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15 Best Sports & Fitness Websites (February 2019)

It’s February, which means that health and fitness are all the rage. Everyone is working on their New Year’s resolutions and working out to get into the best shape of their lives. That’s why we have decided to feature the 15 best sports and fitness websites for February 2019!

This list features a mix of websites for small gyms, professional athletes, health and fitness brands and even major sports leagues. These websites are among the best because they are sleek, user-friendly and extremely functional.

Through their strategic design, these websites convince visitors that health and fitness aren’t exclusive to the first month of the year. So, sit back, relax and take a look at the top sports and fitness websites!

Ready to go? Let’s count them down!

15 Best Sports & Fitness Websites For February 2019

  1. Bold Cycles Ltd. : Bold Cycles Ltd. is a company that makes custom design road bikes for the most serious bikers. This website is modern, attractive and extremely easy to use. As you scroll down, graphics of the custom bike components seem to jump right off the page and appear to float past your eyes. From the navigation at the top of the page, you can easily shop the store and create a custom bike for yourself or sign up for the Bold Cycles Ltd. email list. And, in case you don’t catch it at the top, you can also sign up for emails at the bottom of the page. Overall the Bold Cycles Ltd. website is a great example of simple design taken to the next level.
  2. Gold’s Gym : Everyone knows Gold’s Gym as one of the most popular gyms across the country. Maybe that’s because they have a top-of-the-line website! The best features of the Gold’s Gym website include the bright photo graphics and easy to read text across all of the pages. Because the website is so easy to use, it successfully convinces countless site visitors to sign up for a free pass or membership every day. The site also features an interactive blog section where visitors can find valuable information on health and fitness to help them with their gym journey.
  3. Lebron James : If your nickname is ‘The King,’ you better have a royally amazing website to back that up. And, it’s safe to say that the Lebron ‘King’ James website does not disappoint. Lebron’s personal website is broken apart into different sections to represent different areas of his life. This makes it easy for site visitors to navigate quickly to the information they’re looking to find, or browse through all of the site content in record time. As amazing as the entire website is, however, we find the most thoughtful feature to be the shop tab that sits on the right side of every page. This tab makes it easy (and enticing) to shop all of Lebron’s merchandise.
  4. Fit Bottomed Girls : Fit Bottomed Girls is a brand with a clever name that’s dedicated to helping women and girls achieve total health and fitness while focusing on confidence. The website is perfectly designed with bright colors and fun text to attract it’s ideal demographic. At the top of the site, there’s a custom-built navigation that makes going through the website extra enjoyable because of its branded look. Throughout the website, site surfers will notice that content is divided and color-coded into four different categories. This feature helps to limit confusion and create a positive experience for everyone who visits this website.
  5. NFL.com : You can’t have a best sports & fitness website list without featuring the most popular sports website in the nation, NFL.com. NFL.com has a very corporate design, yet showcases a little bit of individuality. What we love most about this top-notch website is that it demonstrates that websites can successfully display a large number of videos on the homepage without appearing overwhelming or confusing. As you scroll down the page, videos play automatically, helping site visitors preview the content before they decide to click – saving them a substantial amount of time.
  6. Orangetheory Fitness : Interactive, exciting and fun the Orangetheory Fitness website is easily one of the best sports and fitness websites on the internet. Videos play as the page scrolls and large graphic buttons make it easy to find information on workouts, classes, memberships and Orangetheory technology. The website also features testimonials in plain view that help to sell out of this world-class workout to everyone who visits the site. This site truly offers value to visitors through blog articles and educational content displayed throughout the pages. The design of the Orangetheory website goes to show that a few simple upgrades and extra-special features help to make your website the best of the best.
  7. Joyous Health : Slightly different than some of the other websites we’ve featured in this list, Joyous Health is a healthy living and fitness website targeted at women. The entire site has been designed to be vibrantly beautiful, offering tips and tricks for making one’s life easier and healthier. The simple design makes it easy to scroll through the homepage and weave your way through the navigation at the top of the page to fill yourself with information about how to live your most healthy life. One of our favorite features of this website is the recipe bank that showcases pages and pages of professional quality photos of deliciously healthy recipes. Truly a website design win!
