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Warming Up the Internet: GOOGLE.

I was all set to blog about something completely different today, when I opened up my internet browser and there on my homepage was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.  Now I’m sure we’ve all seen how Google likes to change their logo on their main page for special holidays or birthdays of famous people, and it always looks pretty neat.  But never before have I enjoyed it to the extent that I did today.

Apparently, today is the 200th anniversary of Grimm’s fairy tales–and if you click on the Google  logo today, like I did, you will feel as if you’re being told the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood like you’ve never been told it before.  Every time you click, it’s like you’re turning the page, but there is no text, just pictures, and the pictures themselves don’t move or anything.  They’re just adorable and hilarious.  Very modern-looking and almost like caricatures.  I had so much fun doing this, and, as always happens with me and the internet…it got me to thinking.

The people at Google are geniuses.  Not only have they basically created an entire empire that has simplified internet and technology for people like me, but they have also figured out how to make it cute and fun to use.   Heck, they can take something as boring as a search engine and make it into a story-telling game for ADULTS!  They are redefining the internet, and redefining technology in general while they’re at it (through their operating system for android phones, for example, or wait–what about their SELF-DRIVING CARS?  Check them out here).

And who is “they” anyway?  The team at Google must absolutely love their jobs.  Can you imagine if your boss came to you and said, “Okay, so the 200th anniversary of Grimm’s fairy tales is coming up.  How about you make some sort of fun little version of one of the fairy tales to replace our logo for that day?”  These people must be doing something right, because it is so clear in everything that they put out there that their employees are being creative and having a good time.  This was only an assumption until I read more about it here.   Happy employees make for a better company, and Google clearly understands that.

In my opinion, Google has been warming up the internet as well as technology in general for quite some time now.  But never had I felt like I was interacting with, no–PLAYING with the internet, until today.  And what do you know, I did it on  Maybe this seems insignificant to you, but to me, it spoke volumes about where the internet is now and where it could go if there are more amazing websites and companies like this out there.  Google, way to keep it fresh.  As usual.

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