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100 Best Medical Practice Websites for 2020

We’ve decided it was worth the time and effort, given our current situation, to compile a list of the best medical practice websites of this year. We’ve created a list that takes a look at the top website designs of various medical, dental, and healthcare websites throughout an array of practices.

Top 100 Medical Practice Sites for 2020

  1. Dixon Center for Integrative Healthcare

    You can book an appointment, see reviews, and get a snapshot of the services they provide all on the homepage. The Dixon Center website is clean and uses high-quality and descriptive images to catch your attention while at the same time providing all the relevant information you may need.

  2. Laganis Pediatric Dentistry

    One of the best pediatric dentistry sites we found, the Laganis Pediatric Dentistry website is simple and very easy to navigate. The child-focused photography and child-friendly drawings make it clear that they specialize in pediatrics.

  3. Avery Arora, M.D.

    The Avery Arora site is simple and to the point. Dr. Arora focuses on hand, wrist, and elbow surgery, and everything about this site points to that focus. The contact information is readily accessible, you can make an appointment from the homepage, and the pictures add to the feel of the site.

  4. Dr. Lucie Capek, MD Plastic Surgery & Med Spa

    The Capek Plastic Surgery site is a great example of the use of vibrant color, video and images to create an emotional impact. The informative and fully functional website does have all that a prospective customer needs to know, but that is almost secondary to the impact of the site’s design. Immediately the viewer is presented with calming and tranquil imagery, through the purple hues and the tropical scenery in the video. Nervous or anxious customers considering the doctor’s services are put right at ease.

  5. Southern ENT Specialists

    The first thing you notice about the Southern ENT Specialists website is the awards and customer reviews that make this office stand out in a busy market. The contrast of the blue and white points your eyes directly to the contact information and next steps on the website. This helps turn visitors into patients.

  6. Kingwest Dental

    Another dental site on our list, the design captures the visitor’s attention immediately and never lets it go. The Kingwest Dental site uses professional-quality images and well-organized information to point clients to where they need to go.

  7. Central Virginia Family Physicians

    The first thing you notice about the Central Virginia Family Physicians website is that it’s easy to navigate. This practice is focused on the patient, and everything about their site communicates that fact. The site also has a tab for patients where they can find forms and insurance information.

  8. Forsyth Chiropractic

    This site focuses on back and spinal issues, and they do a great job communicating that fact. Some websites have too broad of a focus, and others too narrow, but the Forsyth Chiropractic website gives patients all of the information needed while focusing on their primary specialty, which is backs.

  9. Dean Chiropractic

    The Dean Chiropractic website does a great job of combining new design techniques and high-quality pictures. With the brown background accents, picture of the staff, and detailed information on the homepage, this site does a great job of displaying the services they offer in a well-designed way.

  10. Anna Family Healthcare

    The first things you notice on the Anna Family Healthcare site are the great logo design, the contrast of the colors with the sliding pictures, and the quality of those photos. The information is thorough and simple, and there are clear next steps for existing and potential patients.

  11. Arta Dermatology

    The Arta Dermatology site has great photos throughout and is very clear on their specialty as dermatologists. The entire site design matches perfectly with their area of medical practice and offers both plenty of information and a call to action for patients.

  12. Internal Medicine and Primary Care Specialists

    A smaller practice with a bigger feel, the Internal Medicine and Primary Care Specialists website has a simple design that draws your eyes to the information and links provided. They do a great job of displaying information both for existing and potential patients, and the site is laid out well.

  13. Dr. Christine Maren

    This is not the traditional medical practice site both in its design and in the specialty of the provider. The uniqueness of the services provided by Dr. Christine Maren calls for a specially designed site. The page is somehow elegant and to the point, and the designer of this site captured perfectly the services offered.

  14. Dr. Danish

    Cosmetic plastic surgery is a difficult service to advertise, but the Dr. Danish website does it well. It is a warm and inviting site that seems to build a level of trust for the provider. The homepage slider contains striking photos of satisfied clients, and the links and contact information on top are easy to find and navigate.

