Pi by Paytm

Pi by Paytm

Founded in 2012, Paytm has become one of the largest fintech companies in the world. As the company rapidly grew, they were starting to battle many sophisticated fraud attacks and knew they were in need of a fraud prevention solution. However, as they were shopping around for a FRM that could cover all the use cases, the market didn’t seem to have anything out there. This is how Pi by Paytm was founded in 2018. Built by Paytm themselves, Pi is the only fraud and risk management platform that orchestrates data from the entire customer journey, fighting fraud more effectively with configurable risk models in a single, easy-to-use platform.

The new Pi by Paytm built by FreshySites is cutting edge and super unique. What we love most about this site is the layout and interactive graphics based on scroll position — on both the homepage and the timeline on the About Us page (as well as other areas of the site). The graphics respond and animate, by changing shape and position, with every scroll up and down — which makes for an eye-catching user experience.

What also makes this site stand out is the use of bold, yet not overwhelming colors against a dark background. These colors were ultimately chosen to be ADA compliant with proper contrast. The pops of color against the solid darker background make the site both aesthetically pleasing and easily readable for all users.

Industry: Financial, Technology

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