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13 best custom t-shirt design websites

If you’re looking at a web development agency to help you create a custom t-shirt design website, then it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. With so many website designers out there, not knowing what you want can waste a lot of time — and money.

Like t-shirts, every web designer and web development agency is unique. Some will be able to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for, while others will have a completely different set of skills.

Imagine driving an hour to the store to find the perfect shirt for your upcoming date this weekend, only to find that the store you arrive at exclusively stocks turtlenecks. Doing your research ahead of time could have saved you the trip, especially if you knew that you definitely didn’t want a turtleneck.

Custom website development is the same.

Doing the legwork upfront so that you know exactly what the design agency needs to bring to the table can spare you the expense of being sorely disappointed with the final product.

For starters, we recommend choosing custom WordPress development for your t-shirt website, specifically because WordPress sites perform so well with E-Commerce businesses.

In fact, WooCommerce — the E-Commerce plugin designed by WordPress — is one of the fastest ways to take a WordPress website from page views to profitable, giving your customers access to an easy-to-use shopping cart and so much more.

When it comes to designing your t-shirt website, it’s important to remember that your customer’s experience is critical.

Even the most beautiful websites will fail if they are difficult for a user to navigate – or if they’re too slow to load. With the amount of competition in the custom t-shirt space online, it’s more important than ever to make sure your website stands out.

And that’s another reason why we recommend WordPress websites for E-Commerce stores: They are built for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Because of the way WordPress sites are designed, they automatically improve your online presence – and there aren’t very many website platforms that can say that. Choosing WordPress for your custom t-shirt design website is saying “yes” to more sales, simply because your website will have a better chance of begin found in search engine results!

As you start your search for affordable WordPress design agencies for your custom t-shirt store, the following websites can help you determine how you want your unique website to look and function.

Here are 13 of the
best custom t-shirt design websites as of 2022

  1. www.realthread.com

    Real Thread’s website’s bright colors pull you in instantly, which is a huge part of its appeal. Not only does it look custom, but it feels custom from the moment you start to explore. On the homepage, the live chat feature boosts conversions and keeps people on the website. And, as a long-from type of homepage, it keeps scrollers satisfied, giving them all of the information they need right away without them needing to try their luck at the navigation bar. Luckily, the navigation bar on Real Thread’s site is also intelligent, offering links to “What We Do,” “Resources,” “Fulfillment” and “Products.” But, most importantly, the button they really want customers to click on (“Get Started”) is bold and bright pink, featured twice on the homepage above the fold.

  2. www.designbyhumans.com

    When you first land on the Design by Humans website, you’re hit with a pop-up ad. But, if you’re actually there to buy a t-shirt, it’s exactly what you want – an offer for 10% off your order. A custom t-shirt website design needs to do one thing – convert sales. And an offer like this from the get-go is a great way to incentivize someone to buy. The easy-to-see search bar at the top of the homepage also helps people find what they’re looking for quickly, promoting sales and keeping visitors from getting frustrated as they look through page after page of products. And, since so many consumers want their purchase to do more than just make a store successful, featuring a page in their navigation dedicated to just to shirts that give back to charities makes their website even more compelling.

  3. www.threadless.com

    Like Design by Humans, Threadless’ website is here to get you to buy. Featuring a pop-up offer and a bold search bar, Threadless also utilizes the power of scarcity by offering every visitor a 25% off coupon that disappears thirty minutes after you land on their homepage. Sourcing art from the community to place on t-shirts and other custom printed items, you’ll also find a $10 Tee of the Day section on their homepage – and it also comes with its own countdown timer. Towards the bottom of the homepage, Threadless integrates a scrolling feed of recent customer views, which boosts credibility and trust, therefore, also increasing sales. The navigation on the site is also conducive to browsing as the team at Threadless has conveniently sorted all of their products into categories, such as “Animals,” “Football,” and “Nature.”

  4. fullbleed.org

    Owning a very specific style of art, Fullbleed’s website lets you know immediately if you’re in the right place – or not. While some people are afraid to design a website that doesn’t appeal to everyone, it’s actually a really smart marketing move because it tells the people who are actually going to buy that they haven’t just found a cool product – but that they’ve also found a community. A simple yet effective design, Fullbleed’s website features a bold, yet minimal, navigation bar (“Apparel,” “Prints,” “About” and “Contact”), as well as an integrated feed of their Instagram profile. By only featuring one artist’s work, instead of several, the look and feel of the website stays consistent and on-brand throughout each page.