  15. Bean Tree Pediatric Dentistry

    The font style, pictures, and logo on the homepage all point to an office that specializes in kids while the provided information communicates the specialty. The Bean Tree Pediatric Dentistry website does a great job of creatively expressing the expertise of the providers.

  16. Sergio J. Jacinto M.D.

    The Sergio J. Jacinto M.D. website is colorful, simple, and clearly kid-friendly. It communicates a sense of what the practice does, but it also displays the type of professionalism you want in a pediatric neurologist.

  17. Arthritis Clinic of Central Texas

    When you first arrive on the homepage, the gray and yellow header, along with the vivid and high-quality slider photos, draws your eye immediately. While this is a list for medical providers specifically, the Arthritis Clinic of Central Texas website could be featured on any list of top web designs.

  18. Detroit ENT Surgical Associates

    Words like crisp, clear, modern, and simple could all be used to describe the Detroit ENT Surgical Associates website. Your eye is immediately drawn to the main photo, which features a link and call to action to request an appointment. There are a number of other links at the top of the page that are easy to navigate.

  19. Cataract and Eye Consultants of Michigan

    The green links and logo on top of a white background are striking and easy to read and follow. The Cataract and Eye Consultants of Michigan website has a crisp and uncluttered design that both directs patients to relevant information and gives clear next steps to take when looking for an eye doctor.

  20. Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle

    The first podiatry office to make the list, Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle has a great website with appropriate, high-quality pictures and clear and easy-to-find links and information. On top of that, all of the services that they provide are right on their homepage, which helps patients know if they have found the right provider.

  21. Springer Orthodontics

    The Springer Orthodontics website uses layers to create an attractive, simple, and easy-to-use design. The homepage has a white header with scrolling photographs on top of an artistic rendering of a small town. It sounds complicated, but the end result is a clean and crisp website that is easy to use and hard to forget.

  22. MML Physical Therapy

    MML Physical Therapy does an excellent job of communicating and providing next steps with their website. The photography is high quality and relevant, and the black, pink, and blue design is both eye-catching and easy to read.

  23. Eye Physicians of Austin

    Everything about the design of this website draws the visitor’s eye to something pertinent and informative. Eye Physicians of Austin does a great job of using neutral colors that are appealing and professional. You can easily find contact information, testimonials, resources, and other important links.

  24. Image by Design Plastic Surgery

    The dark background, white writing, and powerful photography set the Image by Design Plastic Surgery website apart from other sites in the medical field. The information is plentiful and easy to find, and new patients can have all of their questions answered on the site.

  25. L.O. Eye Care

    When you land on the L.O. Eye Care homepage, there is no doubt that you have found an eye specialist. The site has stunning photos and highlights important information. There is a link to make an appointment right on the main page, and the site is visually appealing and easy to navigate.

  26. Kenneth M. Klebanow & Associates

    The bright, vibrant photography and large font combine to help you understand the type of medical practice that Kenneth M. Klebanow & Associates provides. The logo is a perfect addition to the rest of the site, and the contact information at the top of the page is easy to find and use.

  27. Lanham Neuro Psychology

    A beautifully designed site, the background picture communicates all that you need to know about Lanham Neuro Psychology. The contrast of the white writing and dark background with the striking photo of a smiling couple is perfect for the services they provide.

  28. Colon Rectal Specialists

    The Colon Rectal Specialists website is informative with dynamic colors and attractive fonts. The site features photos of their staff of doctors along with their certifications. It is a great website and one from which others in the medical world could learn.

  29. Manhattan Women’s Health

    From beautiful photography to a well-designed logo, the Manhattan Women’s Health website is terrific. It is the perfect combination of dynamic and simple while still being informative and pointing you to a clear next step.

  30. Lander Chiropractic

    There are quite a few chiropractic sites on this list, and the Lander Chiropractic site is one of our favorites. It is visually stunning with bright colors and professional-quality photographs. It is also very simple and easy to find any information that you are looking for, which is as important as the aesthetic design of a website.

