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15 Best Medical Practice Websites (March 2019)

The internet is full of medical practice websites offering their services to the inquiring consumer. And, if you have a medical practice website, you know just how tough the competition can be.

For that reason, it’s imperative to have a website that offers not only beautiful design, but also quality content and functionality as well! This list is full of websites we believe deserve recognition for their outstanding online presence.

As a whole, these medical practice websites represent what it means to truly serve your customers through every aspect of your business. So, without further ado, here are 15 of the best medical practice websites for March 2019.

Check them out and see what you think! Would you hire them to be your doctors?

15 Best Medical Practice Websites For March 2019

  1. Spine Colorado : Spine Colorado is a highly specialized practice that serves a very specific clientele in the Four Corners Region of Colorado. And, because their clientele is so specific, they’ve built a website that communicates how unique their medical practice is. Not overly flashy, Spine Colorado’s website consists of a neutral color scheme, basic navigation, professional photography and simple graphics. All of these individual elements work together to create a very professional and classy look. The design communicates expertise that makes clients feel comfortable about inquiring and learning more about the business to see if it’s a good fit! Professionally basic, this design is a winner in our books!
  2. Bryant Orthopedic and Physical Therapy : Exciting and full of movement the website for Bryant Orthopedic and Physical Therapy is easily on our list of top 15 medical practice websites for this month! The entire website showcases a bold design through its bright color scheme, bold fonts and flashy buttons. As flashy as it is, however, it doesn’t distract from the fact that Bryant Orthopedic is a reputable, knowledgeable physical therapy practice. Throughout the website, concise content points visitors in the direction they need to go to learn more and also offers sound advice and expertise. This website is truly built for a doctor that people want to work with.
  3. Palo Alto Medical Foundation : Palo Alto Medical Foundation is a health service hub that offers a myriad of services in and around the area of Palo Alto California. Because the organization serves so many people and offers so many different services to their patients, there’s a lot of information to pack into one website – and we think they’ve pulled it off beautifully! Site visitors can easily make their way to the information they need by clearly labeled navigation options for new patients, returning patients and everyone in between. There’s also easy access to log-in and view an account, as well as find a provider or service. Although the design isn’t anything special, this website functions just as it should and for that reason, it makes our list!
  4. Florida Surgical Clinic : Serving a number of different hospitals and doctors all throughout Flordia, the Florida Surgical Clinic is a trusted resource for surgical procedures of all kinds. The website for the clinic showcases a safe blue and white color scheme with basic fonts and high-quality photography of surgical procedure results. It makes our list of 15 best medical practice websites this month because we love the bold buttons and over-sized fonts that have been used to make the site easy to navigate.
  5. Athletix Rehab & Recovery : Athletix Rehab and Recovery has a website that’s everything you would expect from a sports rehabilitation clinic and more. A dark black background contrasts perfectly with bold lime green and white lettering across the pages. As visitors scroll through the pages of information, they’re greeted with professional quality videos that automatically play and show the success of the practice. The website is jam-packed with information for athletes who want to go to Athletix for training, as well as patients who want to use the practice for professional recovery. We enjoy how everything is clearly laid out and designed for their ideal customer.
  6. Children’s International Medical Group : From the vibrant video on the home slider to the animated graphics that showcase the physicians of the practice, everything about the Children’s International Medical Group website is likable and fun. As a pediatric clinic, we feel that this website is perfectly designed to attract parents and families who care deeply about their children and the medical services they receive. Furthermore, a bold colored design, large fonts and top-of-page navigation make it easy for visitors to use the website and find the information they need.
  7. MobiSurg : MobiSurg is a unique medical practice in California. The roving practice offers surgery and anesthesia to individuals in a variety of locations as it’s able to go wherever the patients are. The website for MediSurg is very simple and does a great job getting people the information they need quickly. A short home page is accompanied by two separate navigations and a simple contact form. Thanks to the design of this website, visitors can get the information they need, get in contact with the services and book an appointment within minutes – exactly what they need!
