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16 Best WooCommerce Websites For January 2019

Although the holiday season just ended, there is still plenty of time to think about online shopping. And if you own an online shop, now is the perfect time to dream about reinventing your website for the new year!

WooCommerce by WordPress offers a variety of different themes designed to make building a shop that fits your needs a breeze.

If you haven’t ventured into the world of WooCommerce before, it’s time to get started! For that purpose, we have compiled a list of the 16 best WooCommerce websites for January 2019 that you can use for inspiration.

Ready to see some really great website?  Here we go!

The 16 Best WooCommerce Websites For January 2019

  1. DisconnectDisconnect is a trendy online website that offers visitors the opportunity to purchase high-quality magazines and have them delivered to their home. On this site, you won’t find any copies of The Enquirer or even Good Housekeeping, but instead Kinfolk, The Gourmand and Fantastic Man. As you shop the site you can see how it has been designed to reflect the same luxury showcased in each magazine offered in the online shop. And, if you happen to find a magazine you fancy, just put it in your cart and checkout with a few clicks of your mouse (or taps of your finger).
  2. Forage & Graze : A beautifully designed page that offers delicious looking food, Forage & Graze is a great example of a functional, attractive WooCommerce website. From the homepage, you can contact the company, shop the website and view a blog that offers education on the products. Furthermore, the checkout process is a breeze! Forage & Graze makes the list of 16 best WooCommerce websites because it offers a simple shopping experience and does a great job of drawing shoppers into the brand.  If you want to take a lesson in attractive, functional marketing, take a look at this site!
  3. Bookriot : Bookriot is a busy WooCommerce website that displays how simple it is to offer quality content and a functional online shop through your website with the right layout. The homepage of Bookriot is filled with links to articles and videos that give knowledge on the latest books and reading news to site visitors. From the top of the page, you can shop by category. Or, if you want a more visual experience, you can easily open the sidebar on the right side of the page to navigate to other areas of the site as well. This website makes our list because it does a great job of showing how you non-minimalist websites can still be attractive.
  4. Humoresque Cartoons : Loren Fishman is a cartoon artist who sells custom work online. His website, Humoresque Cartoons, displays his latest, most popular and custom work for your viewing pleasure. You can also purchase t-shirts, pillows, mugs and more products featuring artwork for your laugh-loving friends and family. The site displays how, with any products, creating categories is an easy way to help your shoppers get to where they want to go and the products they want to buy. From this website, we hope you take away the fact that any type of website can be transformed into a WooCommerce, money-making site with the right theme.
  5. Luggerz : Luggerz is a men’s clothing website that’s been meticulously designed to fit the demographic it’s selling too. A woman might not log onto the Luggerz website and find that it’s one of the best sites in the world, but a man will! The simple, straightforward language and layout of the website offers visitors a simple shopping experience so they can get online, purchase what they’re looking for and get back to work. Because the site very plainly displays payment options on the homepage, there’s no second-guessing how to check out. Everyone can prepare themselves with the right payment material before they get to their cart!
  6. Clickbank : A website for selling other website affiliate programs, Clickbank was created to be simple to use and easy to understand. The site designers at Clickbank knew visitors would come to their site based on their reputation and products offered. Therefore, they didn’t waste any time trying to find a theme that was visually appealing or trendy. That doesn’t mean, however, that the website isn’t great! It was simply just designed for the ideal user. And that, in our mind, is what makes a great website.
  7. Boardshorts : A classic example of a clothing website, Boardshorts makes it easy for site visitors to shop for both men’s and women’s board shorts and swimwear. The navigation on the top of the page is in clear view, and as you scroll down through the content, you’ll find other options to help get you to the clothing you came to the website to buy. All of the brands offered on the website are displayed on the homepage. Therefore, visitors don’t have to scroll through pages and pages of clothing hoping to find a specific brand. From this website, you can take away that plain. Simple is sometimes simply wonderful.
  8. Trendy Resumes : Trendy Resumes is not your traditional WordPress WooCommerce site. However, it’s a perfect example of the variety that WooCommerce themes offer. On Trendy Resumes you can browse through a variety of resume templates, choose which is best for applying to your next position and then purchase and download the template to use. The process is as easy as can be and looking through the multiple templates is delightful. On this website, we like how everything is displayed upfront on the homepage so you don’t have to go through the entire website to get to your goal. Likewise, the products you need are bold so you don’t ever question their purpose.
