Chelsey Buttrey
4 yrs 8 mos with Freshy
6 yrs WordPress experience

Chelsey Buttrey

Project Manager & Web Designer

As a Project Manager and Web Designer I get to be a part of the entire website development journey, from initial client meetings to the final moment when the full build comes to life.

Chelsey Buttrey is a native of Kansas who now calls the Ozarks home. Her journey began with creating graphics for non-profit organizations, which gradually led her to specialize in web design. Prior to joining Freshy, Chelsey successfully freelanced, gaining valuable experience along the way. She has a profound passion for empowering individuals to express their businesses through exceptional websites. When she’s not immersed in building sites, you can find Chelsey tending to her bees, enjoying long bike rides, engaging in board games with her family, or getting lost in the pages of a great book.