’s (cost per acquisition) are at a specific time. It’s far more difficult to accomplish this on FaceBook, as FB does not offer time-specific targeting.

  3. The Intent Level

    When you’re advertising on Facebook, you enter into a battle trying to get a potential customer’s attention. You’re probably using several tactics to get a “pattern interrupt” and hopefully get a website visitor or two and who knows, maybe even a sale.

    However, when using Google AdWords, the customers are looking for you! Therefore, their intent level will be much higher, and as long as you’ve used some basic conversion marketing, you’ll get their business.

We hope this helped inspire some ideas for you! Of course, it is always worth mentioning that FreshySites offers premium Digital Marketing services to all of our clients. So if you’re interested, let us manage your advertising for you.

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