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D.C. Web Design Events in January 2020

As our nation’s capital continues to rise in population and diversify its industries, great communication online remains essential to keeping the public informed and emotionally engaged about what your services bring to the table.

Whether you’re looking to learn a little web design to better assist your main business, or to market yourself as a professional designer with more advanced training, these events include introductory through intermediate training courses in fundamental coding languages like CSS and HTML, all within the D.C. metropolitan area. They also offer introductions for web development in emerging industries, including the Web of Things ecosystem.

Top Web Design Events in Washington DC for January 2020

  • Code in One Day

    • January 11th, 2020
    • Picking up a new coding language can be intimidating, and more so if it’s your first one. The Code in One Day course is designed for complete beginners looking to get started with HTML and CSS. They do a great job clarifying that if you’re in a different industry but want to expand your skill set, want to learn to code for fun, or have some experience but want to practice hand-coding a full website, all possibilities are possible!
  • Getting Started With WordPress

    • January 4th, 2020
    • WordPress is the most popular content management system on the planet, and knowing how to use it tools and how to code within it will help any web designer at any level increase their skills and secure work. To get a site up quickly, students in this course learn the differences between different content page types, practice using different themes, and where to find updates, tools, and other downloadable content like widgets and master plugins.
  • Zarlun Web Design Challenge

    • January 3rd, 2020
    • From Vienna, VA, the Zarlun design challenge offers cash prizes for the top 3 websites for each challenge. Students meet weekly online to learn web development and design skills in step-by-step orders to make the creation process streamlined and applicable to everyone. Because each student gets the same lesson, the content of their sites and how students use the same tools differently really stand out and help show variation in design choices even at the introductory level.
  • Introduction to Web of Things

    • January 20th, 2020
    • The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively known concept of computing devices connected to the internet embedded in everyday objects, like a refrigerator’s computer or a pair of discrete VR glasses. This course focuses on demystifying IoT principles with the problems they present, and how a Web of Things (WoT) architecture helps resolve them. By focusing on current automotive applications, students will get an idea of where WoT solutions are currently at in development compared to IoT, and what’s to be expected in the future based on each.
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