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5 Best DC Websites (November 2019)

As one of the strongest cities in the U.S. for finding a job, many Washington D.C.’s residents need effective websites to show their professional accessibility and expertise.

Our design teams have worked with companies of all sizes across many different industries, and focusing part of our efforts in D.C. specifically helps keep FreshySites abreast of local business needs and their target audiences online.

From insights about technical WordPress methods to marketing guidance with your particular brand…

The sites below include some of the best design practices for all our clients along the Capital Beltway.

  1. Total Resource Management

    TRM is a management solution company that specializes in using cloud technology to make your business assets more efficient, and the industries and solutions they design are quite diverse. To ensure each service type is easily navigable and distinct, their site’s header bar includes subcategories for each option, and the homepage slider’s immediate call to action links to a specific asset tool with its own descriptive page. Since the company is so large, their site’s web-based conference scheduler is particularly useful for keeping employees and customers up to date.

  2. accelHRate

    An HR Executive search firm, accelHRate’s site relies on their track record with clients to get across company expertise and excellence. Their claim of having a deep industry footprint is extremely well-supported, with huge brands like Walmart, Fannie Mae, and Keystone within a minimally-animated client list that catches visitor glances near the center of the page. The floaty visual elements make their process description page really stand out in discrete chunks that are easily remembered. Everything from the graphic bubbles and the gray-scale images seem big on the page, but because they’re placed at the screen margins, they let enough white space in the middle for full-sized text boxes without losing the visual appeal.

  3. Indelable

    No one can escape Indelable’s website branding, it’s too strong! A communication strategy company, their dramatic video loop greets visitors with bold text describing their NYC and D.C. locations, services, and no nonsense attitude. You might notice that despite how direct and watchable the site is, all the information feels inviting, focusing on actionable terms just under the homepage video that directs readers to “Define, Promote, Defend.” Their service description page reuses these three terms, but defines how each factors into a more specific timeline about their concrete design process so customers feel like they have a better handle on what it takes to be

  4. Command Services & Support Inc.

    The Command Services & Support Inc. website is especially interactive and feels cutting edge, which is useful for a technology and business services company. Despite the animated cursor and floaty icons, the concise descriptive clarity of the site’s text helps funnel users to exactly where they need to be. Their service page breaks down each type they offer into bite-sized lists so especially new customers can get a faster handle on defining “Project Management” and “IT Engineering Operations” when it comes to CS&S.

  5. Smile Wonders

    Very few people look forward to the dentist, but it’s hard not to feel happy using the aptly-named site for Smile Wonders. Making your site’s font unique can often be less useful than it seems, but their longhand-styled text and high-definition headshots of staff give instant impressions of approachableness and warmth. Their homepage descriptions shows off the practice’s colorful and entertaining interiors right beside testimonials that prove how in touch they are with customers and their local community. The header bar does some great work differentiating services customers might not know are separate, like the subsections within pediatric dentistry.

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