  5. shop.ugmonk.com

    The beauty of this website is in its simplicity. Taking advantage of an all-white background, Ugmonk’s site puts everything you want at your fingertips from the moment you land on their page. By starting with their feature of best-selling products, you immediately know what’s popular on this site. And, if the item you came to the store to buy is in that group, you’ll feel confident enough to click “Add to Cart” quickly. Continuing to scroll down the homepage, Ugmonk’s website puts its products front and center in every category. Rather than taking up space at the top of the website, Ugmonk uses the footer menu to its full advantage, including important pages like “Our Story” and “Giving Back.” Clicking on “Our Story,” you’re greeted by a professionally-made five-minute video. This type of media draws you in as the audience – and helps that page rank better in search, as well!

  6. www.snorgtees.com

    The navigation bar is designed specifically for E-Commerce at Snorg Tees. Categorizing its products into “T-Shirts,” “Hoodies,” “Women’s Tanks,” “Kids,” and “Hats,” this website also features an easy-to-find search bar in case customers have something very specific in mind. Utilizing the power of a good deal, the website is also designed to showcase its best-sellers, as well as “Today Only” deals. Keeping the designs front and center, the website foregoes using typical models and instead features up-close images of each and every design. In doing so, users are able to scroll through the designs more quickly, recognizing a shirt they want as soon as they see it. Featuring the newsletter capture at the very bottom, they know that if you got all the way to the bottom of their (extremely) long home page, there’s a good chance you’re interested in what they have to offer.

  7. cottonbureau.com

    If variety is what you’re looking to give your customers, then the Cotton Bureau website is a great one to study. While the massive amount of choice could feel overwhelming, Cotton Bureau minimizes that feeling by adding an extensive filter on the sidebar. Allowing you to select from things like “Category,” “Cut,” “Material,” “Color” and even “Availability,” you can narrow down what you’re looking for quickly. In addition to the smart filters, Cotton Bureau’s website puts all of its products in the spotlight so that there is no confusion about where you’ve landed if you stumble across their site: You are 100% in a t-shirt store. However, when you take a peek at their navigation (which is small in the upper left corner), you realize that they do much more than just sell t-shirts. The Cotton Bureau is also a place where artists can submit designs. The brand is smart, however, by not distracting from the consumer by drawing too much attention to that aspect of the business. Selling t-shirts is, and should be, a top priority.

  8. 6dollarshirts.com

    From the moment you arrive on their website, you already know what you’re going to find: $6.00 t-shirts. Focusing on consumers who want an affordable selection of custom shirts, this website understands its audience by offering a hard-to-pass-up opt-in above the fold on the homepage: A chance to get a t-shirt for just $4.00 instead of $6.00. Fun to browse and organized by category (complete with custom illustrations for each section), 6 Dollar T-shirts makes hunting for the perfect shirt (or five) exciting because you just don’t know what you’re going to find. Clearly labeled by price so as to not disappoint consumers looking just for $6.00 items, the website also features “premium” designs for $9.00 and $12.00. With seemingly endless scrolling, when you do finally reach the bottom you uncover necessary navigation to sections like “Ordering Info” and “Contact Us.” Already so niched, however, the website understands that who they are as a business pales in importance when compared to the shirts you can buy for just $6.00!

  9. theyetee.com

    The Yetee is yet another website to utilize the power of scarcity by offering a shirt for only a limited amount of time. A great marketing tool if you’re website is sourcing art from a large group of artists, The Yetee compels you to come back again and again to see if one of the featured designs is something that you want. Another clever feature, this website doesn’t list the price of the featured apparel, compelling you to put it in your cart (and therefore start to get attached to the idea of getting it) before you actually know how much it costs. The featured designs are showcased on a scrolling slider, alternating between close ups of the design itself and images of people wearing the item. The “Collections” page featured in navigation makes it possible for you to search for products that specifically appeal to you – in this case, the products are sorted by shows and characters.

  10. www.youngloverslabel.com

    Aside from the nice clean layout of the website, one of the things we noticed most about Young Lovers is the custom font they used throughout. Intelligently designed with the fold of the page in mind, this t-shirt site does another thing right: They put their “As Featured In” box front and center, showcasing their association with major publications, like Nylon, The Sartorialist and GQ. The website also makes sure that you immediately know what makes the brand unique: The fact that they only sell limited editions of each and every print. Making sure, says Young Lover’s founder, “That you won’t find anyone in the same shirt as you.” You’ll also find a “VIP List Sign Up” email capture at the bottom of the page, as well as an easy-to-access social share tab on the side of each page.

