Why a monthly updates maintenance plan?

And why you’d want it…

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Standard hosting engagement

FreshySites will host, manage, and provide SSL certificates on all websites. We will keep WordPress version updated to the most stable and recommended releases — as well as backup and secure all websites on our infrastructure.

Included is approximately 1 hour of support from our team for basic requests, such as text changes. Any substantial additions that fall outside of a basic request will be scoped separately. All plugin and management updates are the responsibility of the client for future releases.

Plugin and theme management

(Recommended, but not required)

In addition to the Standard option, FreshySites will keep all theme files, plugins, and extensions up to date with the most recent releases — to ensure security and continuity of your website on a monthly basis.

Keeping Plugins and Themes up to date with the most recent versions ensures maximum up-time for your website. Patching vulnerabilities in software reduces the risks of malicious actors harming your website.

What we do and how it works

  1. Plugin updates and management on a monthly basis
  2. Theme updates to the most recent stable version of Divi
  3. 30 minutes of troubleshooting, ensuring every update goes smoothly
  4. Ongoing accountability from FreshySites, ensuring your site is the most up to date as possible

Why do I want it?

Maintain security

Up-to-date themes and plugins ensure your site provides the latest security fixes to vulnerabilities — allowing safe browsing for your customers.

Improved flexibility

As themes and plugins become updated, new features are introduced — giving you and your visitors a better experience.

Best practice

Coding standards change over time, and it’s essential to always follow the latest changes to ensure compatibility with new servers and browsers.

What action do I need to take?

None! If you opt for Plugin and Theme Management, FreshySites handles all updates for you, to ensure your website remains fresh on a monthly basis.

Is there a charge for the management?

Yes, there is a monthly fee for having FreshySites handle these updates for you. But the benefits often outweigh the cost of letting your website go unmanaged.

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