Eucalyptus Health

Eucalyptus Health

Parents often struggle with mental health care during or after pregnancy. Maternity care providers often refer to psychiatric providers, since they aren’t familiar with treatments for depression and anxiety. Psychiatric providers are often nervous treating pregnant and lactating individuals, out of concern for the infant. This results in an unfortunate “volleyball effect,” where patients don’t get early intervention for mental health concerns. There are very few specialty providers who focus on the intersection of reproductive life events and mental health. Eucalyptus Health strives to meet the needs of these parents, by providing accessible and expert care through telehealth.

The new Eucalyptus Health website features a clean and bright look and feel. We love the use of Eucalyptus plants throughout the site to tie in with the name. The menu is also easily accessible and simple so that users can find exactly what they are looking for. There are resources for both patients and providers directly on the site.

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