  31. Arise M.D.

    Without even scrolling down on the homepage, you can find contact information, an incredible photo slider, and other important links. All this makes the Arise M.D. page one of our favorite medical sites. While the quality of the photography is the first thing you will notice, the site is also very efficient in communicating information and displaying a call to action.

  32. Naber & Gill Internal Medicine

    The Naber & Gill Internal Medicine site has a simple, clean, and modern design that also communicates a sense of tradition. It is informational and not overly busy, so you get a sense of what they can provide in a clear and straightforward manner.

  33. Specialized Physical Therapy

    Many of the medical websites that make this list have a green and white color design. Specialized Physical Therapy goes a step further and uses pictures with green hues to match the rest of the links and header that, somewhat surprisingly, make for a perfect combination.

  34. Meek Chiropractic

    The Meek Chiropractic site is different from other chiropractic sites on this list. The practice uses a completely black background with a clean white font and bronze accents that immediately draw your eye. Because of this color scheme, you can easily find the information you are looking for on the site.

  35. Eastbay Pediatric Dental

    The design of the Eastbay Pediatric Dental homepage is bright, vibrant, simple, and very kid-friendly. The first thing you notice from the pictures and font is that the site is designed for a provider whose focus is children. The simplicity and ease of navigation, on the other hand, are made specifically for adults to get the information that they need to make a good decision for their children.

  36. Westgate Skin and Cancer

    All of the navigation buttons on this site are on the left with a white background and black font, and it completely works. The simplicity of the Westgate Skin and Cancer page is only matched by its high-quality photos and informative links.

  37. Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

    The homepage picture draws your eye initially, but it also gives you a sense of what Weber Facial Plastic Surgery is. The site portrays a confidence that you want in a plastic surgeon. In fact, the whole site is professional and shows Dr. Weber as an experienced practitioner.

  38. Eastside Eye Physicians

    Eastside Eye Physicians has two locations, and the site makes it clear that they offer the same level of care no matter which office you choose. This website does a great job of presenting a lot of useful information in a small space.

  39. Eye Clinic of Meridian

    The Eye Clinic of Meridian website uses striking photography and a simple design to create a functional and attractive page. The striking pictures on the front page are perfect for an eye doctor, and the patient education section on the website is somewhat unique and has a lot of information on eye health. The bold font for the links mixes perfectly with the pictures and leaves you wanting more information.

  40. St Clair Dental

    The St Clair Dental site is colorful, vibrant, and happy. The information is well-presented, but the overall theme of this site is one of warmth and joy. High-quality photos make it stand out from other dental practices. The site uses a “book an appointment” button that follows you as you scroll, so you can make an appointment no matter where you are on the page.

  41. Hoffman Orthodontics

    Colorful and informational are the two words that best describe the Hoffman Orthodontics website. The bold logo on the white background with professional-quality photography makes the site unforgettable, and the simplicity of the design makes it easy to find the information you need.

  42. Old Town Smiles

    The Old Town Smiles website is visually stunning. The pictures and colors draw your eye immediately. You’ll find plenty of information and calls to action in the main page.

  43. Bates Dental

    The first thing you are drawn to is the great homepage photo. The dark background of the picture is offset by the white font that you find throughout the Bates Dental website. It is a great combination and easily conveys pertinent dental information.

  44. Adam J. Cohen M.D.

    This is a great example of a visually appealing yet professional medical website. The Adam J. Cohen M.D. website uses striking photography and dark backgrounds to highlight bold white fonts and call to action buttons. The attractive photographs on the front page show what patients could look like after using the practice’s services, and the information throughout the site is thorough and detailed.

  45. Scott D. Glazer M.D.

    This is a dermatologist website with high-quality, beautiful photographs that each contain the tagline “we care for your skin” written prominently on the photo. The Scott D. Glazer M.D. website is perfect for a dermatology practice. The links on top feature a white font on a black background that contrasts with the light and brightness of the rest of the site so that your eyes are immediately drawn to the important information.

