iA, is led by pharmacists who are committed to working in partnership with pharmacists to unleash the profession — along with the full potential — of pharmacy. With more than 300,000 pharmacists working today, it’s a shame that so many of them spend more time on phone calls with insurers than with patients. It’s iA’s mission to change that. Their software enabled pharmacy automation solutions work tirelessly behind the scenes, so pharmacists have more time to spend with patients and enjoy their roles out front as trusted community healthcare providers.

The new iA website is modern and forward thinking, and really represents how innovative iA is as a company. On the homepage there is a beautiful and interactive full width header. The modern, colorful block layout really makes this site stand out. We love the bold, yet simple organization of the site, and the easy to navigate menu so you can learn about iA, and find all of the information easily.

Industry: Management, Medical, Professional Services

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