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25 Best Lawn Care Websites for 2020

Finding ways to advertise your lawn care or landscaping website can be challenging with all the competition. One of the ways to get an advantage over other companies is to put together a well-designed, functional website. Get inspiration from any of the following sites.

A List of the Top 25 Lawn Care Websites for 2020

  1. Natural Wonders

    Green is the perfect color design for the company Natural Wonders. The homepage image shows landscaping design partially completed, which is a clear indicator of what the company offers. Scrolling down, you’ll see the three team members as well as videos of the company’s projects.

  2. San Antonio Lawn Mowing

    The bright green and white colors are ideal for the San Antonio Lawn Mowing company. Once you scroll down past the main image, you’ll see the company’s main services, which include lawn mowing, landscaping, weed control, fertilizer, and aeration. The contact information at the top of the page is easy to see, and the site is clean, well-organized, and functional.

  3. Contreras Lawn and Landscape

    Contreras Lawn and Landscape has a slideshow of its services on the homepage. As you scroll down, you can see past projects the company has completed. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see the company’s accreditations, which show the company’s standing.

  4. Coy Land Techs

    A large photo of grass and a spade that moves down the homepage are nice visuals on the Coy Land Techs website. Further down the homepage, there are photos of past projects that show the diversity of the company’s skills. These projects include landscapes, hardscapes, maintenance, and tree care. The text is minimal, which is perfect for focusing on the beauty of the lawn work itself.

  5. Urban Roots Inc.

    Gorgeous landscape photos dot the website of Urban Roots Inc. To see more impressive photos of the company’s work, you can click on the Gallery further down the homepage. The homepage also lets you meet the key members of the team. Just the images alone suggest that you’ll get high-quality work.

  6. RLR Landscape & Tree Services

    RLR Landscape & Tree Services is unique in the services it offers. Besides general maintenance, the company offers irrigation and care for palm trees. These important services are depicted on the homepage in an organized way. Further down the homepage, you can take a look at the company’s portfolio.

  7. Welk’s Lawn Care

    Welk’s Lawn Care likes to show photos of its team members at work. Whether the staff is doing fertilization, weed control, or snow removal, Welk’s Lawn Care shows the hard work that goes into its services. At the top of the page, you’ll find both a phone number and an email address.

  8. Benders Lawn Care & Maintenance

    The large photo of grass dominates the website of Benders Lawn Care & Maintenance. Below the image is a portfolio of the company’s work. The sliding website is a nice approach as the “About” and “Contact Us” text moves when visitors scroll down. The dark gray background is also a different approach than the green colors used by most lawn care websites.

  9. Quality Green Gardening

    Quality Green Gardening shows a video on its homepage rather than photos. Once you scroll down the homepage, there are pops of color that underline the services that the company offers. The Google and Yelp reviews at the bottom of the homepage are worth looking at and can be a good way to bring in more customers.

  10. McEnery Lawn Care

    McEnery Lawn Care balances large photos with texts. The company also emphasizes landscaping with snow and ice removal services. The website photos are from past projects, which is a good way to sell the company’s skills. At the top of the homepage, you’ll see the company’s phone number and email address.

  11. The Simple Lawn Service

    The Simple Lawn Service emphasizes its amenities by alternating text and photos in a well-designed and clean website. At the bottom of the homepage, the website offers a “Get in Touch” form where visitors can communicate directly with the company.

  12. TLC Total Lawn Care LLC

    The TLC Total Lawn Care LLC page opts for simple and functional design. The most impressive part about the site is the company’s portfolio, which is a sliding gallery halfway down the homepage. Other interesting sections are the Articles and Blog portions where visitors can learn about lawn care services and landscaping.

  13. Texas Terrain Lawn Care

    There’s a good balance between photos and text on the Texas Terrain Lawn Care website. Toward the bottom of the homepage, visitors can also get a quote by inputting specific details about their needs. The “Get a Quote” tab can be found at the top and middle of the homepage, too.

  14. Crimson Landscape

    The Crimson Landscape site stands out because it combines an eye-catching red color with beautiful portfolio pictures. The gallery of portfolio photos is quite long, and these show the team’s experience and high-quality work. There are also videos halfway down the homepage for visitors to see more of what the company does.

  15. LawnStarter

    LawnStarter emphasizes a straightforward, functional approach to its website design. The pastel green and white colors combine for a soft look. Further down the homepage is a slideshow demonstrating the company’s projects. “Get an Instant Price” is highlighted in orange.

  16. Le Perv Landscape Inc.

    Le Perv Landscape Inc. scores big with the use of a stunning Spanish-style house and garden on its homepage. There is minimal text on the website, and a black-and-green color combination is used for the website design. The main text is devoted to reasons visitors should choose Le Perv Landscape Inc.

  17. BB Landscaping LLC

    BB Landscaping LLC highlights images of its landscaping projects to sell its company. The text here is minimal with the bulk of the writing being used to show the company’s services. At the top of the homepage is a number where visitors can contact BB Landscaping LLC directly.

  18. Bill Clark & Son Landscaping

    Bill Clark & Son Landscaping offers a well-designed, compact website that doesn’t spread out across the page. The company uses different green colors against a white background. There is also a video to learn more about what the company does.

  19. Personal Touch Lawn Care

    Personal Touch Lawn Care opens with a large photo on its homepage. The majority of the text is reviews from Facebook, Google, and Houzz. There is also a chance to watch testimonials from other satisfied customers.

  20. Special Touch Landscaping

    Special Touch Landscaping combines large photos, text, and a video to give a balanced look at what the company does. Visitors can scroll down to see recent projects completed by the company, such as artificial turf installation and paver patio installation. Further down, Special Touch Landscaping shows the recent contracts it’s won with companies. This is a great way of showcasing the kinds of clients your company attracts.

  21. Weaver Landscape

    Weaver Landscape expertly combines photos of its past projects with text explaining its services. The website design mixes in different colors of green and uses them against a stark, white background. Toward the bottom of the homepage, visitors can see a sliding portfolio of past projects.

  22. Superior Lawn Care

    Superior Lawn Care chooses to use the yellow and green colors of its brand for its website. The bright yellow is eye-catching and therefore a good choice for important details the company wants to highlight. A unique feature is the question, “Do We Service Your Zip Code?” This is a good way of finding out whether a branch of the company works in your service area.

  23. JM Landscaping

    The JM Landscaping site is functional and straightforward. The photos and the text are well-balanced, and the contact phone number is listed at the top of the homepage where visitors can easily find it. The video at the center of the homepage is the site’s most attractive feature because it lets visitors know more about the company.

  24. Rafael’s Landscaping Maintenance

    The Rafael’s Landscaping Maintenance website works with bright green, white, and gray to showcase its services. At the bottom of the homepage, you can fill out the contact form in order to get a free estimate.

  25. PLS Landscaping

    PLS Landscaping offers two blue buttons at the center of its homepage. One is “Request a Free Estimate,” and the other is “View Portfolio.” These useful signs guide visitors from the moment they land on the homepage. Browsers can also choose to scroll further down the homepage to read more about the services offered.

When creating a lawn care website, there are many factors to think about and combine. To reach a lot of customers and sell your services, take the lead from these websites that combine design, functionality, and fast load times.

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