  46. Eric P. Bachelor M.D.

    A top-flight plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic surgery needs a professional and aesthetically pleasing website. The Eric P. Bachelor M.D. website is visually stunning with great resources and numerous patient reviews.

  47. Dr. David Jayne

    The Dr. David Jayne website features the powerful tagline “look better, feel better” in a large white font with a dark background. It is a unique practice with an equally unique website that offers great explanatory and instructional videos along with an in-depth description of what they do.

  48. Chan M. Park Family Practice

    The Chan M. Park Family Practice website does a good job showing the practice’s experience while staying modern and up to date. The design features neutral colors that are offset by brilliant photography and large, bold fonts. The site is simple, and it is very easy to find whatever information you are looking for.

  49. Geoff Nuss M.D. Urology Partners

    Communicating with vibrant and large photos along with easy to navigate links, the Geoff Nuss M.D. Urology Partners website uses its design to drive you to their calls to action. The site is visually stunning and is easy to navigate.

  50. Petite Pediatrics

    Combine a large, colorful font with high-quality stock photos of children, and you have a great pediatric homepage. Petite Pediatrics has these elements. They also use child-friendly colors to show their specialty is taking care of children.

  51. Vinay R. Shah, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology

    When you arrive on the Vinay R. Shah, M.D. Obstetrics & Gynecology site, the first thing that you notice is the pictures. They are the backbone of the website, and they are the perfect background to showcase what the practice provides.

  52. Island Men’s Health

    A website that focuses on men’s health should be appealing to the majority of men, and Island Men’s Health does not disappoint. The masculine design and colors are no-nonsense and draw your eyes directly to the information being communicated.

  53. Cardinal Neurosurgery & Spine

    This is an aesthetically pleasing website that is both simple and vibrant at the same time. The colors and pictures on the Cardinal Neurosurgery & Spine homepage contrast each other in a complementary way, and the awards scrolling at the bottom give patients a sense of trust and confidence in Dr. Kitchens.

  54. New England Plastic Surgery Center

    The New England Plastic Surgery Center website is clean, crisp, and simple. The information is accessible, and there are clear calls to action throughout the site.

  55. Northern Arizona Biological Dentistry

    Custom photography and a modern feel make the Northern Arizona Biological Dentistry website one of the best in the medical field. Everything on the site from the font to the photos has a “larger than life” feel that makes the site unforgettable.

  56. Elizabeth Wende Breast Care

    The purple and pink accents on a white background are a great touch to a women’s health website. The thing that sets the Elizabeth Wende Breast Care site apart, however, is that you can do anything you need to do from scheduling an appointment to paying a bill directly the homepage.

  57. Charles A. Safely, M.D.

    This site has a clean, informative, and simple homepage filled with links and a patient portal. The Charles A. Safely, M.D. page is a user-friendly site with striking photography that speaks both to the expertise and warmth that the office gives its patients.

  58. Dr. Hyler and Associates

    This OB-GYN site has a great picture of a baby being held by its mother in the header and a lot of information on the rest of the page. The links available on the Dr. Hyler and Associates website are clean and easily accessible, making it a breeze to find the information you need.

  59. Massih Orthodontics

    A full-length header highlights the page with stunning blues and a great photograph of the company’s founder. The Massih Orthodontics website is warm and inviting but also easy to read and informative.

  60. Prime Dental Care

    The opening logo leads into a full-length site with stunning custom photography and well-placed and organized information. In fact, there is not much to dislike about the Prime Dental Care website in terms of design and information.

  61. Houston Fibroids

    This multi-site doctor’s office has a stunning front page with plenty of information. The customer satisfaction reviews and social media presence make Houston Fibroids one of the best sites we have seen so far.

  62. Atlanta Obstetrics and Gynecology

    The simplicity of the Atlanta Obstetrics and Gynecology site stands out. Even though it has a simple design, it does have all of the information you need. The white background lets the well-chosen pictures pop.

  63. Gul A. Zikria M.D.

    The unique offerings of the practice are expressed and explained in this remarkably simple and informative website. The Gul A. Zikria M.D. website uses striking photographs along with as many patient reviews as you have time to read to show the expertise and flexibility of their services.

