Stephanie Hinders
1 yr 7 mos with FreshySites
8 yrs WordPress experience

Stephanie Hinders

Project Manager

I bring websites from concept to reality, representing the clients’ vision and enhancing user experience.

For Stephanie, working in a creative field seemed predetermined since producing childhood art projects that she deems only a parent could love. Sitting in her first collegiate web design class at Columbus College of Art & Design, it was ‘love at first build’ and she found what would become her career. Helping others, even in the smallest of ways, has always been something Stephanie strives for. To be able to use her knowledge, creativity, and expertise to benefit someone through website design/development brings a smile to her face and strengthens her purpose. When she isn’t building custom websites, Stephanie is making memories with her husband and family, and likely chasing around her little one who has the energy of a thousand suns and a heart just as big.