MQ Mental Health Research

MQ Mental Health
Industry: Healthcare// Medical// Professional Services
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MQ Mental Health has a simple vision: to create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated and ultimately prevented. For decades, our society’s understanding of mental illness has been lagging because of a drastic lack of funding. MQ connects world-class scientists leading the way in mental health research with community funders who want to make a difference for years to come. MQ strives to understand mental health, improve treatments, and prevent mental illness.

MQ Mental Health is an amazing organization working to make great strides in Mental Health Care, the new website compliments their mission well. Their new site provides really great information about who they are, how they work, their team, and more, all in an easy to navigate menu. We love the bold colors, the modern display of info, and the wealth of information from their statistics, videos, and more.

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