  9. The Untold Wish : Untold Wish is a website that offers handmade cards and gifts to online shoppers who are looking to make things a little more personal. The design of this website is absolutely adorable and perfectly reflects the products site visitors are looking to purchase. The Untold Wish made our list of 16 best WooCommerce websites because it showcases how a brand should be reflected in website design and how easy that is to do. A few custom fonts, graphics and creative elements and you have the perfect package! And, although the exact whimsical design of this website won’t work for everyone, it can serve as a template for what your dream website could, and should, look like.
  10. Protest : A website with a modern design, Protest sells outdoor apparel to skiing and snowboard enthusiasts around the world. Based out of Europe, this website perfectly depicts a winter day in the snowy Alps or other nearby mountain ranges making you want to grab your skis and jet-set at the earliest opportunity. Through this website, you can easily see how they are marketing their product by enticing you to an exotic location…and it works! From the top of the page or the sidebar navigation, you can easily browse men’s, women’s or children’s clothing by category. Beautiful and easy to use, this website is easily one of the best.
  11. Nixon : When you land on Nixon’s homepage, there’s no guessing what they are selling – watches! Large, bold, bright pictures give a glimpse of what the high-quality products look like up close and personal, while plain and functional navigation make it a breeze to shop through the online store. When you want to check out, you can use a variety of payment options and be through the process with just a few clicks. Which brings us to one of the reasons we have Nixon on our list of 16 best WooCommerce websites for January 2019 – an easy checkout is key to a great shopping site! You don’t want to lose your customers when they have made the decision to buy something. And, if you choose the right theme and design, you won’t!
  12. Quero : Quero is a luxury shoe brand that offers one-of-a-kind leather designs to both men and women. On the website, you can see that shoes are the star and will experience no problem browsing through the multiple pages of large, detailed pictures showing the impeccable quality of each design. If you don’t like anything you find, however, you can also use the website to design a custom pair of shoes made just for you. Quero’s website makes finding luxury shoes simple and easy. No fuss, no fancy words – just shoes!
  13. Striiiipes : Striiiipes has a unique website for unique technology accessory products. All of the products you’ll find on the Striiiipes website are made of bold colored, high-quality leather. The unique and cool thing about this website is that you can shop nearly everything directly from the homepage. However, there are also options to shop from the top tab and various opportunities to learn more about the company. We like this website for very simple reasons. It’s easy to shop, it’s attractive and it leaves you wanting to purchase everything on the page. For an online shop, it doesn’t get much better than that.
  14. Picky Bars : Picky Bars are a dense nutrition bar made for athletes who are picky about what they put in their body. And, just like the bars, the website to sell them has been designed to attract everyone – even the pickiest people. The bright colors on the homepage, fun fonts and interesting buttons and widgets make the site fun to shop. Likewise, if you don’t know anything about the bars, the design of the website makes it rather easy to learn more. From the Picky Bars website, we hope you take away a lesson about great branding, the value of quality written content and designing your site to attract the crowd you want it to.
  15. Tens : Tens is a fun sunglasses brand that attracts trendy young buyers who are looking for a “not so name brand” option for their vision wear. On the homepage, a video displays the ideal customer looking through their sunglasses walking in front of a simple background. We love how the homepage tells the story of the lenses, the brand and how the entire company was founded on the idea to save the planet. Because this information is out in the open, when customers decide to buy the glasses, they are not only buying into a great design, they’re also buying into a philosophy. And, that’s what makes for a long-term customer. If you’re designing a website, you can take away that selling your brand and your product simultaneously is always a good idea!
  16. USA Volleyball Shop : Last but not least on our list today we have USA Volleyball Shop – a FreshySites creation! This is a rather basic WooCommerce website that sells, you guessed it, USA volleyball brand supplies and apparel. On the website, there are visually pleasing sliders, easy to navigate pages and a simple shopping cart. USA Volleyball, like other big box brands, doesn’t have to work to make their website unique – we just had to make it super functional to accommodate high levels of traffic. And, through a strategically picked WooCommerce theme, we did just that!

These WooCommerce websites are just a sampling of the amazing and intriguing online shops in the world wide web. If you search, you’ll find many more great examples of how to build your site. For inspiration, however, we think these are some of the best!

To build a custom WooCommerce website for your brand, work with the professional team at FreshySites.

We have our finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what works in the world of online shopping. Contact us today for more information, or to get started on your next project!

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