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The Problem: Time Management

Let’s face it, we’re all busy.  Just about every time I see someone who I haven’t seen in a while, and ask them how they’re doing, they say “good, busy.”  But here’s the real question.  How many of us feel overwhelmed?  How many of us look at our list of things we have to do in a day and feel like there is no possible way we could ever get all of it done?  Unfortunately, most of us would probably answer in the affirmative to all of those questions, no matter what our job is.  Heck, one could be working 12 hour days and still feel like they’re not getting everything done that needs to be done.

Time just keeps on ticking, and there never seems to be enough of it.  We’ve all thought to ourselves, many times, “Man, if I just had a little bit more time…”  But the fact of the matter is, even if we did have that extra amount of time that we think we need, we would probably still feel like we needed just a little bit more.  No matter how much time we have, we always find a way to think that we don’t have enough.

Something is wrong with this picture.  I’d be willing to bet that the main problem here is not that we don’t have enough time, it’s that we’re not managing it well.  If we were able to use our time better, in a more intentional way, we would undoubtedly feel less stressed and more on top of things.  In fact, we would probably be more productive.

We all start our days with a list of things that needs to get done, whether it’s in our heads, on a post-it, or on our smartphones.  But then little things pop up, we get unexpected phone calls or emails, we take ten minutes to do this or that, and before we know it, we’re feeling that overwhelming sense of pressure and the feeling that there’s no way we’re going to get everything done.

Having dealt with the above problem many, many times, I developed a simple method of time management that I have found extremely helpful and effective.  And I have shared it with several people who have found it to be the same for them.  In my next post I am going to lay it out for you in a few easy steps.  I would challenge you to give it a try, and stick to it for several days.  I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, just trying to help other people out who might be struggling with what I see as a very common problem.  If using this method alleviates even just a little bit of that stressed-out feeling for you, then I will have done my job.  Stay tuned!!

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