  64. David G. Vanderweide, M.D.

    The David G. Vanderweide, M.D. website uses a unique gold font against a black background to draw your attention directly to the links and call to action buttons. The scrolling pictures grab your attention, and the videos add a lot to the information and warmth of the site.

  65. Eve Bend, D.C.

    The Eve Bend, D.C. website is immediately striking with professional-quality photography behind bold white fonts. As you scroll down, the background changes to white, and the warmth and sincerity of the site are noticeable. The overall feel of the site makes you want to find out more about becoming a patient.

  66. Imperial Valley Urgent Care

    Many urgent care facilities are lacking in their web design, but not Imperial Valley Urgent Care. This site is professional and has all of the information you need at your fingertips.

  67. Robert Gelles D.P.M.

    The strength of the Robert Gelles D.P.M. site is its vibrant simplicity. The deep ocean-blue colors contrast beautifully with the bold white fonts and subsequent white backgrounds while the links are easy to follow, and the information is thorough.

  68. Chu Dental Group

    The pictures on the Chu Dental Group site make you think of a vacation, but the information and links therein give you all that you need to know to take the next step. This site’s design does not look like a dental office, but that is the point.

  69. Dr. Gregory Shifrin

    The Dr. Gregory Shifrin site uses a dark, black background to highlight the gold and white fonts and photos that make this website stand out. The site does a great job of drawing your eye to the important elements and information while still providing enough warmth through photos.

  70. Toepperwein Dental

    The Toepperwein Dental website uses vibrant colors and great photography to produce a family feel. The contact information is easy to see, the next steps are spelled out for each visitor, and the website communicates warmth mixed with an expert in his field that you feel comfortable contacting for a visit.

  71. Irvine Endodontics

    The site’s header photo, full-length design, and beautiful skyline all put Irvine Endodontics on this list.

  72. Los Altos Spine and Sports

    The layout is simple but stunning, and the homepage photography gets straight to the point. Los Altos Spine and Sports is a no-nonsense, professional practice, and their website matches their physical presence well.

  73. Allegro Pediatrics

    From the time you land on the Allegro Pediatrics site to the time you leave, you know you are visiting a page that is focused on children’s health. It is a great combination of simple and colorful. Everything points to the fact that they are pediatricians who want to help you take care of your kids.

  74. Growing Grins

    Another of the pediatric dentist offices to make the list, this is the perfect kid-friendly site. Growing Grins is a specialty practice, and their website fits what they do.

  75. Wilborn Orthodontics

    When you arrive at the Wilborn Orthodontics website, there is a warm and inviting feel. The photographs communicate that they enjoy what they do while the colors and fonts point you directly to their call to action buttons.

  76. The Bethencourt Group

    This cardiac and thoracic surgery group has a very specialized practice and needs a website to match. The Bethencourt Group site has a simple yet stunning design to complement the uniqueness of the services it offers.

  77. Intown Pediatrics

    Another great pediatrics website, Intown Pediatrics is completely focused on caring for children, and their website is the same. With great photos of children, a terrific logo on top, and loads of information in between, this is a great pediatric website.

  78. Metropolitan Endodontics

    This site stays away from pictures of teeth or dental graphics altogether and focuses on high-quality photography and modern colors. While the Metropolitan Endodontics website is not your traditional dental site, it does bring a modern look to the industry and is one of our top medical sites of 2020.

  79. Ibrahim Helmy, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.P.

    Cardiology is a difficult specialty, and the website associated with it has to communicate the right message using the appropriate means. The Ibrahim Helmy, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.P. site does exactly that with a very simple blue on white design with photos that show Dr. Helmy is an experienced medical professional.

  80. Wise Patient Internal Medicine

    A visually stunning site with a great message and easy-to-follow links is what makes the Wise Patient Internal Medicine site great. A get-in-touch button at the bottom right corner of your screen makes it easy to communicate with them.

