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Web Design Events in the DC Area

As one of the top employment cities for a career in tech, if you live in the Washington D.C. area and have a passion for web design, it’s a great location to set some roots while continuing to develop your design skills and your relationships with fellow designers and clients.

Even if you’re new to web design, there are plenty of local events dedicated to bolstering your current abilities or developing new ones form the start.

The following are just a few of the upcoming opportunities offered around D.C.

For meeting other developers, learning new techniques, and connecting with the greater tech community.

  • WordPress Q&A and Introduction

    • November 7th, 2019
    • WordPress for DC is an online support group that meets in person a few times a month to exchange ideas and examples of their work. On November 17th, they’re hosting a Q&A where experts and new designers can ask questions about anything related to the web design process when using WordPress. WordPress is the most-used web development platform in the United States, so familiarity with its technical abilities and interface is useful at all levels of expertise.Topics they promise to cover include backing up your website, child theme testing, and the nitty-gritty of development/staging.
  • Coding Introduction

    • December 4th, 2019
    • Being able to code even a little can give you versatility and troubleshooting capabilities you wouldn’t have as a web designer otherwise. On December 4th, experienced software engineer Eric Masiello is teaching an introductory Javascript workshop, which is a heavily-used language in web development. While some experience with HTML is beneficial, the class is aimed at beginners. He suggests you can even get some practice before the 4th by completing DASH Project 1.
  • Web Design Conference

    • April 13 – 15, 2020
    • An Event Apart is a three-day conference that covers the whole gambit of digital design principles and the future of UX, code, and other digital products. Regardless of your level of expertise, the event helps connect developers and designers who might not meet otherwise and hosts passionate industry experts who aren’t just trying to give you a sales pitch. You can buy a pass for any one of the three days or as a complete bundle, and the numerous classes available cover everything from designing for particular personalities to using certain filters with CSS code.
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