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7 Best Washington D.C. Websites (December 2019)

While our nation’s capital is typically known for businesses with governmental or otherwise political interests, the Washington D.C. area’s workforce is one of the most highly educated and diverse in the country.

As a long-term hub for funding startups, and with a steady regional economy, new and established businesses in the area benefit from web design practices that reach our customers within the city proper and those based in southern Maryland and northern Virginia.

Practically every business benefits from compelling web design, and our office in Mananas, VA is dedicated to serving clients from all walks of life and with with the utmost care to understand how your business in particular actually works.

The following are some of the best sites we’ve made around D.C. — so let’s see how!

  1. Eastern Elevator Company

    As an elevator installation and service business, they need to ensure that prospective customers are aware of each service they provide. Elevator mechanics aren’t an intuitive or especially public discipline, and their site does a fantastic job breaking down the different service types right under the homepage slider. Their homepage’s central image shows their slogan, “Independent of Choice,” referencing their decades of specialization in a technical field without needing another business’s support network. They’re quick to mention that they serve both residential and commercial clients, and their sleek header bar links to an industry news section to help readers get more familiar with the nuances of an important, lesser known skill set.

  2. Maryland Wine Pass

    With participating wineries throughout the D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas, Maryland Wine Pass’s site does a great job informing visitors how to participate and get out of the city to relax.They have a concise header and footer bar that narrow down their participating stores, direct purchase options, contact information, and what their process and rewards looks like card-carrying members. Their images and slide are all closeups of grapes, wines, and people elegantly enjoying a fresh glass by the countryside.

  3. Linton Hall School

    About a thirty minute drive from downtown D.C., the Linton Hall School’s minimalist design and bright yellow and blue color palette brings a welcoming tone to prospective students and parents. Their homepage slide’s main image shows studious elementary school students, and their menu beside it has a great “We are a…future/current” student or parent to help narrow down their audience’s needs right away. Their about us section describes their specific grade ranges and Catholic affiliation along with an image of students at morning church to emphasize the consistency of the tradition.

  4. Law Office of Faraji A. Rosenthall

    Rosenthall’s law office website also brings an effective, more minimalist look to the table. Right off the bat, his homepage’s banner describes his legal specialty, Criminal Defense, and comes with a call to action about reaching out to his team of experts today. Scrolling down, each small descriptive block concisely describes the origin of the firm, what type of criminal offenses they usually deal with, and a list of impressive testimonials from recent clients. Importantly, they also link to their AVVO page, a large online marketplace for legal services of all kinds.

  5. Blue Zucchini Catering Company

    With a name like theirs, the Blue Zucchini Company already piques one’s curiosity about food, and their site doesn’t fail to entertain or inform. With a food prep video loop taking up almost the entire homepage, they want you to see their work for yourself almost as if you were in person. The impressiveness doesn’t stop there either, with high res images of unique and delicious looking food options as you scroll. Each section comes with its own small call to action button leading you to descriptive sections and an ordering menu and scheduling system. Their main nav bar stays left-justified and includes helpful information about the most common situations they cater for, like weddings, corporate functions, and bridal showers.

  6. Potomac Metals Incorporated

    Potomac Metals’s design is simultaneously concise and snappy, with quick zoom-ins for any picture your mouse scrolls over and clear reasons for each section on the site. From the homepage slider, their immediate calls to action include buttons their about us section and a list of their locations. The most impressive part of their main image is the “We buy scrap metal!” slogan, telling visitors exactly what their business’s primary service is. Since using scrap metal isn’t necessarily intuitive, their services section lists the specific types they buy and their purposes.

  7. Morais Vineyards and Winery

    Morais Vineyards has an elegant, high class look to support a sense of exclusiveness and seclusion. All three of their homepage slogans appeal directly to one of their most important markets (wedding guests), just below the main slider they include a short biography of the winery coupled with a description of what within their beautiful grounds make for a perfect matrimonial setting. While they only have three (very compelling) sections on their homepage, their header bar’s extensive drop-down options describe everything from wine tasting location and techniques to specific rooms on their main grounds and what they’re traditionally used for.

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