  81. Samimi Orthopaedic Group

    The Samimi Orthopaedic Group website has a futuristic look but an accessible feel. The information is clear and crisp, and the design shows intelligence and creativity, a great combination for any medical practice.

  82. Dermatology Medical Group Inc

    A stunning website both in design and in its use of pictures, the Dermatology Medical Group Inc site is a great example of a website matching a customer base. The office is a dermatology group with a greater focus on cosmetic procedures, and the website is as aesthetically pleasing as you will see.

  83. The Orthopaedic Center

    If you are looking for a site that focuses on the patient interaction and ease of use, then The Orthopaedic Center website is the one for you. With a patient portal, appointment scheduling, and contact information for any circumstance, this website puts the patient first.

  84. California Dermatology Specialists

    The site is straight and to the point. All of the links are easily accessible, and the qualifications and story of California Dermatology Specialists are right there for you to read.

  85. FYI Dentist

    From the name to the design, the FYI Dentist website is direct and to the point. The focus of the site is to communicate information and give patients a chance to find what they need.

  86. Pediatrics 5280

    From the time you arrive on the site, you know that Pediatrics 5280 exists to care for children. The website has a great logo and child-friendly fonts and photos that make it clear what their focus is.

  87. Montclair Cardiology

    When your focus is cardiology, you want your website to focus less on design and give patients the information they need in an easy-to-follow layout. The Montclair Cardiology website does this very well with a simplistic but warm design that focuses on the patient.

  88. Columbia Fertility Associates

    The Columbia Fertility Associates page is warm and comforting and communicates a sense of ease when dealing with a difficult topic. The design looks simple, but it was purposefully created to speak to the patients who will visit.

  89. New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

    The design of the New Orleans Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery website makes it clear where they’re located and what they specialize in. The colors and layout of the site fit perfectly without going over the top.

  90. Walton Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine

    The Walton Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine website is soothing and communicates its desire to help patients sleep. The light blue-and-white color scheme and well-placed photos and links make this a great medical site.

  91. Central Primary Care

    The stated goal of Central Primary Care is to take care of families, and the website communicates that goal well. From the picture slider to the link font, the site is simple and communicates the purpose of this medical practice.

  92. Keith Clinic

    The site is vibrant and colorful without going over the top. It effectively communicates and leads patients to a call to action. The Keith Clinic site also has embedded videos of exercises and chiropractic advice for those who need it.

  93. Texas Renal Care

    The out-of-focus picture coupled with the uncommon blue background makes the site unique. However, it is the ease of navigation and simplicity of design that help the Texas Renal Care website make this list.

  94. Las Vegas Surgical Associates

    The red-and-white color scheme looks great. The simplicity of the site and easy-to-locate information make the Las Vegas Surgical Associates page stand out.

  95. Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas

    The picture across the top and blue color scheme are the perfect fit for the Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas site. Everything about the site focuses on the patient and making sure all questions are answered so they feel comfortable moving forward.

  96. Metrolina Eye Associates

    The modern font and interesting color scheme set the Metrolina Eye Associates site apart from its peers. The creativity and design of the site pique your interest and make you want to learn more.

  97. Princeton Nassau Pediatrics

    The bright and vibrant colors and logo of the Princeton Nassau Pediatrics website are clearly focused on kids.

  98. Summit Medical Group

    The Summit Medical Group page is warm and inviting but also simple and easy to navigate. The white background leads your eyes directly to the black and blue links on top where all of the pertinent information is available.

  99. Magnolia Pediatrics of Marin

    Another top-notch pediatric website, Magnolia Pediatrics does a great job of communicating to adults and children. The large font and family photos show a focus on children while the accessibility of information and ease of navigation make it perfect for the adults who make decisions.

  100. Female Health Associates of North Texas

    The use of photographs is eye-catching, but the ability to use those photographs to communicate and give information is unique. The Female Health Associates of North Texas website has a simplicity to it while at the same time being elegant and informational.

Having a website that’s easy to navigate is essential for any medical practice. Making sure your site is welcoming and easy to follow means you’re likely to get more patients. Be sure to check out these practices so you can see what to incorporate in your own website.

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