  8. Jessica Ennis : Jessica Ennis is a Gold Medal Olympian with a website to impress even the best designer and web enthusiasts. On her website, you will see photos of her in every walk of life – not just her Olympic days. Jessica Ennis’ website makes the list of 15 best sports and fitness websites for February 2019 because it has a bold, trendy design and straightforward layout that makes it fun to visit. Articles throughout the page have been strategically organized. Furthermore, the website makes it easy to connect with Jessica through social media and view what she’s been up to recently.
  9. I Love This Fame : It’s safe to say that we love the website for I Love This Fame. I Love This Fame is a non-profit sports and fitness organization geared towards propagating basketball among children. Completely unique, the entire site has been designed like a video game with the goal of attracting more youth to encourage them to get active and play basketball. As you go through the site you learn fun facts about basketball and have the opportunity to choose a player to play the website game. The game itself is fun, addicting and strategically designed to keep visitors on the site longer. We are happy to report it works!
  10. Prevail Boxing : Prevail Boxing is an elite fitness boxing studio in LA that attracts some of the most exclusive people in the area. And, because the studio wants to attract exclusive people, it must have an exclusive website. The homepage doesn’t scroll to show more information, but it does display a video that explains everything one would ever want to know about the boxing studio. Throughout the site, you will find fun photos that enhance the brand, as well as content that explains why choosing an elite boxing studio should be at the top of your list when it comes to your personal health and fitness.
  11. Rorymcilroy.com : Rory McIlroy is a professional golfer who has won titles all over the world in some of the biggest golf tournaments ever. And, we are happy to say that his website is just as elite as he is. Truly a one-of-a-kind design, rorymcilroy.com is extremely compelling and interactive. As you select navigation options, the site scrolls through pages automatically to locate the information you’re looking for. And, although there isn’t an overabundance of content on the website, it is all written in a compelling manner and organized to keep visitors fully engaged. Rory’s website is a great inspiration for both sports brands and individuals looking to create a compelling personal website.
  12. Ride PDX : Ride PDX is a fun cycling studio in Portland that aims to change the way fitness enthusiasts think about, and practice, cycling. The design of the entire website is stunningly simple in both its design and functionality. The white background with dark graphics and text is bold and modern, offering an almost industrial feel. Furthermore, the navigation at the top of the page only has 3 options, which make finding what you need extremely simple. If you’re looking for a website design that’s easy to execute, but packs a big punch, Ride PDX has the inspiration you need.
  13. ASSOS of Switzerland: ASSOS of Switzerland is a company that creates one-of-a-kind biking shorts for cycling enthusiasts. People who purchase ASSOS shorts truly care about the quality of their fitness clothing and aren’t afraid of making an investment. That’s why this site goes the extra mile to illustrate how well each pair of shorts is made and the quality of the material they’re made with. From the homepage, you can easily shop men’s or women’s designs, and also shop designs specifically created for either mountain biking or road biking. The ASSOS website truly shows that they know their customers and what their customers are looking for.
  14. MLB.com : Another professional sports league website, MLB.com is easily one of the best 15 sports and fitness websites for February 2019. Although the layout and design are slightly different from the other professional sports league website on this list, MLB.com also displays an abundance of content in a well-organized fashion. From blogs, to articles and stats, MLB.com does it all. And, whether you’re looking for very specific information, or you’re just browsing through the site, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.
  15. Bodybuilding.com : Bodybuilding.com is packed full of information to help you live your healthiest life. From blogs, to video tutorials, and everything in between, it’s guaranteed you’ll always find the health inspiration you’re looking for on this site. And, not only that, but you can also shop products that help make your goals possible! From the well-designed e-commerce portion of the site, to the community page that creates a space for enlightening conversation, everything about this website shows why it’s easily in the list of the best sports and fitness websites this month. If you have a website that’s going to be packed full of features and information, take a look at bodybuilding.com. You won’t be disappointed.

With this list of websites, we hope you find inspiration that will help make your website dreams come true. Whether you’re working on designing a website that’s specifically for a sports and fitness business, or you’re designing a website for something completely unrelated, these amazing designs lead where you want to follow.

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