  8. Corona Foot & Ankle Group : A podiatry clinic based out of Compton, California, the Corona Foot & Ankle Group serves a large number of patients on a daily basis. The website for the clinic itself is rather simple, but offers a well-thought-out design that site visitors can enjoy. Throughout the pages, there’s great photography of the clinic’s work, as well as bold graphics and strategic content designed to attract new patients. Each of the elements on this website works in conjunction with the others to create a site that’s professional, fun and easily one of the best!
  9. Body Sculpt : Based out of New York City, Body Sculpt Plastic Surgery is a medical practice that offers cosmetic plastic surgery of all kinds to its patients. The website has been meticulously designed to attract the ideal customer for the practice and doesn’t hold anything back in terms of imagery or information. As they wander through the pages of the website, visitors can easily see the results their money will buy if they opt for plastic surgery services from this practice. In our opinion, the best feature of this website is the navigation at the top that breaks down all of the plastic surgery options so visitors can easily browse through information and learn exactly what they need to know in order to make an informed decision on the firm.
  10. Vinay Shah, MD : Dr. Vinay Shah is a OBGYN in Clifton, New Jersey that’s looking to attract affluent patients to their boutique-like practice. The website is full of soft pinks and whites, flowing fonts, gold graphics and beautiful photography. Anyone who’s looking for luxury in an OBGYN practice would be easily pleased by the aesthetic of this site and the identity it portrays. We appreciate how this practice wasn’t afraid to create a brand identity through their website and that every single element of the site compliments that identity. Once you have visited this website, it’s easy to see why it made our list of 15 best medical practice websites this month.
  11. Mat-Su Surgical Associates : Towering mountains aren’t what one expects to see when they visit a surgical website. Mountains, however, are the primary backdrop for the Mat-Su Surgical Associates website – and we’re okay with that! Because the practice is located in Alaska, the mountains make sense and they also compliment the blue and green color scheme of the rest of the website. Large graphic buttons make it easy to navigate the site, and the simple navigation at the top of the page offers plenty of information for site visitors. We like that contacting the practice is made easy through bold buttons and a well-designed contact form. All-in-all, this website is a winner in our books!
  12. Kinect Physical Therapy : When looking for a practice that offers physical therapy, patients want to know they’re going to get results. And, results are exactly what the website for Kinect Physical Therapy showcases on their website. From pictures of satisfied patients, to tips for managing common sources of pain, this website has been built for the consumer and it definitely shows. Everywhere visitors turn, there’s an option to contact the practice, get in touch with a doctor or request more information. If they want to, potential patients can easily schedule their first appointment on their first visit to this website – and we think that’s ideal!
  13. Pinnacle Health : Pinnacle Health is a medical group of hospitals, walk-in clinics, primary care practices and surgical centers located in Pennsylvania. As one of the largest medical practices in the area, Pinnacle Health needs a website that expresses their prominence, but also feels personal to patients. Everything about the Pinnacle Health website has been designed for easy use and quality service. From the easy options to pay a bill, or get a cost estimate, to the location map and contact portal, every detail is well-planned. We appreciate that this website was designed with a new patient in mind.
  14. American Family Children’s Hospital : Cute and kitschy, the American Family Children’s Hospital website offers a refreshing design that can make anyone smile. The homepage is filled with animations and colorful graphics of farm animals and farm landscape. Every button, option and navigation has been designed to go along with the fun design of the site and fits into the child-like theme. Although the website has a theme geared toward children, it still communicates all of the information adults need to know in order to provide the best care for their child. We simply love this medical practice website because it shows that there are no rules on website design as long as it’s created with the ideal patient in mind.
  15. Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre : A modern website that showcases a beautiful design, the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre website is a website that any medical practice can envy. A deep purple color scheme compliments modern fonts, great photographs and creative animations all throughout the site. Just like the medical center itself, this website is innovative and top-of-the line. And, when visitors go to the site, they can get a feeling for exactly what they would expect if they choose to become patients of this practice. Great design and quality content – there’s nothing else we would look for in a best medical practice website!

These websites are all beautiful and well-designed. We hope that as you looked through each of them, you found inspiration for your own site and took away points to create a better experience for your site visitors.

If you need assistance creating a well-designed medical practice website, the team at FreshySites is happy and ready to help.

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