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6 Best D.C. Websites of February 2020

Since opening a main office in Manassas, VA, our focus on helping D.C.-area clients develop the best websites possible continues to grow. Washington D.C.’s metro area is one of the largest in the country, and with a growing population and predictions of a stable, long-term economy, businesses in the area have great incentives to ready their expertise online for curious customers.

Our designers and managers work with a plethora of business owners from many walks of life and love the next challenge toward learning about a new client’s particular services and how they make their brand unique. We’re no strangers to large and small businesses alike, and our versatile development strategies have a great track record with assisting all kinds of businesses.

Our list in this post describes a few of our favorite recent District of Columbia websites…

…and the techniques that make them memorable for visitors and consistent with the passions and character of our clients.

  1. Quaker Custom Homes

    The Quaker Custom Homes website keeps it minimalist, but engaging with beautiful pictures of their properties on the homepage slider and just two calls to actions below it for contact information and seeing more of their portfolio. Building a home from the ground up takes a lot of time and planning, and their “Build On Your Lot” section has a thorough checklist for every stage of the development process. Their “About Us” section focuses on differentiating their home-building specialty from the traditional home buying process, which is great to help visitors explore their purchasing options.

  2. Des & Desi

    Desi&Desi is an intriguing education company that offers introductory chemistry courses and supporting materials for children. Their homepage banner is brightly colored and shows a cozy, engaging learning environment, and their slogan “Chemistry Through Short-Stories!” describes their services in a fun way while introducing their unique children’s books that focus on chemistry education. With recent articles on both chemistry and education topics, they describe how their services matter in the real world. Their “Classes” page is easy to navigate, and using the course calendar to sign up is interactive and fun. Each page uses bright red and green colors with similarly colored filters over each image for a consistent look.

  3. The Marlo Company

    Based in Woodbridge, VA, the Marlo Company helps employees of businesses and institutions of all sizes work more efficiently and positively together. Their people-focused services and overall professionalism are well represented with a landing page image of round-table discussions and captivating lectures in gray-scale, professionally taken photographs. Their tagline, “Putting the Human in HR,” playfully describes their work and character, and the site’s simple layout lets each section stand out. The “Our Insight” section offers concrete examples of different communication and productivity strategies they’ve used with clients over the years.

  4. Vintero Wines

    From Northern Virginia, Vintero Wines imports and distributes wine from all over the world. Their boutique products are offered directly from their online store, and each bottle comes with concise, enticing descriptions of the origin of the wine, what to pair it with, and its cultural significance. On the homepage, the main banner is a beautiful widescreen shot of their vineyard just above a short biographical description of their origins as a business. Their social media links are prominent from the footer bar, and signing up for their mailing list is easy via a call to action at the bottom of the page.

  5. Virginia Wine Pass

    With a network of collaborative wineries, Virginia Wine Pass offers members access to some of the best wine services in the state. We built their new online presence with a site that focuses on what’s unique about Virginian wine, emphasizing a picaresque blackberry vineyard right on the homepage. Their header bar offers recent discount information, and it’s impossible to miss their “How it Works” CTA from the main banner. Scrolling through takes visitors to a list of what signing up for a membership offers, and their main slogan, “Explore. Taste. Save.,” is a great introduction to their business’s tenants.

  6. Heritage Financial

    A wealth management company in Gainesville, VA, Heritage Financial’s site brings peace of mind about a sensitive topic with gentle nature imagery on their homepage and of relaxed, happy professionals in exciting life moments throughout. Since financial consulting is a personal topic that affects almost every area of one’s life, the generality of the images is especially effective, and they usually depict demographics most likely to need their services, like older couples. Scheduling a consultation is immediately accessible with a landing page CTA, and scrolling down shows who their most likely customers are, including young professionals, retirees, and people in the middle of their career.

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