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The Importance of Backup

A website is a big deal.  It is an invaluable part of any business, providing them with an online presence that is crucial in this day and age.  Before a website even goes live, people spend hours upon hours perfecting it and making sure it looks just right, is easy to use, and contains useful information.  Most websites have multiple pages, and some even store information for users.  Now imagine if a website went down, and all of the data on it was lost.  Pretty scary, right?  Especially if it’s your website, and you’ve spent lots of time and money on it.  Which is why backup is so important.  Losing all of that work is not a risk that anyone should ever want to take.

Everything on a website should be backed up, in more than just one place (just in case one of the places doesn’t work for some reason).  In the case of FreshySites, we back up everything on a real hard drive, as well as on the Amazon S3 Cloud.  Having it backed up on a real hard drive means that if something went wrong with the internet for some reason, and we were unable to access the Cloud, we would still be able to recover and restore the files, and there would be no change to the website.  Having it backed up on the Amazon S3 Cloud means that if something went wrong with the hard drive, it would still be accessible online.  You can learn more about the Amazon S3 Cloud storage system here:  If you’re like me, the whole “cloud” thing that everyone is always talking about sounds kind of confusing.  But really all it is is just like a hard drive, but on a server.  You’re storing files somewhere else.

When it comes to backup, you need to expect the unexpected.  Anything could happen, and it could result in files getting lost forever if they weren’t properly backed up in the first place.  When it comes to files on your personal computer, I would say try to save them somewhere else just in case something happened to your computer.  The best ideas I could think of would be to save them onto an external hard drive that can be hooked up to any computer, or on a server like Google Drive or the Amazon Cloud.  And both would be the safest.  FreshySites does just that with all of their websites, resulting in peace of mind for our customers.  Losing a website is just not a scenario that anyone wants to think about–and if you work with us, you never have to worry.  If you’re wondering about how safe your website is, or are interested in building a safer, better website, get in touch with us.  We’ll get you set up with a beautiful, affordable website that is safe and secure.

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