Smart Inspect

Smart Inspect
Industry: Professional Services// Technology
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Smart Inspect has created a quality inspection platform to support cleaning and maintenance programs’ reporting and communication requirements. Serving more than a dozen industries from colleges and universities and schools to corporate offices, government buildings, and retail malls, Smart Inspect supports the cleaning programs that keep facilities clean, healthy, and safe for the people who use them.

Smart Inspect’s mission is to “guide a growing community of organizations to cleaner and healthier facilities, by providing the best resources and objective expertise.”The new website features a fresh, white background against which their brand colors of green, yellow, and orange pop. The smiling faces from the photographs on the home page give the easy-to-use website a welcoming feel. The “How we help” section highlights all the services Smart Inspect cleaning quality inspection software offers. The “Who we serve” page highlights the more than a dozen industries that use the software. The pricing page includes the range of plans available, and the “Request a demo” page invites visitors to learn more about the platform.

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