  11. www.crazydogtshirts.com

    As you land on the website, you are immediately greeted with featured products scrolling just beneath the navigation bar. A few seconds later, a pop-up shows up, asking you to enter your email in order to “Try Your Luck.” Next to the email capture in the pop-up is a spinning wheel that shows some of the things you could win – like 30% off and a “Buy 2 Get 2 Free” deal. While it may feel gimmicky, this type of offer is actually incredibly tempting to visitors who come to your website, especially those who already have an intention to buy. By incorporating a feature like this into your website design, you’ll see an increase in conversions as well as an opportunity to build your email list (which means you can then re-target your audience with more exclusive offers, deals and other insider information – like new design releases). Staying relevant, the shop updates its homepage with products that are currently in season. Right now, they are featuring shirts from their Easter collection.

  12. insane.com.mx

    While the site is in Spanish, what we love most about this E-Commerce website is the attention-grabbing video above the fold on the homepage. Yes, it has nothing to do with the shirts and other products that are sold on the website – but it also has everything to do with them. Promoting a lifestyle, not a singular product, Insane’s website is an experience – and one that feels custom and engaging. Separated into three categories to shop (“Top,” “Bottom” and “Accessories”), just below the products are the people chosen as ambassadors for the brand who embody the “Insane” lifestyle – skaters and BMX riders. This unique take on an E-Commerce website is how products are sold not because of what they are, but because of the identity that is being sold with them. Simple to navigate, the site directs you to what you need to know in order to make a decision about purchasing – and that’s it. No fluff – just effective marketing. The only downside with the site is that, because of some of the features incorporated on the pages, it does have a tendency to load slowly, which isn’t great for SEO or customer experience. But, other than that, we love the design that’s happening.

  13. upstatemerch.com

    One of the best organized t-shirt design websites we’ve seen, this local screen printing shop understands the importance of customer experience. The Upstate Merch tagline (“The Best Inks Printed On The Best Equipment”) differentiates their brand the moment you land on their homepage. And, by avoiding the common mistake of just using stock images, you feel like you’re working with real people and a real team, shooting your trust-factor through the roof. Clear and concise, the design leaves no guessing – everything you need to know about working with them (and why you should) is found quickly and easily. Upstate Merch also has a solid Instagram following – and the design helps: At the bottom of the homepage is an integrated social media feed, just begging you to follow and like.

Once you know exactly the kind of website you’re wanting for your custom t-shirt design website, then you can start looking at hiring an custom affordable WordPress design agency.

Knowing what you want in terms of styles and unique features will go a long way, but it’s just as important to understand the essentials every well-designed E-Commerce website needs.

Here are 5 features
your E-Commerce website should definitely have…

  1. Strategic calls to action

    Calls-To-Action (or CTAs) are the words on your website that tell visitors exactly what to do. While it might seem obvious to you, these CTAs (like “Click Here” or “Start Now”) can improve conversions on your site dramatically. When designing your website, there should be at least one compelling CTA above the fold of your site, especially when it’s an E-Commerce store.

  2. Shopping cart + search bar

    Without a shopping cart, it’s nearly impossible to have an effective E-Commerce website. Not only does a shopping cart allow customers to review what they want to buy, but it also allows them to continue shopping with ease. And you definitely want to encourage visitors to your site to buy multiple products! If you have a lot of products, a search bar is also critical so that customers can quickly see if you have what they are looking for. Having a search bar on your site is also a smart way to improve your SEO.

  3. Featured product section

    It can be overwhelming to see hundreds (even dozens) of t-shirt designs all at once, which is why having a featured product section on your website is crucial. Not only does this section showcase products you want your audience to see, but it can also be updated regularly so that you stay on-trend and relevant with the changing seasons and events.

  4. How to get in touch

    People need to know where to go if they don’t like what they receive – or if they simply have a question about a product. If they don’t see this section on your website, there’s a good chance they won’t buy from your store, simply because they don’t know if returns, exchanges, etc. will be easy to make. You need to instill confidence in your visitors – and letting them know that you are present and available is a great way to do just that.

  5. Deals + offers

    People love getting good deals. And, when you offer them in your store, it compels them to buy a product (or more than they had originally planned). Your homepage should list at least one really good deal in order to help boost conversions. Additionally, your E-Commerce website design should incorporate lead captures that are incentivized with getting a special deal or offer. Like you saw in several of the custom t shirt design websites above, if you can make these offers scarce by adding a countdown clock or timer, there’s a good chance you’ll see more sales come through, too.

If you’re looking for a web development agency that understands how to create profitable custom t shirt design websites, then look no further than FreshySites.

Our experienced team understands what it takes to stand out in the competitive world of E-Commerce, and we can help you develop a website that provides superior customer service, unique features, and, best of all, conveys your brand’s message.

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