Poker Push Bot Download – How to Get it

We’ve now made poker push bot totally free for the poker community. We only ask that if you can help us out by sharing a link to our main page: we would really appreciate that. Here are the steps to download and install Poker Push Bot:


1) Download Poker Push Bot Here


2) Email with your Serial # (found inside help menu once you install) for your key code. We turn around key codes usually once a week in a mass email.


3) Optional – Get Key Code Now: If you are hoping for quicker turn around feel free to share a link of our main page: on your favorite blog, forum, facebook profile, or twitter profile. Send a screenshot of your share to and we’ll get you an activation code ASAP 🙂


Enjoy! And Thanks for Sharing!


Poker Push Bot Features

  • Review hands and learn proper inflection point (all-in or fold) strategy for multi-table poker tournaments.
  • Gain an immediate edge over the competition in the phase of poker tournaments.
  • Use specific hand inputs to define situations during review and learn proper inflection point strategy.
  • User defined application background.
  • User defined blind schedule based on preferred site you review.
  • Open multiple Poker Push Bot applications at one time to review multiple hands or to correspond to different sites you are reviewing.
  • Calling Range selection tool makes user estimation easy and allows for a graphical view of selected range.
  • Hand selection tool makes selecting your starting hand fast and easy.
  • Help and support are always available through our on-site resources and email.
  • *NOTE* Poker Push Bot is for use while reviewing hands only, not to be used during actual game play.

More Questions? Check out our Poker Push Bot FAQs Page.


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